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Drama Crew . Where we fly from a big bodun?

that for Uip Whitaker usual day, for any normal person - suicide under the aggravating circumstances. The man not just likes to drink, he, its darling, eats. To, after and instead of meal. Also varnishes coke which, as we know, invigorates and guards. About such speak: They are not taken in astronauts . astronauts, maybe, also do not take

B, but in pilots - please. Many do not know that Uip is the alcoholic with an experience, but guess. The reek of alcohol has a bad feature to rush to others nostrils. But, as well as it is necessary to the hereditary pilot and the drunkard, Uip not only professionally drives by plane, but also very skillfully lies. And as any liar, sooner or later, but comes across.

In one fine morning, without regaining consciousness, the pilot takes seat for a steering wheel of the passenger liner. Misfortunes never come alone, bodun is followed by bad weather and sidelong glances of colleagues. But not for the first time it is necessary Uip to fly on the " submachine gun; and he even to manage to doze before the plane breaks and enters uncontrollable dive. The pilot improbable frauds rescues also himself, and the most part of passengers, having dropped the vessel somewhere in fields of Georgia. And now, though in the status of the nominal hero, it is forced to report to labor unions, the press, owners of airline and god knows before whom that not a camel. The problem is that blood test approves the return: camel moreover what. And before Uip there is a dilemma - or to continue to lie in rescue of the tsirrozny liver, or at least once to tell the truth and to lie down for a long time on prison plank beds

of 12 years Robert Zemeckis toiled with a hogwash, mastering one to it interesting opportunities of computer technologies. With sticktoitiveness, worthy other application. For dozen of years the director the hands did not shoot any fiction film, having completely relied on magic of motion - capture. And when it bothered it (thank God), decided to repeat success own Derelict (2000).

Namayavshis with Hanks in the animation screen version Polar " express; Zemeckis used services of another, not less respected in America actor Denzel Washington. The last already managed to become skilled in professional dramas, to it only and costed what to change from the train aboard the plane. Washington, by the way, with a big reluctance agrees to roles of negative characters, but, in - the first, it could not refuse to Zemeckis, and in - the second, his hero as if and not to drag at all. More likely, the unfortunate sick person if, of course, to hold that opinion that alcoholism is an illness, but not you to me spoiled all life, a reptile such .

What does it have to do with Crew it is difficult to tell. In the original the picture is called Flight what characterizes an events essence much more precisely. Ours did not resist temptation to compare the Hollywood drama with the Soviet blockbuster. Well, certainly, and there, and here planes, the lonely proud pilot, accident and even, which - what love with the female bust flashing in a shot. By the way, thanks to female delights, and also bottles which are periodically emerging on the screen with fire-water and to cocaine paths, Zemeckis for the second time in the filmography received an adult rating of R. It would already be time to mature to Robert, and that on works of his friend Spielberg it is possible to study human anatomy for a long time.

No, Washington the third Oscar was not given though it only to whom in this movie though you trust a little. Both in a remorse, and in loneliness, and even in just anger of the alcoholic to which dared to tell that it too leans on binge. After triumph in Training day the actor bungled much, but you should not blame him, he could afford it. And here and the scenario was selected interesting, and the character ambiguous. Though to Washington, with his improbable charisma, and it was not necessary to play that-. Its avaricious mimicry and eyes of a lost sheep lead the viewer to understanding of that fact that before them not the cool macho - exchanges, stacking stewardesses, and the victim of passions human.

And here his main partner according to the movie Kelly Riley`s British, the participant of the severe thriller Paradise lake and the young wife of Watson in new Sherlock Holmes not too it was successful. Muffled such character, though written out with understanding. It seems and the addict, and heroin, but looks pretty well. Not so smartly, as Nadin Velasquez who flashed the body at the beginning of a tape, but a shower to the main character related and care almost maternal shows. And these touching experiences about the casual stranger confuse a little because on which he to it gave up, the drunkard and without five minutes the eater of a skilly. But it is so conceived by a plot where the morals take not the last place.

Here who is absolutely fabulous, so it is John Gudman as the porndirector and in combination the drug dealer. Though it is not enough in a shot, but thanks to it the viewer learns one more infallible remedy from a hangover. However, very expensive and precisely with traditional medicine not connected.

I not incidentally mentioned earlier Derelict because and here, and there Zemeckis tries to construct all movie on psychological transformations of the main character. But if new Robinson Crusoe`s history (by the way, there too did not do without plane crash) really sets thinking on that how mysterious are the ways of the Lord, then the version with the repentant alcoholic for some reason looks like the advertizing cloth dated for the stock " more; To Alcoholism - fight! . In either case the open final assumes that in life of the main character everything will develop well, but is more believed in the future happiness of Hanks, than in bright prospects of Washington. Because the first fell a victim of circumstances, and just fried rooster in a bottom pecked the second. And when you improve under oppression of system, there is always a chance to return into place as soon as from this bum went away.

Here also it turns out that authors wanted to tell about a hard lot of the simple guy, and the appeal to civil conscience turned out. Also there is no mental anguish for the hero`s drudgeries, despite talented game twice the winner of the Oscar because he does not suffer at all. For that matter, much stronger and more truthfully on the same subject the drama " broadcasts; Leaving Las - Vegas . There and did without any crashes of planes, by the way.