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How to become a star? Sylvester Stallone and it Rocca

According to paradoxical Andy Warhol`s precepts, each person can hope for 15 minutes of fame. However to hope and to dispose competently as speak in Odessa - two big differences. Also there is nothing more pleasantly than glory the unexpected, not gained years and torments of creativity, and fallen down the head as a snowball.

B 1976 to nobody the unknown actor of the Italian origin Sylvester Stallone sold to two producers the scenario of own composition - the drama about the boxer by the name of Robert Balboa (the character of the movie borrowed the pseudonym of Rocca from famous Rocca Marciano). Sold provided that itself will play a leading role. Having found out this obligatory clause, the studio bosses of United Artists planning to invite someone from stars of that time like James Kaan, Ryan O`Neill or Robert Radford cut off the initial budget twice (to 1 million dollars). In this connection producers Earvin Uinkler and Robert Chartoff had to put own property that the project took place in bank.

The result is known to all film fans. Sports drama Rocca broke all records of attendance, earned money (about 117 million) huge for those times in native hire and received 10 nominations on Oscar. Three of them turned into gold figurines, including for the best movie of year, for installation and John G. Evildsen`s direction. Stallone did not receive anything except that he instantly became famous for the whole world. Staunch Rocca`s image became for the actor a guiding star, the admission to the world of big cinema and the business card at the same time. Never after Stallone tried to obtain so stunning success, and the list of its achievements in cinema was replenished with exclusively honourable awards or that happened far more often, humiliating Gold " raspberries;.

Nevertheless, Stallone learned the correct lesson from an improbable debut. For the next decade it repeatedly strengthened the positions, having acted in three continuations Rocca and also having fastened on itself one more odious label in the person of the veteran of the Vietnamese war John Rambo. Slay used the chance for all two hundred percent, having gradually turned into an iconic figure and one of the figures of Hollywood who are most recognized in the world.

The boxer - the loser Rocky Balboa from poor quarters of Philadelphia earns a living by the fact that he periodically participates in doubtful fights and knocks out debts from local businessmen in favor of the second-grade gangster Tony Gazzo. All it wealth - it is eternally beaten physiognomy, the dirty apartment, couple of turtles and a goldfish. The zoo of Rocca got in the next shop, vainly trying to make impression on the sister - the modest woman the best and, apparently, the only friend of Polly working as the loader at a warehouse of meat-processing plant.

Affairs in sport at Rocca develop absolutely nevazhnetsk: his trainer Mickey, having learned that he of Rocca misses trainings for the sake of couple of tens of dollars from Gazzo, banishes the guy from the hall. Only also remains to that that to use this compassionate fact in courtings for the meek creature Adrian and to hope for the next false duel. However the destiny prepared a gift of unprecedented generosity for Rocca.

In anticipation of the two-hundredth anniversary of independence of the USA the black champion - the heavyweight Apolo Krid intends to carry out indicative fight with the unknown boxer. As envisioned by Krid fight has to show that America - the country of equal opportunities. The choice of the champion falls on Rocca. First of all, because it white, besides descendant of pioneers and nickname Italian stallion will beautifully look on posters. Rocca understands that his chances to win a title it is insignificant are small. He dreams only of to falling in the first round. However sports hunger and the will to win will create a miracle which the put on airs and confident champion in the superiority did not expect

Undoubtedly, " in any way; Rocca - it not only the most successful role of Stallone for all his forty years` career in cinema, but also one of the best sports tapes in general. The American institute of motion picture art, the independent non-profit organization which is annually letting out own ratings regularly places Evildsen`s picture on the second place in the list of the best dramas with participation of athletes. By the way, the rating top is also constantly occupied by other boxing movie - Mad bull Martina Scorsese.

It is asked in what a success secret Rocca ? It is obvious that not in scales and production scope. On one million not strongly - that you will run up. It to you not " Titanic; with its sinking colossus and not epic Lord of the Rings . The most part of the budget was spent for a make-up, the fees of a film crew and statement of final fight which Stallone step by step painted on 32 pages.

Owing to limited finance the poster was deprived of any sign names. Evildsen to Rocca nobody noticed, and from all actor`s party only Coppola`s sister, the actress Taliya Shayr (Adrian) who was in time to be lit twice at the brother in " could brag of the greatest achievements; Godfathers . Neither Bert Young (Polly), nor Karl Uezers (Apolo) were quite ordinary, acting in at film mainly in episodes, and most often in TV series. By the only thing the actor rather famous to public it is possible to consider only the veteran Berdzhess Meredith (trainer Mickey) nominated the previous year for Oscar for Schlesinger`s movie Day of a locust . By itself, about Stallone the speech does not go at all. Not only that Slay also vegetated in tapes through passage, so he still strongly made a booboo in a beginning of the career, acting in software - a porn (its most famous opus Italian stallion removed in Rocca in the form of a boxing nickname).

It is all about a plot, it is not casual that the same American institute of motion picture art considers Rocca one of the most inspiring tapes for all history of cinema. The image of the simple, near, but sincere guy was naturally close to vulnerable soul and big heart to audience. As well as success history simple and clear to the majority. Stories about to great American dream always inspired public. To very few people will come to mind to become well-known feeble-minded as Forest Gump, and here the exit to the screen of a picture of Evildsen provoked in America surge in interest to amateur and to prize-fighting. In spite of the fact that the hero speaks of boxing, as about sport for numskulls which have nothing to lose, okromya nonexistent crinkles .

In fact, Rocca - the peculiar parable giving hope without excess pathos and an idle talk. Be on Stallone`s place one of the planned stars, like Radford or Kaan, and the viewer would hardly believe in sincerity and a spontaneity of the main character. And this well-known run on morning small streets of Philadelphia under brilliant composition of Bill Conti marks not so much a celebration of sport or physical culture, how many triumph of will power.