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What to choose - the crock-pot or a pressure cooker?

do not want to be prepared absolutely in the Summer. In - the first, hot, in - the second - always is what to be engaged, besides, to spend evening in kitchen. Freedom from kitchen slavery! - I thought, and decided to look to myself for replacement. Crock-pot or pressure cooker, for example. Responses of happy owners were absolutely enthusiastic. I moved off in searches of the correct device.

And at once met difficulties. In - the first, even sellers of specialized shops could not find 10 distinct distinctions between the crock-pot and a pressure cooker. In - the second, the range of the prices, as well as dispersion of functions at different equipment - just huge. To decide where specifically it is necessary to bear the blood, it appeared absolutely not simply. Having deeply sighed and having rolled up virtual sleeves, I plunged into an Internet jungle, once and for all to clear for itself - that is that, for what and how much in the diverse world - the cooking devices. It turned out that

1. The crock-pot prepares without pressure, due to long low-temperature influence. Unlike a pressure cooker where products prepare at high temperature and under pressure. And up to the end it is not clear what to consider as advantage. On the one hand, big uniformity of temperature which cooking under pressure gives (in a pressure cooker) is for some (!) dishes very well. On the other hand, at the budgetary pressure cookers of the modes of level of pressure (and as a result, and preparation temperatures) there is not a lot of. NOT - the budgetary pressure cookers pleasure more than expensive.

2. Pressure cookers in principle are much more expensive than crock-pots.

3. To prepare in a pressure cooker this its main advantage turns out much quicker. High speed is reached just at the expense of pressure which arises in about 15 - 20 minutes after the beginning of work. That is to cook, for example, pilaf in a pressure cooker of course quicker, but here with junk foods of a special difference you will not notice.

4. The crock-pot has more opportunities, it is less than restrictions. Happy owners of crock-pots say that they use them every day and literally for everything.

5. One more important advantage of the crock-pot - an opportunity to open it in the course of cooking. For example, to try or add some ingredient. I consider, it is very convenient! The pressure cooker in principle too can be opened, but after that it is necessary to expect from a half-hour until it disperses to the necessary mode of pressure.

A conclusion arose by itself - for a totality of the happy hostess it would be good to have, of course, both a pressure cooker, and the crock-pot. And it is desirable luxury. However as to our family it is for the present very far to Rokfellerov, it was necessary to look for the reasonable decision.

Bork pressure cookers (U800, U700 and the U600 crock-pot) - disappeared as inadequately expensive - from 20 to 40 thousand rubles. And the additional options attached to these models in the description, like induction heating, on closer examination did not impress: I on the Internet did not find any concrete confirmations of efficiency of this technology. Redmond (RMC pressure cooker - M110, the RMC crock-pots - M90 and RMC - M70) - also seemed expensive for such, in general, simple devices, analogs much cheaper precisely are available. The Panasonic SR crock-pot - TMJ181 - disappointed with very unpretentious appearance.

As a result we stopped on Polaris PPMC 0124 - 2 in 1, a pressure cooker and the crock-pot in one device. In - the first, I love when two in one). In - the second, it has thickness of a bowl of 3,5 mm - and it much. Thickness of ware is very important for some dishes, it even on usual pans is clear. It is a lot of pressure levels - too plus important. The price not the lowest (15 thousand rubles), but in comparison with analogs and taking into account functionality - the option seemed more than accepted. Yes, also the latest - at it is absolutely tremendous design. In any case, I decided it not to hide in a case and I hold on a look as a unique subject of a kitchen interior!