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To the mother-in-law on pancakes or What to present to the mother-in-law?

Come the son-in-law home, and there the mother-in-law with a broom is on the threshold.

Son-in-law: “ What, mother, cleaning was started or you fly where? “

Good relations with the mother-in-law - the key to success in affairs family. And if you, dear son-in-law, managed - to find approach to “ to mother “ it`s in the bag, as they say. If you were lucky slightly less and the relations with the spouse`s mother do not develop in any way, and the next holiday ahead looms, do not despair. For a start it is necessary to replace installation it seems “ the mother-in-law - anything the barefaced evil “ on something more positive. Let`s tell: “ mothers-in-law different are necessary, mothers-in-law different are important “. Or it is even better: “ the mother-in-law - the friend of the person “. Otherwise it will it is unlikely be possible to pick up something more suitable, than a cactus in a pot. Eventually, you remember that the mother-in-law - the mother of your spouse. And, trying to accept it in all its beauty, you make happy, first of all, the wife. by

Moreover, choosing a gift, it is necessary to consider that the mother-in-law to the mother-in-law discord.

“ Indestructible “

the Representative of this look differs in a special ukhozhennost and looks relatively young. Such mother-in-law watches herself, reads fashionable magazines, and from time to time, looks to the gym. To achieve condescension, you should emphasize in every possible way her irresistibility and unearthly beauty. The set of expensive cosmetics (and, the more jars - sklyanochek, the better), various female trinkets, couple of bottles of good spirits will become a suitable gift for such mother-in-law, and it is even better - the annual subscription in fitness - club. The more time such mother-in-law takes care of the own life, the it is easier for you.

“ Summer resident “

As a rule, the mother-in-law of this type - the lady of advanced years ready everything to give for an opportunity to spend day - another at the favourite dacha. In the spring window sills of its apartment are entirely forced by seedling, and the motto of life sounds as: “ Who does not work - that does not eat! “ Favourite occupations of such mother-in-law are those which she, owing to the age which is not able to execute without someone`s help. Therefore as the most widespread remarks it is possible to read out infinite requests from its party something “ to hammer together “ to water and weed. For it it is possible to approach the choice of a gift creatively. And to make, for example, a graceful scarecrow for a garden - a kitchen garden. Thing in this case useful and practical. Choosing more loyal gift, it is possible to rely on the radio receiver (that it was more cheerfully worked), a set of kitchen utensils, couple of stools or just a watering can. Egg from which, through two - three hours after acquisition, hatch a chicken will become an amusing gift on Birthday …. Also it costs absolutely not much. And what? Let parts.

“ Cinderella’ 57 “

For the mother-in-law - the housewife the main attribute of happy life is the cosiness and purity in the house. It can wash for hours to gloss the floors, dust and vacuum, “ preening feathers “. If you were lucky to live with it in one apartment, then it with the great pleasure will connect to performance of the important mission and you. In this situation someone always risks to become an ambassador “ dobra “ will. To remove general stress and to facilitate heavy labor everyday life of the beloved mother-in-law, present her the dishwasher, the microwave oven, the food processor. Or replace, at last, a broom with the vacuum cleaner. The permit in sanatorium will become a remarkable gift for the mother-in-law exhausted with house efforts. However, same remarkable this gift will become also for you. Handing a gift, do not forget to thank also “ mother “ for kilograms of the most tasty pies which it manages to make day by day, pleasing all (including neighbors).

And finally. Dear men, with what mother-in-law the destiny would not award you, do not forget that it … - the woman. As if strangely it sounded. And the woman, as we know, the attention of a strong half of mankind is always flatter. Add the gift with a bouquet of flowers. And, be sure, an arrangement, let and five-minute, to you it is guaranteed.