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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on May 4 - 5? “ Iron Man 3 “ etc.

do not surprise At all that the Hollywood blockbuster “ Iron Man 3 “ scared away all competitors. To adjoin to the third coming of Tony Starck only the most desperate ventured (or desperate).

Among them the American criminal thriller “ Wheelbarrow No. 19 “ with the constant participant “ Forcings “ Paul Walker, Russian adventure comedy “ O. K.`s Treasures “ and domestic animated film “ Press of the tsar Solomon “. And absolutely a ghost of a chance to find the viewer at the Japanese anime “ Berserk. Golden Age: Movie III “ and cult drama of Terry Gilliam “ Fear and hatred in Las - Vegas “.

1. “ Iron Man 3 “ (Iron Man 3, 2013)

the Film premiere of the third part about adventures of the person in a steel suit took place in Russia already on May 1, exactly on a holiday of work and the world. I will remind that the two first parts which are let out in 2008 and 2010 and removed by John Favro earned more than 1,2 billion dollars in the world. It without improbable collecting last year`s “ Avengers “ where Tony Starck`s character in permanent execution of Robert Downey - younger plays a considerable role too.

John Favro refused to continue with own hand begun franchize and at the moment works on some doubtful teleprojects. Its place at a wheel of film series was taken not by who other as Shane Blek, the screenwriter of four parts “ Deadly " weapon; and “ Last filmstar “ with Schwartz. And here is how the director Blek - actually, a blank space because in its asset only one project - not too successful in the financial plan appears, but quite watchable criminal tape “ Kiss through “. By the way, with the same Downey`s participation - ml.

We will not run the engine forward, but it is possible not to doubt that thanks to the strongest fan base, and to serial number the trequel will not pass recognition of characters unnoticed. In a number of territories the picture already started and managed to pay back the solid budget so prime ministers in Russia, America and other countries will go already to the column “ Profit “.

It is possible to reproach authors of the movie only with one. Having followed the tastes of a fashionable tendency, “ Iron Man 3 “ began to apply for epicism of nolanovsky opuses, having released from the status of the easy summer comic book. Less action disappeared, just in dialogues began to slip dramatic nature unusual for the franchize, and Tony Starck - already not just the person - a suit, and the personality. To which, as usual, sincere throwings and doubts are peculiar. Thank God, it not “ Brothers Karamazov “ and still big entertaining attraction so two hours of a zakidyvaniye of popcorn in a mouth will not leave you indifferent.

2. “ O. K.`s Treasures “ (2013)

Mysterious reduction “ OK “ in heading of the adventure comedy of Dmitry Korobkin is any not “ OK “ and reduction from “ Kaban Lake “. Exactly there on legends the Tatar hansha hid infinite mountains of gold for which in the present all who feel like it hunt: untalented singer, patriot, biologists, greedy treasure-hunters, spies and other inadequate characters.

As expected, nothing good from attempt to simulate rolled into one “ Indiana Jones “ and “ Lara Croft “ did not leave. Everything that is remembered after viewing - it is smart views of Kazan, the city with thousand-year history, fine architecture and big plans for the future. And everything that became hands of creators of the movie - “ fall, fall badly “ (c). Beginning from muffled Vorobyov whose glamourous appearance does not match the adventurer in any way, and finishing Maria Kozhevnikova from “ University “ which someone`s inflamed brain managed to invite to a role of the villain.

“ O. K.`s Treasures “ - an excellent small pillow for pins because nothing at movie theater upsets more, than the custom propaganda materials executed by the principle “ to master the budget and to forget “. Already in few months with obsolete special effects and cardboard dialogues nobody will remember this shameful show. And this only thing that though somehow pleases in a present premiere. And from Korobkin the excellent puppet director turned out. At first Yaroslavl, now Kazan. Who`s next?

3. “ Wheelbarrow No. 19 “ (Vehicle 19, 2013)

Some dishes only therefore are edible

that in them ingredients for years do not change. That is why, when there passed news that the hero infinite “ Forcings “ Paul Walker in a break between the next series of the racing franchize will sit down at a steering-wheel again, we were almost sure of the end result.

It to you not “ Iron Man “ in the criminal thriller the plot and actor`s game have paramount value. The beginning South African director invited a transatlantic star, but the cinema rented houses where, as we know, and walls help. Alas, the desire fell the victim of limited opportunities. Walker, though the driver with an experience, for a drama role is rather weak. In a plot about the unlucky American who appeared in private with the corrupted police of Johannesburg it should wrinkle often a forehead and to draw in sponges that does not bring in a shot of dynamics or tension in any way. All action is shown by pieces in a trailer, and in practice we are waited by the one and a half hour story with a view from a minivan how it is dangerous to lease the car with the gun in a glove compartment and the hostage in a luggage carrier.

4. “ Fear and hatred in Las - Vegas “ (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, 1998)

“ It is checked by time “. Quite so the project within which tapes which for one reason or another passed it in due time get to hire is called. This is today the Russian viewer can see at cinema practically all novelties, and in the late nineties Terry Gilliam`s picture even did not dream of a wide format in our fatherland.

“ Fear and hatred in Las - Vegas “ - a peculiar middle between the old tape “ Where the bison " roams; (1980) and recent “ Rum diary “. All these movies are united by works of the American journalist Hunter S. Thompson. Gilliam`s work is the already taken place cult and, perhaps, the most innovative of all three tapes in which one of the best roles was played by Johnny Depp to whom there were always paranoid, inadequate images. On a genre - it seems, the road - muv, but a plot it is not possible to describe, also as well as to understand why one of this cinema madly is pleasant, and others are absolutely indifferent to it.

In the first day of May one more Russian project, this time animation started. Author last year`s “ Snow queen “ Vladlen Barbe remade own short film of 2002 in the full-length animated film. The name and an essence remained the same. “ Press of the tsar Solomon “ is a mix of the jolly-boat with a cachalot because the author for some reason decided that modern Moscow, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and the Arab fairy tales “ Thousand and one night “ have between themselves much in common. In actual fact - quite chaotic adventure of variegated characters in addition drawn in traditions of fifty-year prescription. Rather weakly for an animated cartoon worth 5 million dollars.

Finally about debutants which are fated to remain in the shadow. This Japanese anime “ Berserk. Golden Age: Movie III. Descent “ , continuation of two pictures presented to public in 2012. And also drama of everyday life “ America “ from life of the Soviet emigrants in Portugal with Chulpan Khamatova`s participation and the American thriller “ Rebellious “ .