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How to check reliability the Internet - shop in seven actions?

How independently to check reliability the Internet - shop before purchase? For convenience of buyers we decided to create this step-by-step instruction. By means of it the Internet - shop or the website of services any person can carry out check.

Seven steps which will help to be saved from the Internet - swindlers:

Step 1. Pay attention to address of the website . Has to guard you if it is the domain of the third level. That is the address of the website which looks so: www. Imyasayta. ru is a domain of the second level, it is paid. Usually and the address of serious shop or company looks. And here if the domain looks, for example, so: www. Imyamagazina. narod. ru - reflect. Usually for the solid company a payment for the domain - small expenditure.

Step 2. check Now whether are specified on the website the address, phone and company details . Look for them or in the section contacts or about the " company;. What needs to be checked:

existence of a city phone number,

the actual address of the organization,


number of the settlement account,

the name of bank in which it is open,

For BIC of bank.

If all this information is present at the website - it is a good sign (however nevertheless, sometimes, that the honest company can, simply without having thought, not to specify this information).

Step 3. Check the data on the company stated above (if those are) via the website of Federal Tax Service. For this purpose visit the website (www. nalog. ru), hammer INN or PSRN of the company. As to make it:

1. From the main page you need to be included in the section Electronic services (see fig. 1).

2. Further we choose the section Check yourself and the contractor (see fig. 2).

3. We enter into the top field INN or PSRN, we do not forget to gather a protective code, further - we press the " button; to look for (see fig. 3).

4. If with registration at the company everything is all right, search issues information on her (see fig. 4).

So you learn whether the company is registered, and whether there is it at the moment time.

Step 4. we Come back to the website. Pay attention as suggest to issue the order . If only through e-mail, number mobile or ICQ - reflect. It is easy to replace all these contacts. The serious companies receive calls with orders, including, and on phone of office.

Step 5. Make a control call . If on the specified landline phone nobody answers or someone answers not that, you do not hurry to do purchase.

Step 6. Why bad responses - it is good. Find reviews of the company in the Internet. For this purpose just hammer the name or URL (the website address) of shop into search engine or address the special websites with responses. If you found bad responses to which the company reacts adequately - it is a good sign. It is suspicious if there are no responses at all. And if in many responses it is written that the company - swindlers, also you should not risk.

Step 7. Nevertheless pay attention to price of goods . If suggest to buy you goods at suspiciously low price, in comparison with the prices of other shops, it is suspicious. The difference in the price can be, but in several percent, but not in several tens percent (excepting the separate goods exposed, say, on the stock). Even if in all other parameters the website correct too low prices have to guard. Remember, there`s no such thing as a free lunch!

It is the main precautionary measures.