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Movie Criminal quartet - the best Perestroika fighter?

On a joint of two eras, leaving Soviet and loomed on the horizon Russian, our cinema fell into a stupor. Over the country as if mushrooms after a rain, were spontaneously organized by hundreds, thousands video points where twisted the best samples of Hollywood. Turns in movie theaters thinned day by day, and on television the first private TV channels which were also showing mainly American movies began to appear.

Domestic cinema, having lost the state support, it appeared in private with the enormous competitor in the person of Home Video. No, the Soviet classics was not buried in oblivion, but to shoot new film in such situation was extremely risky. Frightened of a seamy side shaft in Perestroika cinema (one only Little Vera and My name is Harlequin what is cost) the viewer waved a hand on cine passions and changed on a needle of a home video. Venerable classics, like Gaidai or Ryazanov, could not to be reconstructed and their pathetic attempts to keep up with promptly changing atmosphere in the country caused despondency. The new ideas, new heroes, fresh, actual plots capable to interest public were necessary.

As we already know, in fact, nothing left. Our cinema fell off in all respects and still creeps on a lap though it on them costs already surely. And then, in the late eighties - the beginning of the ninetieth, rare birds reached hire. Yes so that they were still remembered and loved. The Soviet fighter " became one of such movies still; Criminal quartet Aleksandra Muratova. I was lucky to visit a premiere when the director specially arrived to Novosibirsk to present the creation. Yes, in those hard times authors had to advertize the movies personally, but not on the Internet and twitter.

Four pupils of children`s home are on friendly terms houses and families of already 25 years. The destiny did not scatter them on wide and native all of them remained to live and work in native Zagorsk, however everyone chose to himself a path on abilities. Mukhanov, it Fly (Nikolay Karachentsov), and Sheds by nickname Shed (Boris Scherbakov) went to serve in militia. Their companion Semyon Portnoy (Vladimir Steklov) graduated from institute and was improved to a position of the assistant prosecutor of the city. And sickly, but inquisitive Kohl`s mind Chest Larin (Vladimir Eremin), moved in journalists.

The friendship is learned in trouble. When the Tailor began to investigate case of a large consignment of marriage at local shoe factory, he also did not know that unintentionally got into a snake den. Routine check turned back the personal tragedy for the investigator: in attempt to hide large-scale plunders at the enterprise, its owners tied with criminals kidnap the son Portny. As repayment they demand to drop investigation, threatening to deal shortly with the boy if Semyon declares in militia or will persist. But the heart-broken father did not begin to dial number 02, and asked for the help the friends.

The problem is that it is not about kidnapping of chicken when just it is necessary to react. The child`s life is at stake, therefore, it is necessary to work quickly and is reserved. The question is in the one who exactly stands behind this impudent act? The circle of suspects is too great, and time at the four of detectives catastrophically has not enough. However thieves hurry to destroy proofs and are too sure of the impunity. They make a mistake behind a mistake, slowly but surely turning from predators in the victims of own greed

the tendency to confuse two Alexandrov Muratov Is. The first, that ex-husband of Kira Muratova and director of the screen version Vaynerov Races down was born in Kharkiv. The second, radical Petersburger, is married to the singer Veronika Dolina and began to shoot film in the late seventies. Among its works there is a detective story " Customs; a tape according to Pikul`s book Moonzund fighter with Pevtsov By nickname Animal and, at last, Criminal quartet . These two film figures have no related communications, and their careers were never crossed.

So left that from a long filmography of Muratov, and the director shoots film to this day, I saw only Criminal quartet . And even action, popular in masses, By nickname Animal avoided me. It I to that say that I - the director will not be able to make far-reaching conclusions about the creative growth of Muratov, for me it still remains only the author of one of the best Perestroika movies.

Boris Giller, scriptwriter Criminal quartet competently calculated everything. The country rather got a bit tired from opening abscesses . Each movie is repentance, revaluation of the past or demonstration of the sad present. Gallant security officers it is also crystal honest militiamen sharply were transformed to selling cops. Clear and in something even counterfeiters, embezzlers of the state treasury, criminals and bandits lovely to heart of the Soviet viewer gave way to the corrupted officials, prostitutes, addicts, to code-bound criminals and mafioso. The seamy side flew from the screen a powerful, uncontrollable stream, compensating everything years stagnation and pink eyewash .

Heroes urgently were required for the country. Not some mythical athletes and not reflexing machoes in leggings, and normal men, from flesh and blood, capable to create at least visibility of fight against all these evil spirits which were creeping out from - under everyone a bush. Yes, heroes Criminal quartet are not ideal. Shed likes to wave with fists and sincerely considers what the kind word and the gun can be reached bigger, than only the kind word. And his colleague Mukhanov swaggers on to the nine (the first emergence VAZ of 2109 on the Soviet screen) and without shadow of doubt exceeds the authority because it is sacredly sure that the small lie will rescue the big truth. Not to mention the reporter Larin who has communications everywhere including in unreliable segments of the population. But it is real people and their acts do not cause in the viewer of rejection because not we such, life such . What was very truly noticed by Giller and Muratov.

Karachentsov, Scherbakov, Steklov and Eremin is a latest embodiment four musketeers . One for all and all for one, and instead of the crossed swords - ritual let`s hit on hands . Friendship which has no phrases I cannot or I do not want . If it is necessary, then it is necessary. And to catch a bullet for the companion, and to offer career, and on private life - to spit. In this team is not present substitute players, only bright stars. And brilliant Karachentsov at peak of the form, both rowdy-dowdy Scherbakov, and brainy Eremin, and even basic Steklov.

It is amusing that besides the above-stated actors, in a picture also other remarkable performers, but all are engaged at roles unattractive. Semyon Farada in an image of the small informer. Igor Yasulovich as the nasty swindler trying to profit on others grief. Oleg Anofriyev - and at all the member of gangster gang, and Lev Prygunov, as always, plays the real villain. Incidental characters, but all such memorable. Of course, Soviet school. Ability to squeeze out of the smallest party at most.

Certainly, Criminal quartet - it is not a masterpiece for all times, and even not the new word in a genre. Just successfully and, the main thing, the movie in time shot where is all thanks to what we, despite everything . And for generation of the eightieth - also a reason for nostalgia from time to time when the militia was militia, Karachentsov was extremely cool, and the honored artist of the Russian Federation Eremin broadcast alive, but did not duplicate transatlantic stars like Al Pacino, Mickey Rourke and Robert De Niro.