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How it is possible to look at Botticelli`s pictures in a new way? Part 1

of Grazia as advertizing of clothes for pregnant women. my interest in painting began

with Sandro Botticelli`s picture (1445-1510) Venus and Mars . When I thumbed through History of world painting the sketch hooked on my attention at once.

I quite not bad know plots of myths. It is known that Venus (it is Aphrodite) chose from two main applicants for a role of the main lover (the husband Hephaestus - the workaholic was by itself) from Poseidon and Mars (he is Ares) - the eternal fighter, but not the lord of the seas.

Their sonny Cupid (it is the Eros) often entangled daddy invisible networks of love, bridling his aggressive temper, and literally pushed in embraces of mother. That that distracted from a battlefield a little. Also allowed others to take rest. General installation of daddy: to conclude a truce, and then to cut all. War for the sake of war. Of course, costed to Venus considerable efforts to distract the fighter from his blood-thirsty calling.

Botticelli represented a scene as follows. It is visible that Venus and Mars made love recently. The aggressor fell asleep. Its sword plays small satires and one, the most impudent, blows to it directly in an ear through a sea shell, emphasizing with it the fortress of a dream of Mars.

Venus looks at darling quite eloquently, type: At last, sdykhatsya! It is felt, it thoroughly got it! In eyes also tenderness to the athlete stretched in a grass, but all is read - there is more fatigue as even Venus with her capacity of love - hardly managed to put out of action universal soldier . Looking at her inconsistent look, it is difficult not to smile.

Being in Louvre, I already expected from the artist of surprises. Also it was not deceived, having seen rather courageous treatment of Madonna and child in a masterpiece The Madonna in a rosary .

Little Christ, sitting on a lap, with surprise saw that mother unexpectedly fell asleep. What often happens at nursing mothers in a condition of extreme fatigue. On a face of the baby some surprise, it seems - oops . Perhaps time of feeding came, and here - a sudden break.

Botticelli`s pictures, except the emotions connected with philosophical or lyrical intonations are always illuminated by irony. Therefore it was surprising to me to read the following opinion of the critic: Whatever wrote Botticelli, on all faces of his figures the same cosmic sadness, the same aspiration to be carried away afar; we see it on faces of Madonnas and Vener (Laszlo Makkai). Here those on! But even those stories where, appear, at all not to laughter, the Italian artist manages a tax not without wit. On the verge of rigidity. For example, picture Return of Yudifi with the head Holofernes .

In its basis bible history when the Assyrian army besieged the Judaic city. Its inhabitants were ready to give up as one rich and beautiful widow went with the servant to camp of enemies. Also tempted their leader Holofernes. When he fell asleep in a tent, snipped off to it the head a sword. And, having put the head in a bag, returned to the city. Soldiers, having found a body of the beheaded chief, were horrified and ran up.

Yudif represented tens of masters in absolutely different treatments. Up to the XX century when the Austrian designer Klimt, made of it the fatal languid woman with the concealed danger of death. For men. Nevertheless, one of the main details and in this gloomy story is made by Botticelli not without irony: the servant Yudifi bears Holofernes`s head, having placed it in a basket on the own head, in the manner of a jug. It is clear, that it is normal for an everyday situation, but not for same freight ! And they peacefully walk, as if illustrating a proverb Made business - walk safely . Nobody neither to, nor after Botticelli so defiantly treated this episode. In the subsequent variations this idea was finally finished with prisluzhnichy to service . As, for example, in the satirical movie - Karen Shakhnazarov`s absurdity City of the Zero when at restaurant served to the main character on a tray cake in the form of his head.

One more detail in the well-known picture of Botticelli - Spring - critics too in an emphasis do not notice.

In the center of a picture - Venus. Nearby - in a colorful dress, with a relief fervent face - the Spring scattering florets. It takes them literally from Flora`s mouth (the goddess of the nature). At that from a mouth the whole buketny conveyor lasts (too you will not call this technological thought of sad). God of the wind Zefir sticks to Flora. On the other side of a cloth a staff Mercury, directly over the three graces in which the Cupid aims from onions disperses clouds.

We read supervision of the art critic: By the way, figures dancing Gratsy and still strike with the distinguished outlines (Mark Dyupeti). And it about ladies on the sixth month of pregnancy!

The main joke of Botticelli in this picture consists that all women represented here - are pregnant (from six to eight months). Say, spring - origin of life!

It is possible to read mountains of literature (I even saw one art criticism German movie about Botticelli) where the equipment, length of dabs, color, but words in essence is discussed: about what this or that thing. I would notice that at Botticelli - the most peculiar of Grazia on light!

To be continued