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Mystical horror film Darkness . And you registered in niktofoba?

the Modern psychiatry classified all human fears. Someone is afraid of spiders (arachnophobia), someone avoids a meeting with clowns (koulrofobiya), and it is terrible to someone even to think of a campaign to the stomatologist (dentophobia). The mankind is entangled by phobias and everyone something and is afraid. And all fear darkness. Even those who approve the return.

All the matter is that the darkness happens different. I dare to claim that very few people are frightened by household darkness. Unless small children and nervous adults. And very few people exhale adrenaline, traveling from a drawing room to kitchen that at night to visit the refrigerator. Apartment outlines are familiar to us, we do not wait for surprises and we know that we at any time can turn on the light.

It is much less pleasant to come from the street into a dark entrance. There is already others territory, and unpleasant things can disappear in outer darkness. And God forbid to appear at night in an impassable thicket or to wander in twilight about the unfamiliar area. Here already at the most courageous the soul will emigrate to heels and bravery consists in to sharing the fear with people around. What, certainly, is not panacea.

The all-consuming, outer darkness becomes continuation of our thoughts. And a source of fear is not darkness, but our imagination. It draws scary pictures from which a jimjams. Dark clots envelop our reason, and loss of orientation in space and hypersensibility to sounds and touches can play a dirty trick with the steadiest mentality.

In 2002 the Spanish director to Zhauma Balaguero shot the first international movie under the name Darkness - the mystical horror film echoing a classical horror Amitivill`s Horror and repeating the subject courses of earlier work of Chilean Alejandro Amenabar Others . Balaguero`s tape was pleasant to the European audience then it was purchased for display in America where it also unexpectedly had success. Unexpectedly, because at all advantages of a picture, in my modest opinion, it is dampish and does not offer the viewer anything essentially new. Same eggs, only side view.

The American family moves to the PERMANENT RESIDENCE to Spain. Typical intelligent cell of society: he is a teacher, she is a health worker, and two children - the senior pupil Redzhina and juvenile Paul. So far mother upakhivatsya at work, and children master new educational institutions, the head of family Mark who was born and grew up in these parts intends to put prior to the beginning of a semester in order their shabby country a house. However the trouble comes from there from where did not wait any more: at the father the old sore is shown again, he is tormented by periodic attacks of epilepsy and aggressive behavior.

Life on the new place is not got on. Mark quietly goes crazy, his wife wearily waves away from all problems, and the daughter tries to protect the younger brother who on a body had strange bruises and cuts, from violent daddies. The boy began to be afraid of the dark, draws ominous pictures with children and interprets that at night the house is hung around by dead persons. Only who does not worry about anything and urges all to do the same is it a grandfather Albert, Mark`s father. According to him all events are the temporary stress connected with moving.

Frightened of behavior of the brother and father, Redzhina together with the friend, the photographer Carlos, tries to find any information about former residents of the house. Searches bring to the architect in conversation with whom young people find out that the house was built by the confidential order of sectarians and intended for carrying out a certain ominous ritual. 40 years ago in these parts was gone seven children whose traces break in a mansion. Only one child managed to run away. His name Mark is Redzhina and Paul`s father

the Most difficult in horror films is to create the villain. The murderer or the maniac has to have at least vague motives for the crimes. Revenge there or mental disorder. Vampires suck blood because they want to eat, as well as the zombies hunting for live flesh for maintenance of a tone. Ghosts and reductions too usually want something from live, whether it be rescue of soul, punishment or simple desire to salt. And Balaguero deceived all. It did not begin to strain brains, and just unscrewed bulbs. In total! Be afraid of the dark, fear of bringing! Darkness does not need no reasons, explanations, occasions. It is infinite, the vsepogloshchayushcha, is universal. Here and all formula of success: where it is dark - there terribly.

However, speaking about progress, we, first of all, mean money. Yes, Darkness earned in hire much, at the same time a critical rating at a tape amazingly low: on the known website Rotten Tomatoes (Rotten tomatoes) the movie of the Spaniard received only 4% of positive comments. In other words, only 1/25 audience was satisfied with a picture, the others rasplevatsya.

The reason of such negative is clear. In - the first, a plot. The synopsis given by me seems adequate, but in a shot really happens to line that. Balaguero, as if the person suffering from mania of accumulation of things dragged everything that came to hand in the movie: dead children, occult rituals, an eclipse, the ghosts creeping on a ceiling of demons and schizophrenia. Its work - as a scrappy blanket where each rag is someone`s movie. The damned house is a starting point of a huge number of horror films, as well as the ghosts walking on it at night days. Moving down from sense daddy much will remind well-known Shine The Bunk room according to Stephen King, and the boy communicating with dead persons is and Sixth sense and Others . I already am silent about any devilish rituals without which any mystical thriller respecting itself does not do.

Darkness generates darkness of questions from the answer to which authors gracefully in an ending evaded, having arrived by the principle: And this abyss absorbed eya at once. Generally, all died . It is asked, these psychodelic drawings were why the hell necessary? Why dead boys and girls persistently intimidated the living peer? From where the kid Paul on a neck has bruises and, the main thing what for? Who and on which invented to the father of family a rare disease if it was possible just to declare him the loony and business from the end? And in general, what aim is pursued by this ritual on a call of evil forces if the called Absolute Evil has neither the form, nor contents, nor clear motives? Caused, were glad, died. In what a trick? And there is a wish to tell: go, be killed with the head about a brick instead of building the unclear house, to collect in anything not guilty kids and forty years to be waiting in the wings before a solar eclipse.

The Spaniard can forgive secondariness, the benefit that with it even venerable authors sin. In total - in the horror film the first violin is played by the atmosphere, but not a plot. It is impossible to forgive aimlessness of the events. Oh these hot southern guys also like to do some fighting with windmills. A suspense for the sake of a suspense - here an events essence on the screen. We are frightened, and we are frightened. But frighten somehow inertly, without invention, without spark.

About actors in such movies - or it is bad, or nothing. Therefore we lower mother and the father performed by Lena Olin and Ayeyn Glen, they are convincing also a point. Best of all still young Anna Pekuin, a star " looks; Piano Ickx`s People and series Real " blood;. And here Giancarlo Giannini feels sorry. To see, affairs at the actor who was once working with Lina Vertmyuller, Dino Risi, Mario Monichelli and other masters of the Italian cinema that he is forced to act in so inconspicuous opuses are absolutely bad.

But we will finish our conversation on a major note: Balaguero did not become an inveterate drunkard and did not fall before trite self-repetitions, and later removed very worthy horror Reporting where, at last, proved that it is capable to frighten really.