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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on May 18 - 19? Startrek: Punishment etc.

Two three-dimensional Hollywood projects on one film premier Thursday are a bit too much therefore to fight Startrek: Punishment J. J. Abrams and The Great Gatsby Baz Luhrmann will be mainly among themselves. Fight of giants will hardly be bloody the benefit that audiences at movies are crossed slightly. we Designate

to debutants of domestic hire among which the American drama about a pornstar " Cherry; rossiysko - the European " project; Girl and death and Norwegian epik Captive. Escape it is necessary only to hope for crumbs from a lordly table.

1. Startrek: Punishment (Star Trek Into Darkness, 2013)

without being a basic admirer of film series Star Trek has to recognize that the American director Jay Jay Abrams inhaled in this faded at the end of 90 - x the franchize new life. A remake of 2009, let and did not become an event of year, all - earned decent money and designated the course Startreka to the new horizons. Apparently, we deal with the next trilogy so the present premiere is a bridge to the grandiose final which will take place in 2016.

In Russia Startrek is traditionally less popular, than competing with it Star wars . It is connected with the fact that the fan base began to be formed in the USA still in the mid-sixties when the series of the same name with Leonard Nimoya and William Shatner`s participation came out. And in the late eighties Star Trek: Next generation (7 seasons, 176 series) the cult status of characters finally claimed. In America the whole industry of worship of this story was developed: comics, books, animated films, toys and, certainly, computer games.

Abrams did not begin to attract in the remake of powerful stars, having relied on young, not become familiar in other blockbusters, structure. Including because it was confident in success in advance and planned not to change to horses in midstream, and to finish the trilogy with the same actors. Therefore in the sequel we will meet Chris Pine, Zachary Kuinto, Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, Simon Pegga and Anton Elchin`s heroes again. Besides, in continuation there will be also new characters played by Benedict Cumberbatch from series Sherlock (the Englishman will try on on himself a role of the villain) and Peter Weller. Our viewer has to remember the last on the cult fantastic fighter The Robot - the police officer .

To retell a plot of the sequel there is no sense and hardly it will become the main course. In particular for those who are poorly familiar with last adventures of the " team; Enterprise or did not see a picture of 2009. But there is also a joyful message. If in a remake of four-year prescription Abrams was simply forced to get off for monotonous dialogues and flashbacks, to penetrate into boring details and to touch the Universe Startreka on stones, in continuation much more the place it is allocated for humour, an action and the drama in the relations of the main characters. Everything is still confused, but looks more vigorously and more cheerfully.

2. The Great Gatsby (The Great Gatsby, 2013)

Francis Scott Fitzgerald`s Novel by right is considered one of cornerstones of the American literature. So to speak, pride of the nation though the book narrates about degradation of the American society. And no wonder that the first screen version happened almost at once after the publication, in 1926. Alas, both the movie, and the paper original during lifetime of the writer did not receive due consideration. America was not ready to recognize that it slides down the inclined plane and there were enough real problems - a depression, war.

The level was taken only from the third attempt. In 1974 already learned glory to the Godfather the writer`s namesake Francis Ford Coppola adapted the book for the director Jack Clayton. The fashion on a retro was satisfied, but the hidden implication of the novel stayed behind scenes again. The distortion in the melodrama did not allow it To The Great Gatsby to become an event though suits, scenery, music and camerawork were rewarded on merits - an era 20 - x years it was restored scrupulously. But neither the tape, nor main characters of the film - Robert Radford, Mia Farrow, Bruce Dern - got approval at critical brotherhood. Clayton`s picture was the cash, but too simplified version of classical work.

And here, nearly forty more years later, Australian Baz Luhrmann who became famous in due time for non-standard reading " got down to business; Romeo and Juliette and flashing musical Moulin Rouge . The master of the melodrama shooting movies of times in 5 - 6 years was hit the budget to which many Hollywood blockbusters can envy in the hands: 150 million dollars for a reconstruction of the twentieth years of last century led by DiCaprio and the starlet Cari Malligan.

We will tell directly, the screen version was not successful again. And that who expected to find something bigger in Luhrmann`s movie, than the melodrama about playboys of the beginning of the XX century, to go to movie theater there is no sense. To admirers Moulin Rouge and the original concept of the director preferring to mix modern melodies with magnificent suits and scenery of the past, the mysterious millionaire Jay Gatsby performed by the grown-up DiCaprio definitely will be pleasant. In fact, the movie in general corresponds to Fitzgerald`s novel because violence of paints, notorious 3D and a ban on smoking in a shot (an era of the jazz and the Prohibition, we do not forget) do this statement nice and professional to a retro - stylization a little, but no more than that. And the fact that the rich imagination of the director kills thoughts of the author - and at all insignificant minus for those that did not read the book and does not gather.

3. Girl and death (2012)

the Motion picture art, as we know, of borders has no

therefore it is no wonder that the poetic drama of the Dutch of Jos of Stellinga was shot in Germany with the Russian actors. However in genre gravity about this joint experiment did not blow in bells and the tape reached our fatherland only later half a year after a premiere in the Netherlands.

Carrying on tradition own Nice fellows (2007), Stelling invited in the movie Sergey Makovetsky again, and also the all-Union star Renata Litvinova. However not they are fated to occupy a shot with love stories, and to Dutchwoman Silvia Huks and our compatriot Leonid Bichevin ( Freight 200 ) . The international duet surprisingly sincerely plays in a shot the esthetic costume drama, but the digging in mysterious Russian soul framed with Pushkin`s small volume and station motives inherent in Stellingu, for some reason does not cling this soul.

And on it about debutants of a wide release all. In limited number of halls will show continuation of the uncompromising Japanese criminal movie Lawlessness Takesha Kitano who was providently let out at us at the end of April, the benefit that the picture is dated 2010. The sequel carries the clear name Complete outrage and, in fact, differs from the original only in serial number. That in which time does not characterize Kitano`s opus from a negative side. On the contrary, seldom who manages to sustain intensity of emotions two movies in a row.

From Norway brought the severe historical thriller " to us; Captive. Escape , telling about the young avenger from Middle Ages times. That to the debut drama of Stephen Elliot " Cherry; , tried to justify hard work actresses of horizontal cinema, nothing acceptable will be possible to take out from it. Even despite ubiquitous James Franco and a natural rating 18+. Statement, just next and weak regarding dramatic art, about love falsities after sex.