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What to wash down tablets with?

Before purpose of new drugs of the doctor quite often recommend to reconsider a dietary diet. And for this purpose there are reasons.

Specialists in studying of safety of medicines for a human body allocated about about 200 medicamentous funds which can become poisonous or less effective at their mixing with some food. For example, the preparation for blood fluidifying varfarin can react with cranberry juice, and the tableted contraceptives lose the properties in a combination with easy alcoholic beverages.

That medicine worked on all hundred and did not cause side effects, it is necessary to know how and when it needs to be accepted and what it is combined with.

Aspirin strongly irritates a mucous membrane of a stomach therefore it is necessary to accept it only after food. Dissolve a sparkling tablet in a glass of water, and usual it is desirable to pound and wash down with milk or mineral water. So the preparation will quicker get to blood. However it is important to know that for an hour before reception of aspirin it is impossible to eat spicy food and a citrus, otherwise mucous to you not to pass irritation.

Antibiotics should be taken for half an hour to food, to wash down not with milk, but water. The milk combination to preparations of a tetracycline row is especially dangerous. The calcium which is contained in it enters interaction with medicine and forms almost insoluble connections. The preparation will not be able to be dissolved in blood that will bring the expected effect to naught. Milk, cottage cheese and yogurts should not be eaten in two hours prior to and in two hours after reception of tablets of a tetracycline row.

Sulfanylamides can cause violations from kidneys therefore plentiful alkaline drink which will help to avoid complications is recommended.

Festal and other preparations improving digestion is recommended to accept directly during food.

The antidepressants mixed with the products containing teramin (cheese, barmy rolls, soy sauce, fish caviar) can cause drowsiness and increase arterial pressure.

Oral contraceptives are badly combined with products which contain caffeine. The matter is that contraceptives reduce ability of an organism to caffeine splitting that can lead to a hyperactivity and sleeplessness.

Vitamins C high content of calcium should not be mixed with spinach, a rhubarb, tea, bread with bran. These products will prevent an organism to acquire calcium.

During reception of any drugs it is impossible to drink alcohol. It can cause side effects and reduce action of a preparation. Possible negative consequences dizziness, nausea, irritation mucous, drowsiness.

If the urologist wrote out to you one medicine, and the cardiologist - another, consult at the druggist concerning their compatibility. To avoid negative consequences, it is better to take a different pill separately, but not at once at one time. Wash down

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