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Mystical thriller Devil . Four in the elevator, apart from Lucifer?

Everyone who often uses elevators sometime yes got stuck in them. The event is, frankly speaking, not extraordinary, the elevator, as well as any difficult mechanism, periodically breaks. It is worse if you came to be in the closed space under the aggravating circumstances.

For example, in the night from Saturday to Sunday, when in the mobile phone the battery sat down, and the dispatcher decided to take a nap on a workplace. It is especially unpleasant to become the hostage of the elevator to the people having claustrophobia. Or to get stuck in the company of the tipsy neighbor who decided to walk at this time of night the Rottweiler. And smiles to nobody to be locked within four walls in the presence of the maniac - the murderer or the Devil.

Severe and cloudy office morning. The unknown flyer under a monotonous voice-over makes a hope jump with 35 - go the floor of a skyscraper and is accurately smeared on a roof of the truck passing by. Gets business of the jumper the detective Bowden tired with thoughts of the past and impossibility to fill in a grief in the present. However the cop did not manage to identify the suicide as the ill-fated skyscraper threw new problems: the elevator got stuck. The disturbing call arrived from the security service which saw something bad in behavior of passengers.

Meanwhile in a cabin the express - the elevator which froze up in high-speed mine the good company gathered: the bydlovaty security guard, an old pepperbox, the cute maiden with bad manners, immoderately the garrulous seller of mattresses and the imperceptible young guy of an unshaven exterior. All of them are extremely dissatisfied with the compelled stop therefore all of them behave provocatively and obviously intend to make scandal. But the elevator is deaf and mute to their skirmish, as well as the chamber microphone therefore the person on duty of victims sees, but does not hear. And at this moment light dies away inside.

The local electrician uncle Vasya made attempt to repair the mechanism reset. There is no harm in trying, it was thought to the seller of mattresses why he was upset and suddenly died, having thrust itself in a neck a piece of the broken mirror. There is a pechalka, other hermits thought and were pressed in walls of an inhospitable shelter, suspecting the friend to the friend of deeds a crime. To only one detective Bowden it is clear: the murderer not just like that arranged slaughter, he surely has to have a motive. It is so written to encyclopedias of young detectives. And only the wise security guard Ramirez is sure: all these people got to a trap not casually. They were enticed there by a Devil,

intending to be fed with souls of sinners is Believed, the classical detective story of Agatha Christie " is known to all; Ten Little Niggers . The most popular novel of the English writer not only in itself was several times picturized, but also still inspires writers and cinema-men on various modifications of a plot about ideal murder . Key elements: the closed space, the mysterious murderer and several victims with the doubtful past and gloomy future. From the most successful adaptations, certainly, the horror - the franchize " is remembered; Saw . And now and Devil John Eric Daudl.

To understand from where hairy legs grow, we will deal with creators of this opus. Daudl - rather young and still perspective director working in a genre of horror films. Its first noticeable work at cinema became naturalistic zhutik Films from Pukipsi (2006) - a pseudo-documentary grant for the beginning maniacs. Two years later the director was involved in a remake of the Spanish horror film Reporting received the name Quarantine . And only then Daudl noticed thicker purses, in particular, the famous master of the intriguing provocations M. Knight Shyamalan.

Actually, got the hand Shyamalan here it is felt at once. The Hindu who became famous in Hollywood for the Sixth sense is able to twirl an intrigue. The trouble is in what only to twirl. All last opuses of this director and screenwriter are characterized by extremely weak ending killing all plan on a root. Since Signs (2002) Shyamalan acts by the principle and burn it all with blue " fire; when in the final the most indigestible and banal solution from all possible is presented to the viewer. After a failure Girls from " water; and Phenomena the Hindu even decided on experiment, having tried the luck in the territory of a fantasy ( Master of elements ) but also there suffered deafening defeat. Generally, where spit - one Gold " raspberries; and smell of the forthcoming fiasco.

Actually, being occupied on shootings Master of elements Shyamalan acts as the screenwriter and the producer here. That does not change the main point because the project is completely sustained in its style and a manner. Attention, question. How To the Devil if to reject the supernatural reasons, it was succeeded not only to avoid berry awards but also to shower the creators with a dollar rain? Well, asked - we answer.

The profit is a difference between expenses and the income. And costs of this project made pathetic 10 million that to present measures and on Shyamalan`s scale - just some poverty. For such money, certainly, any to you Bryusov Uillisov and Melov Gibsonov. And even Markov Uolbergov. Only a minor casting. And why to be spent for gun meat, all the same all will die (well or almost everything). We will lower special effects too. What visual feasts on figs you wanted to see in the elevator? It to you not circles on fields. At most, what was afforded by the operator So Fudzhimoto, is to draw a terrible ugly face which so frightened Ramirez on duty on a film. And concerning a two-three of corpses, so on NTV channel in a prime - still whip a time happens.

Here so, having relieved the viewer of a dismembered body, a krovishcha and causeless violence on the screen, authors received a treasured rating of PG - 13 with which it is possible to prepare safely bags for money. All fuss and mutilation happen in outer darkness, and the public needs only to finish thinking about nightmares, why, by the way, only it becomes more terrible. But Devil - it is not the horror film at all, by amount of the frightening moments it loses even above-mentioned To the Sixth sense where the screen is constantly hung around by dead boys.

As it is strange, To the Devil it is possible to rivet attention of the viewer for all 100 minutes. That case when simplicity of history and dynamism of the narration bribes. Well and an intrigue, certainly, because Cristi`s heritage affects. Though, of course, if to remember Ten Little Niggers the dog disguised is guessed in no time. By the principle - not who will most longer live, that and Mephistopheles and who too early died. But it hardware spoiler.

But the main thing what this time not to reproach the Hindu with is an integrity. If the elevator in trailing situation is held by a certain supernatural force, then in the final to us will not show a fig in the form of the spiteful staff of State Department, aliens or ghosts of the lock Morisvill. And will show that devil. Thank God, without horns and hoofs, and under cover.

And even habitual for Shyamalan it is religious - the philosophical morals look here to the place because, really, we got used to trust in devilry, but not in a divine providence. And one without another cannot exist.