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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on April 20 - 21? Legend No. 17 etc.

I again in domestic film distribution came relative calm. This week will do without blockbusters and god with them. However, the informal leader is available for debutants. In the person of the sports drama about the legendary Soviet hockey player Kharlamov Legend No. 17 .

Other party is characterized by an obvious distortion in is criminal - the mystical sphere and consists mostly of the American tapes. Interest to the viewer is of the drama The Place under pines the thriller - the double-dealing fellow Nobody survived and esthetic English fighter Welcome to a trap .

1. Legend No. 17 (2013)

So turns out that all Nikita Mikhalkov lays a hand to, or turns into gold, or becomes a reason for furious holivar. The movie about legendary (and here doubts at anybody do not arise) the Soviet hockey player Valery Kharlamov became the first producer work of Mikhalkov after humiliation with Citadel . Therefore also the subject was chosen safe, and Menshikov favourite in a system again, and the engaged actor Danila Kozlowski is appropriated. That for certain, the cap fits.

By itself, history was podrikhtovat thoroughly, remembering what from shift composed the sum does not change. Ours won against Canadians? Won. So why to cling to details? Historical reliability - in Wikipedia, and on the screen bullfight, indicative beating of the Canadian babies. The biopic absolutely not necessarily has to be verified to trifles, it has to unite hearts, touch for soul, glorify the myth. And with it Nikolay Lebedev`s team copes on five with plus. Only the director since Wolfhound did not learn to work with special effects, but we will miss that as superfluous.

We will separately note that the declared rating 6+ is not confirmed in any way: in a shot naked parts of a body so absolutely with yourself you should not drag small children flash. For the rest the picture is universal: to men - hockey and adrenaline, to girls - romantic history, and to younger generation - a reference point and the character for imitation.

2. The Place under pines (The Place Beyond the Pines, 2012)

Thanks to Derek Siyenfrens and his debut in full-length cinema ( Valentine`s Day card 2010) actors Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams deserved the nomination on Oscar. Film academicians somehow lost sight of Derek therefore the director decided to add to Goslingu Bradley Cooper and criminal texture. So appeared The Place under pines - the epic drama about the relations of fathers and children.

Each beginning director wants though for an instant to feel as Coppola or Scorsese. Here and Siyenfrens strainedly tries to weave the large-scale saga out of improvised material, in passing changing horses in midstream. The half-movie we worry about Goslinga, then amicably we focus attention on his involuntary opponent Cooper that in the final at all to make jump to generation of next.

Unfortunately, the beginner lacked talent and a creative grasp that the tape really turned in epik. It is a lot of innuendo, muddy psychology and aspiration to resemble everything and at once. But process the viscous, cold, slow picture will give a sheer pleasure to judges of a genre. We designate a request not to worry.

3. Welcome to a trap (Welcome to the Punch, 2012)

Absolutely still the inexperienced British director Eren Krivi relied on both colors at once. In - the first, he invited in the movie the whole group of high quality English performers, including James Makevoya, Mark Stronga, David Morrissey (The governor from series Walking dead persons ), Peter Mullan ( Tyrannosaur ), Jason Fleming and beauty Andrea Raizboro ( Oblivion ) . In - the second, the ordinary fighter turned into a feast for eyes, in fact, generously using close ups, a sloa - mo and an other operator delicacy. It was necessary to pay for stylish visualization of night London common sense and to sacrifice all raisin of a detective story - an intrigue.

And still production of Foggy Albion, even in such crude look, looks far better, than through zashtampovanny American thrillers. Bend there was not enough self-irony, and to the viewer - patience to understand plot artful designs. That case when the form, alas, prevailed over contents.

4. Masters of Salem (The Lords of Salem, 2012)

Musician Rob Zombi, is once composer Doomsday with Schwarzenegger`s participation and one of persons involved in a soundtrack to To the Matrix somehow unexpectedly rushed into big cinema, having chosen for itself a niche of horror films. However, who heard its tracks, not strongly was surprised to the choice of a genre. The impudent debutant soon threatened on sacred and remade for descendants cult Halloween though was not too able.

In the new tape Zombi shakes off a city legend of Salem witches, trial of whom ", from naphthalene; safely came to the end in New England in a year 1692 A.D. A freedom of action by which the director was deprived in work on a remake Halloween affected result ambiguously. On the one hand, its corporate style and visual decisions set thinking (and about mental health of the author too). With another - it is too chaotic and alyapisto. But it is impossible to refuse only one Zombi: it sincerely and honestly transfers the perverted imaginations to the screen, outdoing all commercially focused horrormeyker.

5. Nobody survived (No One Lives, 2012)

If the surname of the screenwriter - Cohen, then still means nothing. Just left man. As well as the fact that the American movie is shot by Japanese Ryukhey Kitamura. To whom what difference, borders are erased long ago, and genres - are washed away. By the way, about a genre. Before us the classical thriller - the double-dealing fellow when good guys turn into thorough bandits. In our case, externally decent yuppie is transformed to the serial maniac.

Alas, and again the idea was more interesting, than its realization. Charismatic Luke Evans ( War of Gods Raven ) cannot master in any way the poor scenario where his hero plows one for all, being torn through a fetid heap of a cliche. Pleases only the fact that the picture vigorously and vigorously looks, though periodically rolls in badly feeble-minded dialogues.

I believe, it will be interesting to look also at how Norwegians of Ronning and Sandberg picturized the well-known expedition of the compatriot Tura of Heyerdal on a raft Kohn - Tiki . Actually, they in honor of a legendary vessel also called the project. Something this adventure drama will remind the viewer and Derelict with Hanks, and, by itself, left the same year Pi`s Life . The Norwegian tape cannot brag of the Hollywood budget and scope, but the love and respect for a feat of the traveler made the business - the atmosphere and characters are transferred closely to the text .

With children`s content this week tugovato. Except for the Chinese animated cartoon Hugo and Lala which at us will be released under conformable to the original the name Masha`s Adventures in the Wonderland . Generally, our localizers do not stand on ceremony with the Chinese production. Decline as the soul will wish. Well, though do not throw into a thorny bush, and that is fine.