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Corruption in Russia is invincible?

Author: Alexander Akel

Today the subject of corruption is very actual in Russia. Corruption is the use by the official of the powers of authority and the rights entrusted it for personal benefit contradicting the legislation and moral installations. Most often the term is applied in relation to officialdom and political elite.

Historical roots of corruption go back to custom to make gifts with the purpose to sweetheart. Expensive gift distinguished the person from others and by that promoted performance of its request.

Corruption in Russia for many already a commonplace, but many experts claim that corruption hampers the growth of economy of our country.

Of course, the government undertakes some sanctions against corruption. Now for such type of a crime the person is officially threatened by criminal and administrative liability. Terms of imprisonment, the sum of payments of compensations increased.

The government carries out various actions of fight against corruption, examples of they are social rollers, public speeches of politicians and active participants on fight against corruption, but these measures are still unsuccessful.

Our country is on the 146th place from 180, that is Russia - one of the most corrupted countries of the world. If the government does not begin to take serious measures for fight against corruption, then in the future it can lead to irreversible consequences which can bring the huge problems for development of the country.

Corruption can be divided into two look:

1) household;

2) business.

We will consider these types in more detail.

Household corruption

Here the term corruption is applied by

to ordinary citizens who bribe for improvement of satisfaction of the requirements.

The area of a household type of corruption includes judicial authorities, medicine, education, health care and many others.

is the Main reason for household corruption non-performance of the social obligations by the state.

Example. Mister N. was at a party, during a party he took alcoholic drinks. Further he takes the wheel of the car and goes home. On the road it is stopped by service traffic police and by means of check on blood alcohol content reveals that the driver steered the drunk vehicle. Under the law, the driver is threatened by deprivation of the rights for long term, but traffic police officers suggest to bribe them and to resolve this issue without problems what the driver agrees to, however traffic police officers perfectly understand what danger threatens the driver and people around. Statistically, for last 2009 in Russia about 30 000 people died, from them a half is the share of road accident with participation of drunk drivers.

At the moment household corruption is very developed, its manifestations take place every day in different situations. Most of drivers solves a similar problem in the way of bribery.

Business corruption

In this case corruption concerns business and the power where both parties, breaking the law, receive benefit. The area of business corruption includes all branches of business and economy: production, financial, insurance, agrarian, services sector, commercial.

Businessmen quite often bribe not only forcedly, but also on own initiative, trying to get competitive advantages by means of corruption. and fight against corruption

Corruption exerts

of the Consequence negative impact on development of the country in general, but in especially sharply it is shown in economic life of society:

1. The shadow economy extends.

2. Competitive mechanisms of the market as often are the winner not the one who is really competitive, and the one who could get advantages for bribes are broken.

3. Budgetary funds, in particular - are inefficiently used at distribution of the state orders and the credits, it aggravates the budgetary problems of the country even more.

4. Corruption scales in non-governmental organizations extend that leads to reduction of efficiency of their work.

Of course, these serious consequences can remain noticed by the state that leads to emergence of a set of decrees on fight against corruption. D. Medvedev considers that corruption is connected with two moments: standard of living and traditions of society. The standard of living is lower, the desire of officials to find corruption schemes is more, he explained. D. Medvedev noted that in Russia like to argue on corruption among public servants, and many cases of bribery manage to be proved.

One of ways of fight against corruption is the general improvement of quality of life and compensation - he declared and noted in the video blog that, according to many social polls, part of the population welcome corruption therefore it is necessary to begin to struggle with this opinion and to eradicate it. Corruption has to become indecent - he declared.

For this purpose on July 31, 2008 the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev claimed National plan for fight against corruption the State Duma accepted the most important of acts the Federal law About corruption counteraction which entered a duty of the public and municipal servants to provide the information on the income, on property and obligations of property character - the, the spouse (spouse) and minor children - and fixes the mechanism of check of reliability of such data; and also imposes on public servants other restrictions for corruption counteraction.

Of course, government bodies in itself cannot solve a corruption problem, and to them the set of civil communities which carry out performances comes to the rescue and actively urge people to cease to encourage bribes.