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Book or movie? Vaynera against the inspector Losev of

Trouble with these screen versions. Authors seek to please both ours, and yours that, as we know, a task difficult. If scrupulously to adhere to the literary original, then the viewer will inevitably start missing. The reader, on the contrary, demands that creators on a minimum included the imagination that at adaptation of the novel or story leads to emergence of reliable, but uninviting works.

of the Exception, certainly, take place. However, to observe balance, the talent is required. And if the handicraftsman gets down to business, then it turns out as in an introduction: meant well, and left as always. This time we will talk about two Soviet detectives, the screen version of the story of brothers Vaynerov The City accepted (1979) also pass - series Inspector Losev (1982) based on Arkady Adamov`s novel Severe " wind;.

Adamov`s books were transferred to the screen three times. Its story " became first signs; Business motley hands of the director Nikolay Dostal turned into the real hit of the Soviet hire of 1958. The writer continued to work diligent throughout the sixtieth - the seventieth, but the glory to him was brought by late works, including a series of detective novels about adventures of the inspector of Moscow criminal investigation department Vitaly Losev. Adventures of the detective were picturized twice and both times in a look pass - series. The first three-serial television movie appeared in 1982 under the unartful name Inspector Losev the second, Loop - one year later.

At first about the book. Adamov is a typical singer of a socialist realism, and therefore his detectives are the fighter`s mix not some there with the thriller characteristic of the ninetieth, and very meticulous, detailed view of work of militia with multiple lyrical digressions. On a plot Severe " wind; the inspector Losev investigates case guest performer - the smart visiting thief moved to clean lodgers of the Moscow hotels. The last theft became fatal: the pilferer not only did not manage to fill the pockets, but also was forced to apply violence to the maid who incidentally came into number.

However detectives are confused not by(with) impudence and desperateness guest performer and strange behavior of the victim who did not report theft and, on the contrary, promptly left hotel and Moscow. Untwisting business, Losev and his companions come to the whole network of much more dangerous criminals and plunderers of socialist property. These citizens entangled the frauds several large cities of the USSR, including Moscow, Leningrad and Odessa.

Inspector Losev - a typical example of the unsuccessful screen version when all went at random. Unlike Affairs motley this time to adapt work to a TV screen invited Adamov to whom this business appeared not from a hand. Having stretched the scenario on three series, the author managed in the most serious way to pochikat own creation, having lowered all details of private life of heroes and having concentrated only on investigation. At the same time did not remain to some characters of the place in the text, and the part prichinno - investigative communications was thrown out as superfluous, having added several episodes which in the book was not for staginess.

All nothing, but the scenario was finished by absolutely muffled direction, a disgusting soundtrack and obvious misses in casting. The director Oleg Goyda who was earlier working on a youthful patriotic TV series Scarlet shoulder straps turned already not too dynamic plot into the sad and deprived of emotions biography of everyday life of criminal investigation department. A kind quarter of each series is occupied by absolutely optional and senseless inserts from nature - a couple of minutes show a street flow of inhabitants, start a city panorama. And all this under the fragmentary, unintelligible and jingling sounds composed by the composer Vladimir Dashkevich. By the way, the author of an exceptional melody for film series about Sherlock Holmes. To see, this time the muse did not visit him.

With a casting everything is not smooth too. Yury Shlykov in a title role looks, generally, not bad though on dimensions obviously falls short of the book prototype. Vladimir Nosik whose appearance does not match the employee of Moscow criminal investigation department at all got his colleague Otkalenko, which in the movie deprived of any identity. But worst of all treated femmes fatales, having distributed their parties to Natalya Andreychenko and Larisa Udovichenko. They are, of course, nice actresses, but femme fatale required something bigger.

In a word, the TV series turned back sad ascertaining of the book, without due invention and enthusiasm. Removed by the same director one year later Loop finally gave up as a bad job Adamov`s screen versions.

In 1979 - m charged to the debutant Vyacheslav Maksakov work on the next book of brothers Vaynerov, the story The City accepted . And the inexperienced director made only the correct decision. The matter is that the story represents the chronology of one days from life of an operations group on duty told by eyes of several characters. Such format is not too convenient for the movie therefore authors chose as the main character of the inspector Stas Tikhonov into whose image the actor Mikhail Chigarev unexpectedly organically fitted.

The story Vaynerov - a mosaic from images, thoughts, characters and events. During the day characters of the book should solve the most various problems: to save a family from the telephone terrorist, to search for the thief of a door from Volga the famous hockey player to be engaged in searches of the necklace of one high-ranking British person lost in park and even to utikhomirivat the raged drunkard with the gun. It in the literary original.

Movie narrowed to the general subject line with a robbery of savings bank which is mentioned in the story only casually. Other episodes from life of the Moscow detectives favourably shade the general plan - to show routine work of militia from the heroic point of view. Now, when the image of law enforcement agencies is very discredited in society, similar movies cause bitter sense of nostalgia from time to time when the phrase My militia protects me it was perceived not only with sarcastic implication.

The City accepted in comparison with Inspector Losev - practically masterpiece of the Soviet film dramatic art. Bright images, a dynamic action, pursuits, firing, Buddy`s elements - muv and hepp - and. Besides Chigarev other familiar faces also are engaged in a picture: Inna Alenikova (the teacher from a dilogy about Petrov and Vasechkin), Alexander Porokhovshchikov, Victor Shulgin and for some reason the magnificent Alexander Adabashyan who is absent in credits as the charming speculator Marcello (he is unique Barrymore from The Hound of the Baskervilles ) .

Unfortunately, Maksakov in a director`s profession was not late, having shot after only three feature films. Subsequently he densely was engaged in duplication of foreign cinema products, than and trades still.

Certainly, both discussed pictures are only a past mold, colourful sketches from the country of the developed socialism. They will really cause a nostalgia attack in someone, and someone will pass by, without having understood counters . Times and people changed so that to present generation to comprehend motives and moral values of heroes that every day it becomes more difficult than cinema.