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Adventures Armour of God 3: Mission Zodiac . Artefaktny Jackie Chan?

Admit honestly, never had especially warm feelings to Jackie Chan. The poor boy from the Chinese family who turned after persistent works and trainings into a legend of Asian cinema, in fact, always shot especially the film. Even then, when was only an actor and the director of fighting scenes.

It is Chan, nee Cheng Long now, it is world renowned as the person - an orchestra there is practically in no which left body the whole bones. Both the reaper, and the reader, and on a fife igrets. Whether spoils it proprietary relation to the movie total result? Certainly. It turns out, whatever one may do, that the lion`s share of pictures with Jackie`s participation - one-egg twins. Scenery, names of the main characters change (sometimes just Jackie), but not the general plot - the good guy, the blunderer, whether it be the cop, the international spy or the treasures, most inconceivable tricks and somersaults hunter undresses bad guys in imitation walnut. All this is flavored with company humour, grimaces, comic sketches and morals about a human / civic / office duty.

Actually, from all track actor`s record of Chan, and it is more than one hundred pictures, I periodically reconsider only Police history . And here with God`s Armour somehow it did not develop. The first two movies did not impress, despite bright battle scenes for which the Chinese was famous, famous and, most likely, will be remembered to descendants. Therefore news that fairly grown up hero of the Hong Kong fighters decided to turn adventures Asian hawk in the trilogy, I was not cut to the quick.

The world is in danger. Greedy businessmen from auction houses became impudent so that they already adjusted serial release of counterfeit relics and masterpieces. Originals are stolen from private collections, cloned and already in the form of faultless copies are resold for a fantastic sum. Social activists shocked because it is about national property which literally flows away through fingers, settling in hands of absolutely left people.

Jay Sy these passions especially do not touch the mercantile thief. He is concerned by a margin and the risk interfaced to it. Therefore when its team receives the order for search and rather fair depriving of twelve Chinese zodiac heads of animals, it with pleasure and the burning look counts possible profits. Business trifling: to find for a two-three of the collectors who are bashfully pressing foreign good on the well protected mansions and to replace necessary unnecessary, that is the original with the copy. And then to hand over stolen to the customer and to wash conscience.

However Jay Sy did not calculate force. There is a lot of heads, and some are lost in exotic places at all. And it is even more persons interested to tidy up relics. And the customer something confuses the issue, obviously without wishing that mission Zodiac ended successfully. But at Jay Sy always in a stock there will be couple of tricks which will discourage the opponent by

the Scenario, certainly - a wide-brimmed hat. The above-stated synopsis - my feeble author`s attempt to isolate common sense from series of separate episodes. Jackie Chan`s movies seldom could brag of a harmonous sobytiynost, but Armour of God 3 surpassed many masterpieces of the Chinese. There is an impression that the text wrote actors some feeble-minded in hope that charisma of the main character will eclipse any idiotic remarks and dialogues. So it also left. Comic a shelter - faugh from Chan once again outdid all and everything, having brightened up flaws, mistakes and an unnatural mimicry of semi-professional actors. And if you came to cinema to enjoy drama game rich with emotions or the intrigue twirled in an abrupt spiral, then you were obviously mistaken a cinema hall.

Everything that occurs in this frankly not ridiculous, but dynamic movie (alas, but clownish skills Jackie Chan lost in the ninetieth), is subordinated to one purpose - to bring the viewer to that moment when begin to distribute to dyuly. From here and a mash of persons (as usual, to the Russian person very to trudnoproslezhivat related communications in Asians and to try to understand who, to whom and whom is necessary), and violence of digital gadgets and - la Mission is impracticable and a current of various locations, from the private cellars filled treasures to the ship mislaid in the jungle (!) with the log hammered with gold tons. Actually, and the log lies only here then effectively to dump together with all team of Jackie sitting astride. That in a shot obviously hastily decorated pirates of all seas time do - I do not undertake to claim unambiguously. But let will be for a heap.

Chan grew old and it is visible. And he because he is not De Niro, and even not the governor of California cannot grow old. These are songs it is possible to sing before the carrying out of a body, and to play here the hero of fighters - only till certain time. For this reason in rather recent Karate - a patsanchik Jackie was organic and actual. And here it is similar to the copy of itself, only young and beautiful. And there is no special need in this childishness as there is no need to break itself on shootings (the last shots on final credits, as always, out of competition) or to try to squeeze out nostalgic tears of audience. Most of the viewers have enough last merits of the actor, producer, director and so on with which he forever immortalized the name in world cinema.

Everything for the sake of what you went on Armour of God 3 will take place. And powerful collective mochilovo with application of all personal estate, both classical ridiculous falling and bruises, and, by itself, final fight. This time in air moreover in close proximity to an active volcano. And here Chan has nothing to impute. Everything is executed on five with plus, and the air pursuit of a bag with the head of a dragon, though presses a throat to all laws of physics, will subdue sincere desire to surprise public. All this messing around of hands, the legs flying, falling, sliding somewhere objects and bodies causes desire to rewind and enjoy once again because nobody is able to put so effectively fights and scenes of single combats as this low robust fellow from Hong Kong now. Now it is fashionable to rely on opportunities of the processor and video card, than on sleight of hand and speed of reaction.

Jackie Chan is aware that outside the historical homeland demand for its movies, to put it mildly, is elastic. Especially in the absence of on the right Chris Tucker or Owen Wilson. And it is probably simpler to viewer to present the actor to one more artifact in the list of the futures, already the third, Uncontrollable than the central link of the adventure fighter rattling an armor.