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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on April 27 - 28? Very terrible cinema 5 etc.

Are pleasant when film distribution provides a wide choice. Not smaller of the evils, and quite to itself(himself) a nice set of film novelties where everyone will find to itself(himself) the movie to liking. Someone waits for continuation parody a horror for a long time - series Very terrible cinema 5 . And someone will become interested in new work from the author Transformers Michael Bae - the comedy fighter Blood and then: " anabolic steroids;. Others will prefer to look with

at the Norwegian military drama In white to captivity new criminal opus of Takesha Kitano Lawlessness or at all to go to the cinema all family on one of two three-dimensional animated films - Buratino`s Return and Reef 3D .

1. Very terrible cinema 5 (Scary MoVie, 2013)

Generally, the fifth part of the popular franchize begun in 2001 by brothers of Uayans had to appear on screens much earlier. Year so three back. But the scenario was rewritten continually and finished, actors left and came and the place at a project wheel long time remained vacant. Generally, until all herd of horses on a crossing was changed, calmed down. As a result the longest break was outlined in film series - nearly seven years passed from an exit of the fourth part. At the same time the sequel got rid of all key performers.

Not always expectation pays off a hundredfold. In two weeks of native hire the tape hardly paid back modest 20 - the million budget, having already fallen by the fifth line. Apparently, main profits to the creators Very terrible cinema 5 will bring in the form of the sold DVD and Blu - ray of disks.

The third paragraph, and we told nothing about a plot. However, before us as usual a mash from parody gags on the most various horror films and thrillers whereas the basis of the scenario is occupied by a mockery over the franchize Paranormal phenomenon . Marlon Uayans, without having waited for a release of the movie, released the vision of this subject ( The House with the paranormal phenomena ) and inspired with success already prepares continuation. And here Very terrible cinema apparently, is on a last breath though it is still pleasant to admirers of trash comedies.

2. Blood and then: " anabolic steroids; (Pain & Gain, 2013)

Michael Bae already made the name and proved everything to all. And having been tired to potter with robots, decided to return to what began with - good comedy fighters. Blockbusters - it is expensive, dreary and incredibly profitable, but Bae would not be himself without Bad guys . He tries to adjust the new creation to this sample - a criminal action Blood and then: " anabolic steroids; with Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne Johnson and Anthony Maki`s participation.

Batch such: the fitness coach Dani, after visit of couple of brainwashing trainings under the name Grow rich or die decides to go on the first way. Around there are so much trustful rich men, and in a gym where Dani spends the best years - them though you eat with a bottom. The guy instigates the friends (the same near musclemen) and abducts a bag with money . Further the typical outcome follows: stolen quickly comes to an end, and the desire to be not such as everything only doubles, leading a Trinity to acts still of big scales of nonsense.

Bae this 20 - the million project modestly calls low budget movie. To its measures, certainly. Besides, the picture is based on the real events which took place in 90 - x in the nice city of Miami where there are a lot of pregnant stars of the Russian platform. Any of them on shootings did not suffer and was not even noticed in a shot. And in general, unusually and cool to look at the rolled Wahlberg and a frank mockery which suited so Bae in two parts Bad guys .

3. Lawlessness (Autoreiji, 2010)

One more master who decided to return to sources is the Japanese of Takesha Kitano called in credits of the movies just of Beat Takesha. Having sustained a pause of a decade, the philosopher and the existentialist from the land of the rising sun addressed a criminal genre again. And if Yakuza`s Brother (2000) opposed the Japanese bandits western to colleagues in Lawlessness (that is inevitably clear from the name) Kitano will tell about what is represented by the present yakuza. Also believe, a show it not for the faint-hearted.

The main character of the movie - at all not the hero. It one of those to whom concepts of weakness, pity or doubt are alien. Its purpose - to survive at any cost that is not simple at all when around the lawlessness is created. Bandits of a new formation do not honor laws and traditions, for them there is only a concept margin the rest garbage. Murder - only means of achievement of the purpose. Weak leave earlier, strong - it is more difficult. Not to stop and not to turn process back because fight for life will last to the death.

4. In white to captivity (Into the White, 2012)

I again the history based on real events. Only the speech in Peter`s picture Nessa will go about affairs of bygone years. At the very beginning of World War II over the territory of Norway air fight of the English and German planes was developed. As a result anybody`s both crews appear in the Norwegian backwoods and are forced to get on in a close hut, gradually turning from enemies into companions in misfortune.

What here to tell, history does not suffer a subjunctive mood. Was - so was. And though the plot is prompted by the life, similar movies already took place. For example, Hollywood fantasy My Enemy or our, domestic Cuckoo . In white to captivity the casting at a tape very interesting is removed by Scandinavians, but. In particular, among young actors the red physiognomy of Rupert Grint is without effort learned ( Harry Potter ) and also David Cross-country from " is found; Reader and Fighting horse Spielberg.

5. Shadowing (The Letter, 2012)

Here is how happens. The teacher of direction Jay Ananya, one of pupils of which was well-known James Franco, periodically embodies the lessons in practice. Its works are little-known, but here good luck, Franco grew up and for a long time not the pupil, and the taken place Hollywood star. And paying a tribute of respect to the teacher, agreed to act in his new picture, thereby having made advertizing, in general, to the thriller through passage. Together with him one more popular American actress - Winona Ryder worked on a reconstruction of a suspense, and the tape tells about heavy everyday life of the theatrical playwright which finds malfunctions with thinking and tries to find the reason of nervous breakdowns, external Ali internal.

It is the most noticeable debutants of this week, but there are and still novelties about which we will put in a word. Among it new Russian animated film Buratino`s Return , for some reason drawn in style of the Japanese anime. History of the wooden boy was taken away in a jungle of innovations, having modified on a modern harmony. In fact, from Buratino there was only a long nose and irreconcilable hatred to Karabas - Barabasu which was renamed into mister Baskara, the manufacturer and the producer of children`s toys from salvage.

The notable competition to our animated cartoon will be made by the three-dimensional sea imagination Reef 3D , continuation of the tape The Bait for a shark (2006). Here both small fishes, and songs, and a 3D format to the place because considerably aggravates impression of underwater beauty.

To admirers cheesecakes it is possible to prisovetovat the French comedy Not to enter, we are not dressed Ivana Attalya, the story about two friends who decided to become famous and shoot in a drunken condition the amateur pornofilm with the participation. By the way, with participation Francois Cluz from 1+1 . However, it is one of the few advantages of this situation comedy which will seem to normal people too frivolous, and to representatives of sexual minorities - even offensive.

On it April, 2013 comes to an end and May where we are waited by prime ministers of the third " begins; Iron Man The Great Gatsby sequel Startrek: Punishment the sixth Forcing and the third The Hangover .