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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on April 13 - 14? Oblivion etc.

in the Russian hire start on April 11 10 new movies at once, but is only one fated to climb up the top line a hit - parade following the results of Wick - an and. Also it is not excluded that every chance to make this feat - at the second full-length tape of the director Joseph Kosinski Oblivion fantastic fighter with participation Tom Cruise.

Two closest competitors - the animated version of the Soviet comedy Kean - a dza - a dza! and the criminal thriller with Bruce Willis Klin wedge - obviously are in a losing position. However they will imitate fight for the viewer, as well as two Russian novelties, and also the Indian three-dimensional animated cartoon and a parody horror film under the name Zombie`s Fighter .

1. Oblivion (Oblivion, 2013)

After unintelligible, but visually fine debut Throne: Heritage the newly made director Joseph Kosinski addressed the comic book of 8 pages which is with own hand composed at the beginning of zero. During a way the doggie managed to grow up, having turned into the volume graphic novel. On realization of a fantastic apocalypse entrusted Joseph 120 million and the real superstar of Hollywood - Tom Cruise. And Cruz, as we know, unlike Bruce Willis, very carefully selects to himself projects and in any shnyaga will not act. I speak with skill because left movie theater two hours ago.

The plot is expected will remind and Matrix and I am the Legend and other fantastic blockbusters about the possible heavy future of mankind. In a year 2077 Earth represents ruins after Pyrrhic victory over aggressors from space. People were forced to leave the planet, having planned the route on the Titan. The THETAS huge space station, hanging on an orbit, controls pumping of the resources necessary for long flight. Only the technician Jack Harper and his workmate Victoria watching that the remains of enemy troops did not manage to impair a little the equipment work at Earth. But soon it becomes clear that all their mission is a continuous shadow-fighting.

The atmospheric, incredibly beautiful movie shot on the Icelandic landscapes by the newest movie camera of Sony literally dips the viewer into the lifeless and cold world of the future. This time Kosinski resisted temptation to lower everything grandmas in special effects and offers the viewer almost detective plot, though with well readable final. Surprisingly, but even Olga Kurylenko who was traditionally irritating in former images is pleasing to the eye here. Tom Cruise, as always, at height, to him not to get used to combine the drama and an action. Generally, a worthy example scientifically - a fighting fantasy. And without everyone 3D.

2. Klin wedge (Fire with Fire, 2012)

The Bruce is farther than

, the Willis is less. However, in this case a megastar obviously on pickup to improve the poster of a low-remarkable boyevichk with Rosario Dawson and Josh Duhamel. The full-length debut of the teleserial director was a producer by team from 34 (!!!) the person led by the rapper of 50 Cent. And seven nurses have a child, as we know, without an eye. Such impression that the script of the movie of years so twenty became dusty on the shelf before it was picked up, warmed up and gave to a table. But there is no wish to eat already something.

The gallant firefighter becomes the casual eyewitness of bloody infighting in shop. Having pointed to the criminal, it parenproshchatsya with antecedents, having become the participant (or the hostage) programs for protection of witnesses. Did not forget a new name, the new house, but the enemy ill turn also it intends to return a debt. And then the fireman tightens the GTO program for firing and engages, without hoping for federals and other " any more; defenders .

Weak cinema. And it seems actors quite good, and even the action mixed with the melodrama and the thriller - at all not news. All spoil ubiquitous stamps at all. And if on television the similar plot could count on a good rating, then in full meter the viewer is much more captious.

3. Ku! Kean - a dza - a dza (2013)

Eight years were required by

to Georgy Daneliya to remake own masterpiece on an animation harmony. Considering that from the author Mimino Afoni and Autumn marathon there were no good news for two decades, we are even glad to a remake.

The first and most important question - what for? to refresh memory to generation of the eightieth? It hardly, and so perfectly we remember and we love. As lite - the version for descendants, it is difficult for them to acquire the original owing to other outlook? Too it is doubtful, you should not underestimate present youth. A craze on alterations? It is possible though authors from this seditious thought also disown, recommending to regard the animated film as new reading. Nevertheless, almost all elements and characters of a plot remained on the places. Which - that modernized, including the main characters, but not in it an essence. In total - the animated cartoon, despite 3D, looks ploshche. The powerful satirical charge was transformed to usual morals, and to perceive patsak, chetlan and people of Earth in a separation from power Leonov, Yakovlev and Lyubshin for some reason there is no wish. And though animation excursion to the planet Plyuk turned out bright and almost native, it nevertheless lacks something. Perhaps, intolerable ease of former Daneliya.

4. Last call (Last Call, 2012)

the Most terrible that can happen to the good actor by an old age, it not oblivion, but loss of self-esteem. It is clear, that the described situation is more likely a financial compromise, than creative eagerness. But to contemplate darling Doc Brown from the cult movie Back in the future (Christopher Lloyd) in this poor, absolutely secondary project focused on idiots - it is extremely heavy.

Lloyd plays the become an inveterate drunkard owner of bar who charges to the goofs - to nephews to look after real estate while their uncle chalitsya on plank beds for the next uproar. Lads are obsessed with idea to turn a lush recess into the center of the universe, and therefore go all out that also to entice target audience, and cabbage to cut down because their relative at all not ruble has to.

Even if to leave alone idea from which bears naphthalene for hundreds of versts the movie just has no chances. The tape was removed by the layman without any gleams of talent. Awful dialogues, stupid jokes and wooden actors. It is necessary only to regret the film distributor who bought these dregs in hire.

Well, on it we will also stop. And here you will not stop Bollywood. Hindus continue to master new technologies (though with some delay) and let out the first domestic animated cartoon in 3D. Friends from the jungle (all - someone wants to break a nose for abundance of a criminal slang in names and dialogues of children`s movies) - the typical animal fairy tale for the audience of absolutely preschool age. One more three-dimensional novelty is from Germany - it is the biography of two European geniuses, traveler and Encyclopaedist Humboldt and king of mathematicians Gauss. By the way, Measuring the world is not the author`s draft, but the screen version of the book. And that case when use 3D is justified by only higher price of the ticket, but not a plan in any way.

The Russian cinema is presented in the list of debutants by two tapes at once. In - the first, new work of Boris Khlebnikov Long happy life , the drama about life in the village where the rivers flow, and all the rest is firm and forever. In - the second, Conversation Sergey Komarov. Too the drama, only psychological and with ubiquitous Gosha Kutsenko`s participation.

And only hot Latin American guys do not long, and occupy the capital of free Cuba walking dead persons. A picture with a promising title Zombie`s Fighter George Romero`s rest will not disturb, too inertly and modestly copies the master`s finds. But as the first Cuban zombyatnik quite deserves attention of admirers of a genre.