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Fighter “ Return of the hero “. Who, in your opinion, this powerful old man?

Are symbolical that in Russia a tape Kim Zhi Oona under the name “ Last fight “ (one of possible variants of translation) it was localized with the heading “ Return of the hero “. Our viewer with special warmth belongs to “ To Iron Arney “ on its movies the whole generation of Post-Soviet citizens grew. by

It is remembered when Schwarzenegger, having left a post of the governor of California, intended to continue career in big cinema, many doubted expediency of its return. Whether a joke, after an exit of the third “ Terminator “ the whole decade passed. During this time its favourite genre of the film fighter changed to unrecognizability and itself “ Mr. Olympia “ managed to step surely 60 - a summer boundary. And most of all admirers of the Austrian were afraid that long-awaited “ I’ll be back “ will turn back some frankly nasty boyevichok with smack of naphthalene. But Schwartz, as well as is necessary to the wise politician, thought over everything to trifles.

The feeler was started together with a premiere “ Uncontrollable “ in which Arnold appeared in a tiny kameo with couple of powerful and sarcastic remarks. We so waited for its emergence in a shot especially as Stallone did not leave anywhere, and to Bruce Willis, on the contrary, long ago it is time to take a break. The sequel which appeared two years later only stirred interest of public stronger though against dashing partners, like Steytem, Schwarzenegger really looked a relic.

And here, at last, full comeback took place.

… Having been tired to chase narcobusinessmen, the police officer Ray Owens moves in border the small town of Sommerton where he holds an easy position of the sheriff. Despite the neighbourhood with Mexico, in Sommertona it is quite sad and quiet. And it immensely pleases Owens who was in time to swallow lead in youth. Now he just imparts experience and periodically sets the employees on a right track just. And does not know yet that soon in the territory entrusted to it military operations will be developed.

As usual, federals clicked a beak of the dangerous criminal - the drug baron Frank Martinez. The villain witty abandoned the supervisors and moved the back packed into expensive suit to a sports race car which is obliged to bring quickly in the shortest possible time it to border. On the way Martinez interrupted several employees of FBI, and took the most nice zakonnitsa in the hostage, than terribly vybesit the chief of operation - the agent Bannister. However by own forces and means federals are not able to keep up with a sport car of Corvette ZR1 with a power of one thousand horses therefore hope that somebody will intercept the fugitive on the road. And to these “ someone “ certainly, it is fated to become the sheriff Owens.

Shortly before Martinez`s arrival in Sommerton the sheriff will come across pack of his accomplices making the bridge through a canyon. It is the shortest way to the country of tequila and a sombrero, and bandits intend to destroy all who will prevent their boss. And then Owens collects all fire power, barricades the main city street and is going to give to enemies the last and decisive battle …

By itself, in America the picture with a shame failed in hire. It was obvious at least because Americans, especially present generation, do not perceive Schwarzenegger in an image of the filmstar any more. For them he is just mogutny old man whose best times remained in the past. They have no nostalgia on VHS era, they did not do nothing in video salons, looking at how John Metriks takes out the whole army from a machine gun, did not buy in booths calendar cards with the image of Terminator. To Arnold they have no piety and never was, despite all his merits in sport, policy and cinema.

However, “ Return of the hero “ everywhere swept middlingly including at us and to blame for it only generation that preferred “ Twilight “ incorrectly. More likely, authors of the movie who so hurried to launch Schwartz into a new orbit that fuels in its rocket filled in only one way are guilty.

In - the first, the choice for a role of the director of the Korean Kim Chizh Oona is not proved at all. I do not belittle at all its last achievements among which there is an atmospheric and powerful thriller “ I saw the Devil “ (2010), but it is not John Wu. For the Korean director “ Return of the hero “ became the first work in Hollywood, and the first pancake quite often happens a lump. Especially, if there is neither due experience, nor diligence.

In - the second, absolutely ailing scenario of Andrew Knauer. It in general who? What can be “ more abruptly “ than to entrust the debutant return of the superstar to the screen? Perhaps, it was worth learning from Stallone who for a minute did not release from a look the scenario final “ Rambo “ and “ Rocca “? Understanding that the viewer will not forgive it a poppycock and one nostalgia you will not be full. Of course, nobody demanded the epic text from Knauer, but all - it was worth making more efforts, but it is not stupid to ponadergat quotes from other fighters. About motivation of characters, especially villains, I in general am silent.

It is a tasty spoon of tar. But we did not wait for an enchanting epik, just hoped that Schwartz, as well as in former years, sweeps the opponents on the corn field. And with it “ last filmstar “ contrary to efforts of authors to drive the project into a stall of templates and a cliche, coped on five with plus. He grew old and is not so convincing in battle scenes, but all the same allows to light to all competitors on a genre, suppressing not so much by force, how many improbable charisma and heroic aura.

However, not Arnold uniform. Around the central star objects are turned more small, but are turned, but do not hang. And well-fad Luis Guzman to which the cowboy`s hat goes as to Darth Vader a cap, and the foolish comedian Johnny Noskvil who managed also here to be engaged in a shot in vainglorious mutilation, and the charming Brazilian Rodrigo Santoro, to which after “ 300 Spartans “ to wet couple of rednek - as two fingers. And film villains, despite the poor dialogues which are put off by it in a throat look not bad though constantly prilizyvayushchy a pleshka Peter Stormare for some reason was pleasant to me more, than the elegant bastard Eduardo Noriega. But this matter of taste.

What turned out as a result? There is a wish to believe that it was all - return, but not the last fight. In plans at Schwarzenegger emergence together with Stallone in the fighter " is already noted; Grave “ and also “ Legend of Conan “. It is rumored that also the fifth “ Terminator “ will not do without participation “ Iron Arney “. And a present hand-made article - only a lovely kickshaw, warm-up before fight.