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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on May 11 - 12? “ Raunchy vacation “ etc.

could be expected safely that if film premier Thursday in Russia coincided with the Victory Day, we are expected by a meeting with the new domestic patriotic blockbuster. But whether stars coincided “ unexpectedly “ whether the big format frightened our film figures, but all novelties of a genre if are shown, then it is exclusive on the TV.

A holidays are really occupied by Americans, Europeans and Chinese who are keeping up with them.

Among debutants of a dramedy with James Franco`s participation “ Raunchy vacation “ musical melodrama “ Ideal voice “ horror “ Ghosts in Connecticut 2: Shades of the past “ and also French comedy “ Joking aside “ Chinese military tape “ Remembering 1942 “ and German screen version “ The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn “. And any movie dated current year.

1. “ Raunchy vacation “ (Spring Breakers, 2012)

Contrary to the “ harmonious “ a name, Harmonia`s Californian Corin prefers to shock, but not to weaken. It belongs to its feather the scenario cult “ Children “ (1995). It is responsible for destiny “ Mr. Odinochestva “ is also the reason of emetic desires of audience “ Trakhalshchikov of garbage tanks “. In other words, if you suddenly decided that its new creation under the name “ Raunchy vacation “ - it is a typical teenage komedka about summer - beaches - boobs, you are in extreme degree of delusion.

In the presence of Selena Gomez and Vanessa Ann Hudgens`s teenage stars the director - the provoker did not decide on a full-fledged trash in this connection he even managed to escape unknown paths on a film forum in Venice where the tape in lists was included, but mostly ignored. Nevertheless the fact of combination of a prestigious film festival with girls in balaklava, acid color pass - bikini and galoshes in hands immediately enlisted Corin`s opus in a rating “ the most anticipated tapes of year “.

“ Raunchy vacation “ it is worth looking not only because forbidden fruit is sweetest. In - the first, such James Franco you still definitely did not see, and he is very different. In - the second, the movie is absolutely not so simple as it seems initially. Corin, of course, does not discover any America because sex, the violence and drugs brought nobody to good yet, but in degradation of morals process, but not result bewitches more often.

2. “ Ideal voice “ (Pitch Perfect, 2012)

In a counterbalance “ To Raunchy vacation “ the debutant Jason Moore suggests us to look really lovely and places at the romantic comedy about teenagers who preferred to coke and sex style an acapella.

Infinite dances - shmanets, including collective and even in 3D already managed to bore the viewer. But whether not to sing to us, it was thought Moura who took and picturized Mika Repkin`s book about the girl who suddenly found passion to a vocal without music. Certainly, the movie - not the book therefore sing in a shot often, with pleasure and very much it is even modulating. The repertoire is known, a retro, present therefore it has to be pleasant to different age categories. Plus sometimes the successful jokes generally proceeding from pampushka lips Rebel Wilson which simply should be noticed.

Plot, by itself, absolute American stamp. How the girl was able nothing, and then as started singing - started singing, and all admire her, and at once charge to become at the head of school ensemble, and one boy, the most beautiful, even wished to get married and die with her in one day. Generally, it is silly to impossibility, but it is lovely because characters harmoniously wail.

3. “ Ghosts in Connecticut 2: Shades of the past “ (The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia, 2012)

Between the first and second - a pereryvchik small. And if big, it will turn out as with the sequel of a zhutik “ Ghosts in Connecticut “. Overdid. From a bog of stamps and predictability the picture is extended by only heroic devotion of actors, surprisingly adequate behavior of characters and quite good visualization of nightmares.

I will remind that the first part represented a standard story about the damned house and demons, in it living. How many such movies we already saw and how many still it is necessary to see. However mix of mysticism and the drama was edible, and the grateful audience allowed the movie to earn in hire.

Continuation was squeezeed out by four years. And having been tired to invent the bicycle, just riveted the next horror film with figure 2 in the name, absolutely untied with the original. By the principle “ it is more than terrible ugly faces, it is less than sense “. The English name of the movie, actually, also establishes the fact of a scenario stupor: ghosts remained in Connecticut, and ghosts moved to Georgia. And if the revenue allows, and they will ride over the country, the benefit that in America five tens states.

4. “ Joking aside “ (De l’autre cote du periph, 2012)

the Exceptional case when Russian translation hits the bull`s eye. - and it that jokes stood aside though humour creators of this criminal French comedy tried to bribe us. Not for nothing invited a newly-baked star of Omar Xi from a recent hit " to one of leading roles; 1+1 “.

The idea, it seems, intrigues. Two cops from different social groups try to catch the criminal and at the same time not to kill each other. Conflict of opposites, by the way, became the key to success of many sign tapes of a genre of Buddy - muv. However French approached a plan with the specifics why the tape seems the parody to itself. And even Omar Xi who decided to outdo an expression and young Eddie Murphy`s mimicry (for the present nobody managed that), seems the character who is squeezeed out and not too intricate.

As well as majority of modern French pictures, “ Joking aside “ - a product on the fan. As menu of local restaurants: for ears you will not delay one, and a kalatch you will not entice others.

It, so to speak, the first and second. Not the most sweet, as always, is the share of a dessert at us, and what was not eaten up yesterday. For example, the military drama from Celestial Empire under the name “ Remembering 1942 “ , the step-by-step description of Famine-Genocide in China which ruined in the period of Japanese - the Chinese war several million residents of the country. If not to take into account that authors without a moment`s hesitation laid all blame for the tragedy on Japanese and the authorities (the final authority of Mao came exactly in 1943 - m), then the cinema vital and convincing in details turned out. What is done here by newcomers of Hollywood, Adrian Brody and Tim Robbins? Znamo, that: are advertized on integral one billion.

After the successful screen version “ Tom Sawyer “ in 2011 - m German Germina Huntgeburt continued to master legendary Mark Twain`s creativity and removed the " version ; The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn “ . Actors - boys did not manage grow up and again played leading roles. Our, Soviet screen version, but also the German option of events very much even, of course, is close to us it is quite good itself. At least, everything is removed close to the text and with well readable love to the literary original.

On it novelties came to an end, and we look forward to the next week when in our fatherland two three-dimensional blockbusters start at once: fantastic, “ Startrek: Punishment “ and historical, “ The Great Gatsby “ Baz Luhrmann with Leonardo DiCaprio in a title role.