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Fantastic fighter Oblivion . First successful blockbuster of 2013?

were Noticed that Americans like to destroy everything? And that to break - not to build. As it is sung, we will destroy the whole world of violence to the basis, and then And then the wizard in the blue helicopter will arrive and, certainly, will show cinema.

how the poor, tortured by wars, hunger and shortage of resources mankind (it the best, American the part) writhes in an agony on the devastated planet. This scenario is chewed by Hollywood with enviable constancy, but in a case with a new tape of Joseph Kosinski everything is not as unambiguous as can seem at first sight.

In a year 2017 A.D. inhabitants of the blue planet could observe in the night sky an unprecedented and effective show - death of the Moon, our only natural satellite. Artful newcomers calculated everything to trifles: changes in a gravitational field caused irreparable consequences on Earth. Earthquakes and a tsunami forever turned a planet surface into the lifeless desert. And then aggressors came back to Earth to finish those to whom has the luck to survive.

We won if it is only possible to call it a victory. The remains of the population moved on the THETAS space station from where plan to take off the first flight to the far, but hospitable satellite of Saturn the Titan. However resources therefore on the died Earth the huge hydroplatforms accumulating energy are constructed are necessary for so large-scale travel. Are put to watch the flying robots their activity - " drones; trained to kill enemy vandals.

Nevertheless guerrilla sorties deathbirds (so tenderly people of Earth nicknamed aliens) are not always unsuccessful. " Drones; fail, calling into question global mission. That is why on Earth still there are people. Their only two - the technician Jack Harper and his faithful dispatcher Victoria. Every day Jack goes down from clouds to repair the next robot, and Vika holds communication with the Center on THETAS and coordinates searches.

Idyll falls while the technician finds fragments of the starprobe vehicle which fell from an orbit. Inside it finds a capsule with the Sleeping Beauty Yulia, the girl from its dreams. Yes, Jack remembers nothing from the past, amnesia is urged to protect it from experiences and doubts. But what if these flashes in memory are not casual, and Jack - only a small screw in unknown to it to game? What if Earth is still suitable for life, and the Almighty of THETAS - at all not what it seems?.

Only the wise Indian Joe does not step twice on the same rake while in Hollywood there is a sign that good career should be begun with the bad sequel. And Joseph Kosinski did not pass this garden tool, having followed the example of the idol of James Cameron. His debut - continuation (and actually weak-willed remake) the cult fantastic movie Throne with a subtitle Heritage - visually proved that one 3D you will not be full.

But the director was noticed. The enthusiasm was estimated. Also gave chance to be rehabilitated. For this light purpose of Kosinski offered the Disney studio sponsoring his debut project, the scenario - the comic book of own composition. However Disney - not the best place to remove an apocalyptic fantasy. Therefore Joseph`s idea smoothly removed to hands of film company Universal which promised the author not to turn his future movie into family history on the " type; Alien .

No, having buried America, it not slightly opened Kosinski. Perhaps the text and author`s, but looks like compilation more. In total on slightly - slightly. It is a little Kubrick, a pinch Matrixes tea spoon Star wars light aroma of Tarkovsky. But unlike others, less gifted or lazier collectors Joseph does not allow the creation to creep away on episodes. Literally felt sick the creator from ideas and he tried to give everyone fifteen minutes of fame. Alas, timing not rubber therefore some ideas indeed touched a brain crinkles, and some left on a tangent, without having mentioned vitals. Do not hurry Kosinski, he could zababakhat on this material a TV series more purely To Survive but not everyone will bear so painfully long realization of the dream.

The movie is incredibly beautiful. Also let in Russian the name of the movie is translated as oblivion you see, Oblivion sounds (as Alice used to say) chudlivy and strannovaty . The last film which managed to cause in me similar feelings was I am the Legend with Will Smith. And that the truth, the first minutes twenty tapes go parallel courses. Unless Tom Cruise has not dogs, but there is sexy Vika in the person of the English actress and the model Andrea Raizboro.

The thrown cities which are filled up on a poppy-head with sand skyscrapers turned and bent big wheels and the sports stadiums looking far worse than the Colosseum. Winner of the Oscar, operator Pi`s Lives Mysterious history of Benjamin Batton and already mentioned the second Throne Claudio Miranda showed us Earth such what she is only in Iceland. The Chilean has to be happy with himself, the shots created by him and ask for a photoframe or, at least, on a monitor desktop.

It is interesting to all how Tom Cruise together with Olga Kurylenko played. What here to tell? Cruz as that little dog, that till an old age the puppy, does not change the last years ten - fifteen. The actor and everything proved for a long time to all therefore he is free to be himself and to smile in a chamber for 25 - 30 million dollars, trifling by the standards of present blockbusters. It is by all means convincing in scenes of action and is stridently steady against any drama splashes in a plot. As for Kurylenko, she in which - eyelids does not look an eyesore though still desperately changes in key episodes. On Cruz`s place I would give preference to Raizboro who much more effectively is knocking out a tear, but suprotiv will not trample on the scenario. Here overweight of forces obviously on Olga`s party. Ah yes, nearly forgot about Morgan Freeman to whom for some reason put a cigar in a mouth and forced to represent fairly grown old Morfeus. It also represented. As always, smartly.

Beauty demands the victims. And the final message of the movie fell this victim. It is unclear on what wanted to focus attention of the viewer Kosinski. On universal humanity? On love of the man to the woman? On need not to recede and not to be given ? Or all - on infinitely fine landscapes and the Moon remains scattered on a sky? On this matter the consensus did not develop that, by the way, is absolutely quite good from the commercial point of view. Mixture of genres did a picture good that together with the sparing PG rating - 13 provided to the movie the widest audience.

To abuse Oblivion there is no wish at all, the cinema turned out spectacular and interesting, and, above all, memorable. It is necessary only to wish Kosinski further success and good luck. Considering that the director seriously intends to be put throughout Throne good luck strongly is required to it.