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Comic book Iron Man 3 . It departed, but promised to return?

you never felt Tony Starck`s similarities to Carlson? In the third part well-known the comic book - franchizes the relationship of two characters so far from each other does not seem phantasmagoria or ravings of a madman any more. Both are vainglorious, whimsical, sarcastic types which like to catch and punish bad guys, and also communicate with children as equals. Yes, still both of them fly, however, with a different speed.

Joking aside, it is about the Iron Man who in due time overshadowed reflexing on the lost love of the Spiderman and phlegmatic Batman. However times of a breaking of templates irrevocably left, and the flying person in a steel suit turned into a profitable brand which destiny predictably keeps within a framework of the next trilogy. Which, alas, approached the logical conclusion.

It would seem what can surprise the person capable from dust and scrap metal to collect the armor-piercing flying suit on the nuclear reactor? However after battle of the " team; Avengers with newcomers in New - York Tony Starck stays in a mental knockout. He is tormented by sleeplessness, and in rare hours of a dream nightmares dream. The superhero tests frequent attacks of panic, he is not pleased any more by expensive toys and magnificent women. At the nights he sits in laboratory and rivets infinite modifications iron I .

The mountain will come to Magomet herself. The odious terrorist Mandarin to which Starck thoughtlessly threw down a challenge was not slow to strike a preventive strike. Suddenly the put on airs oligarch lost everything - a country house by the sea, the invaluable armor and, judging by official mass media, life. To lick wounds and to darn armor hard brought Tony in one of northern states where he is forced to vegetate in the flesh in the company of the ten-year-old boy.

But the enemy does not intend to be satisfied with what has already been achieved. Mandarin`s people captured the beloved Pepper and alnut to teach Iron Man of life out of a suit. And Starck understands that it is time to give up melancholy and to put to shadows from the past a resolute uppercut

At first John Favro, now here Robert Downey - younger left. The third - not superfluous, but the last. And one billion which loomed on the horizon will be only ascertaining of the fact that all good, sooner or later, comes to an end. Let and is not so grandiose and fervent as we would like it.

New Iron Man - this is almost Shakespearean character whose world falls from within and outside. Us, by itself, the external part of process interests, and here creators press the drama, trying to rethink the superhero`s complexes. Authors did not manage to avoid a kopipasta from Nolan: sincere throwings of Starck all road unambiguously remind personal crisis of Bruce Wayne. And that you wanted, driving the leader who is promptly going to the port there is a captain Shane Blek, whose mentally unbalanced heroes Deadly " weapon; and Last boy scout in due time broke cash desk at movie theaters of America. And though Blek plainly not the director, but eminent screenwriter. Not the any passer-by.

Whether the final grandiose turned out? If to measure in quantity at the same time soaring in " air; metallochelovek yes, it is unconditional. However, the suit was worn out and went on hands: all who feel like it carry it, some even in voluntarily - a compulsory order. Moreover, an armor efforts of the genius Starck recovered and hangs around independently that finally confuses the viewer. And if earlier the imagination of authors urged on progress of film technologies, now many do not get ready to embody on the screen any more what is thought up in reality. Robots, gadgets, the huge shining hologram of a brain. All this is turned, radiates, sighs, sparkles, forcing to forget about the drama per se and about motives of all this aggression in particular.

With motives everything is just foggy. That is why do not love specifically Starck - clear. He is rich, famous, easily meets with an opposite sex and is immoderately cynical, even in relation to the closest companions. But here what the main villain of the movie - a question open even after his effective death tries to obtain. Banal revenge? Claim for world supremacy? Schizophrenia? Or, maybe, all at once and much? Fedor Mikhaylovich would be living, he would apprehend this work as the direct parody on Humiliated and offended . Adjusted for wind and one and a half centuries.

Anyway, Iron Man 3 costs the spent time and money. Incredibly charming Robert Downey - younger, charming Pepper performed by Gwyneth Paltrow, the elegant villain Guy Pearce, the handsome Jarvis in Paul Bettany`s postscoring and kryshesnosyashchy sir Ben " Tangerine; Kingsley. All these people by no means not for nothing receive the million royalties. Plus voluminous special effects zero together with a traditional action of the eightieth. In total - Shane Blek took out a lot of things from work over Deadly " weapon; and it is felt directed by its second feature film. It is already not just the comic book which Iron Man there was earlier, and a full-fledged fantastic fighter. Let also with a soft taste Kindergarten police officer .

It is rumored that the main personnel were released from the subsequent sequels. And the ending as if hints that the electricity came to an end and the kina will not be. But taking into account planned Avengers 2 we look forward, how exactly screenwriters will unscrew to themselves brains, restoring Starck in an image of Iron Man. To the grandma do not go, it departed to return. Because in the absence of this superhero the viewer risks to lose to the Universe Marvel all interest.