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Whether it is possible to buy USE?

Author: Andriy Koch

03 - 06 - 2003 Evening Chelyabinsk

The situation becomes already so serious that the Minister of Education of Russia Vladimir Filippov at a meeting with representatives of FSB, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Prosecutor General`s Office was forced to call similar activity roguish stocks . The decision to make investigation and to find responsible for emergence in the Network of the websites with offers on sale of responses to USE was made. Filippov declared that all similar acts are a trap for graduates and their parents, extortion of money . The minister categorically excluded option of manipulations with tasks at which it is possible to learn questions in advance.

As experiment journalists VCh tried to find responses to USE in the Internet. After request for us the shaft of references collapsed. Having clicked on any of them, we had an opportunity to study the most various offers. Somewhere under an oblaposhivaniye of future entrants the whole websites were created, someone just left the e-mail address. All dealers it is oath assure that only they sell original answers. And proofs to it are provided the most different: from mother I swear to the familiar man in the Ministry of Education . Depending on it and the prices fluctuate on average from 250 to 450 rubles for a subject. The quirkiest offer scanned (transferred to an electronic look) the USE forms with answers to them. In this case the fact that there is opportunity in advance to proreshat couple of options acts as argument to be convinced of correctness of answers. However, this luxury already costs 700 rubles. Is also certain disinterested persons who offer answers on only 100 rubles, however, at the same time honestly warn that they bought them in other place for 500, and on this are not responsible for quality.

There is to Networks also the real competitive fight against use of an anti-advertizing. On one of the websites we faced the list of addresses of competitors, and all this was called the list of the piracy websites distributing answers to USE - 2003 . And you that in what are engaged, misters good? Guaranteeing quality of the services, owners of this resource give the following argument: The best and reliable people " work With us;. Of course, serious argument! Businessmen are familiar, most likely, and with marketing elements, not without reason there are offers to provide a five-percent discount to everyone who will attract the friend to order answers. Only this way and friends to lose not for long.

Majority businessmen suggest to transfer money in WebMoney e-wallet, in other words - in anywhere. The mere mortal cannot find its owner. However, among potential buyers there are children not a miss too: We Ask to send answers. We guarantee payment . So threw too try to deceive.