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Criminal melodrama Shadowing . Love from the first peeping?

Conditionally all film directors can be divided on experts and " station wagons;. The first try to be loyal throughout all creative career to the chosen style and a genre. The second work with success in many directions, without going in cycles in a concrete subject. Both those, and others can be professionals of the business or full untalented persons, it does not change a classification essence.

With expert demand small, he all life plows up one field, going deep into a track, to them and created. A step to the left, a step to the right - execution and creative crisis. And the speech absolutely optional goes about the forward, progressive movement. Other masters begin for health and finish for the peace of. For example, the known horrormeyker and the fantast John Carpenter, on whose late masterpieces without tears you will not look.

To the " station wagons; on the one hand, on life it is simpler. They do not chain themselves in a rigid framework, easily wandering from a genre in a genre. But there is a danger to be a middling everywhere and on slightly - slightly. Only units manage to feel freely and on a field of wide fighters, and on waves of romantic comedies, and in a clear boundary of criminal thrillers. One of such universal Hollywood figures is the director John Bedem, the author of such pictures as the military fighter Blue thunder adventure comedy The Birdie on a wire fantastic melodrama Short circuit and, certainly, melodramatic criminal thriller Shadowing . We will also talk about the last.

The last task detectives of police Chris and Bill with a crash failed: the criminal was washed away, and instead of a victory smell for cops steadily sickening loop of fresh fish is dragged. In punishment they are forced to stay two weeks in an ambush, watching the former girlfriend of the recidivist who recently ran away from a colony. FBI conducting investigation upon escape is sure that the criminal, sooner or later, will want to visit the beloved. And in which - that eyelids federals are right - the criminal really has such intentions because in the house where now his girl Maria, a zanykana the large sum of money lives. And though Masha - not ours, and from prison does not respond to letters, finance needs to be cashed.

Chris and Bill are not too inspired with new mission. Besides that it is necessary to sit with the field-glass all night long, sadly staring in dark windows and listening to rare calls, so still the day shift constantly suits mean tricks. Cops do not come off the loser and answer good on good . But incidental surges in activity only shade the general drag. With the girl nothing interesting is resolute occurs, and therefore Chris decides to get acquainted successfully because, in - the first, Maria very attractive person, and in - the second, just left him the wife.

Certainly, Bill of the workmate, not delighted with love expansion. Romantic adventures of Chris smell slightly of discharge from business and other troubles. Up to loss of work in police. But Chris fell in love also with it there`s nothing to be done. A peculiar office romance will last until all the expected bandit at last does not loom on the horizon. And here Maria should make a choice between very bad guy whose life does not cost also the eaten-away egg, and the false cop using it as a bait. Slavabogu, the love is not so evil and the girl will remain on the light party of force it would Seem to

, well interesting can be in a tape about two police officers ambushing. In fact, anything, if not universality director John Bedem and talent of the screenwriter Jim Kauf. They managed to turn routine history of one shadowing into fascinating mix of the detective, thriller, the police fighter, the comedy and romantic melodrama. In that is that and advantage of the authors able to work in different genres. They are able to mix them. And if to make it in the necessary proportion, without going too far, then such remarkable movie will turn out here. To reconsider not a masterpiece, but nice entertaining cinema which periodically pulls.

Silly, of course, to compare Shadowing (during an era the VHS picture was sometimes shown also under the name Ambush ) with the best samples of police pictures, such as The Police officer from Beverley is Hillz or Deadly " weapon;. All - Bedem did not keep and warped the opus a little in a melodrama genre what neither Martin Brest, nor Richard Donner afforded. However, for Bedem such sin is available. To take at least its later tape The Birdie on a wire with Mel Gibson and Goldie Hawn`s participation where the romantic relations of the main characters take not the last place in a plot too. But it gives the chance to draw attention of female audience which usually police fighters and detectives ignores owing to obvious reasons.

It is amusing that first producers planned to invite in a director`s chair of Leonard Nimoya, legendary Spock from film series Star Trek but he refused because he already managed to sign the contract for creation of a remake of the French situation comedy Three men and the baby in a cradle . As a result Nimoya`s picture became the most cash tape of year with result of 165 million dollars, and Shadowing Bedem it appeared on the eighth line a hit - parade (that too is quite good), having earned one hundred millions less.

The most intriguing in the movie are, of course, not a love story of the police officer and nominal victim. You will surprise nobody with such plot. Business is in how these romantic passions are arranged. On the one hand, the viewer constantly is nervous, to Maria here - the former lover, very cool guy with very bad manners here has to appear suddenly. With another, Chris constantly is on the razor-edge, risking to get on deception and to lose at once everything. The additional intrigue is brought also by the parallel story about escape of the prisoner which with the accomplice with fight make the way through all country to a treasured lodge of Maria where money for rainy day are hidden. Here to you both firing, and pursuits, and other criminal pleasures .

Very much pleased casting. The combination an old wolf / a young wolf cub never before brought. However, at the time of shootings to the winner of the Oscar ( Good-bye, dear 1978) Richard Dreyfus was only forty years old, and to his partner Emilio Estevez - 25. Estevez, to seem though is a little more senior, was forced to grow foolish short moustaches.

Dreyfus, as well as is necessary to the real pro, is good everywhere, whether it be long scientifically - the fantastic drama at Spielberg, the thriller about a shark ( Jaws ) or here such nenapryazhny tape where his hero should crack jokes and pose often as a hero - the lover. Of course, Dreyfus for this role - not absolute option, but the actor managed to fascinate by the smile not only the heroine Madelyn Stou, but also the audience. And even Estevez whose achievements in cinema, unlike the elder brother Charlie Shin, are very doubtful, not bad supplements the picture, playing a role of a bit boring and correct workmate, nevertheless capable and to cover backs, and it is amusing to joke of the colleague.

The success of the movie long time hung over Bedem a sword of Damocles. Well as not to develop such plot especially as it is possible to think up a new round of history. However neither Bedem, nor Kauf attracted to a sequel script writing could enter the same river for the second time. The continuation which came out six years later did not get special spectator love and, in fact, was superfluous.