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The House with the paranormal phenomena . Exile of humour on - Afro-American?

Any stick has margin of safety. And if long and persistently to bend it, then it, most likely, will break on two sticks less. Let`s take, for example, such peculiar phenomenon as political correctness. In particular, concerning the Afro-Americans - forgive, Blacks.

Fight for their rights turned in the States into a peculiar cult. That is earlier all fought against, and here sharply flocked for. And now dark skin color in America is nearly the privilege. As well as non-standard sexual orientation. It, of course, not absolutely so positively, more precisely, absolutely not so, but the stick caved in thoroughly.

Nevertheless, gradation gray takes place. And in Hollywood there is a secret quota on color movies. What there, we will call things by their proper names. White housewives look white series, and the black population consumes production removed by the brothers and sisters.

Here you know who such Tyler Perry? Perhaps athlete eminent? Or politician? No, it is very popular and, by the way, the cash director shooting Afro-American comedies and melodramas. Practically all its movies make profit in millions, and even tens of millions of dollars. By itself, outside the USA this production is practically not in demand therefore it is unknown.

Absolutely other picture with Ueyans`s brothers. These guys are known far behind borders of New - York. In particular, Damon Ueyans acted together with Willis in Last boy scout and his elder brother Keenan Ayvori is a director White tiptoes and founder of the franchize Very terrible cinema . Youngest - Sean and Marlon Ueyans are also involved in the last. And all the dynasty totals ten brothers and sisters, the majority of whom anyway turn, - spin in the film industry. Because protection at them in Hollywood - though buckets take out.

But us not all this family, and specifically the dude Marlon whose career sharply zashustrit uphill after a release of the raunchy criminal parody " is interested now; Do not threaten the southern tsentral, drinking juice in the quarter (1996). Removed for kopeks, for the the komedka unexpectedly caused furor in the States, collected couple of tens of lyam and caused fashion on similar opuses about life of children from a ghetto. And Marlon so unexpectedly (considering style of behavior of his character in the movie) began to be in demand for producers. Perhaps you it is not aware, but it managed not only to be lit at Aronofsky in Requiem for dream but also and at Koenov in Games of gentlemen and in the blockbuster G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra .

But all this is so, as blind. Because true earnings of Marlon still proceed from long-playing film series Very terrible cinema . The parody to horror films begun in 2000 first progressed quite quickly - four movies in six years, and then suddenly fell into a stupor. Even it is strange, considering that there were some materials for derision. But whether creators to the child lost interest, whether the viewer was bored by monotonous hokhma, generally, between the fourth and fifth series seven years passed even. And Marlon who was regularly receiving assignments from revenue of movies overspent. In this connection risked to produce independently of the movie theater The House with the paranormal phenomena with own participation.

Tape plot, as well as all parts Very terrible cinema procrastinates fashionable horror films. In this case under a sight of hokhmachy the genre of pseudo-documentary zhutik, in particular " got; Paranormal phenomenon and Last exile of a devil . The young fellow Malkolm and his girlfriend Keesha gathered for cohabitation. However Keesha is disturbed by strange sounds and movements of objects in the house therefore her boyfriend invites the specialist and mounts on all house the cameras fixing each sigh and other natural departures of an organism of inhabitants. Nevertheless, the vile demon manages to be installed in Keesha, and now Malkolm is forced to expel from her a devil by means of an ekzortsizm.

Opuses of a family of Ueyans never differed in special tolerance to morals and standards of behavior, but so far Marlon worked with brothers, they though somehow constrained him. Once it broke away - and the amount of obscenities and sortirny jokes increased to really enormous sizes. And if the first and even the second speak rapidly Very terrible cinema represented quite watchable film quotation collection, let also with a company Black yumorok, The House with the paranormal phenomena - one big and bright fekalno - homosexual explosion. Because every three minutes characters of the movie or cut the cheese, or stupidly spoil a carpet, or show the naked back. Under what circumstances of viewing it can seem ridiculous, it is difficult to tell. Probably, at when brains either are absent at all, or are disconnected by psychotropic substances.

Sense of proportion and taste refused to authors forever and for ever. Any more - less decent joke, any amusing outburst, just squall of platitudes without any intention and the purpose. In comparison with this opus of creation of Adam Sandler will descend for intellectual comedies of Woody Allen.

There is an impression that Marlon and his friend Ric Alvarez writing scenario at all also did not try to parody something there. Because behind abundance of a perdezh, mat, naked asses and talk on sex the thread of a plot is lost already to the middle of the movie. Heroes come into a shot tastefully to celebrate need or to fuck, at the same time accompanying all process with absolutely stupid dialogues. That is to them - that is ridiculous, but mostly they mock at the target audience which paid this with a ghetto - a skit in a tenfold size. And all right the public would consist of one local, come to the hall to support domestic producer . So not, and in Russia the tape earned 1,5 million dollars, that is paid back 60% of the budget.

Incredibly, but the fact - to Marlon already the fifth ten went, and he everything tries to amuse teenage audience in style to them the thought-up gags 90 - x. At desire it is possible to dig out couple of successful ideas about bribability of female nature and the political correctness which cloyed to already Americans here, but the weak raid of satire is washed away by the raging streams of excrement.

It is necessary to recognize that IT any relation to black to humour has no. The cattle - it everywhere identical is simple that in America that at us.