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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on April 6 - 7? Ominous dead persons: Black book etc.

Welcome to Wick - and the Hollywood cinema. Yes, you were not mistaken, 80% of the tapes debuting today in the Russian hire are made in America, and only couple of pictures have the international format, including the new movie of Englishman Danny Boyle Trance .

among film premieres - a remake of a cult horror film Ominous dead persons restart in 3D the milliard blockbuster of Spielberg Jurassic Park Antoine Fuqua`s fighter Falling of the Olympus first Hollywood work of Niels Arden Oplev One have less and comedy Abrupt " cakes;.

1. Ominous dead persons: Black book (Evil Dead, 2013)

One more remake, but you do not hurry to hate it. Though after frank failures with alteration Fridays, 13 - e The Nightmare on Vyazov Street and Texas slaughter by the " chiansaw; already, apparently, there is no hope left that modern pereosmyslitel classical horrors of the eightieth will learn to treat the original with respect. First try, then trust. So the creator well-known " solved; Ominous dead persons Sam Ramey, when charged statement of a remake of own debut masterpiece to the little-known Uruguayan Federico Alvares. For become famous on YouTube for a short film Panic Attack Alvares an opportunity to make a copy of this movie was unattainable dream. To the guy allowed to drive, and Sam Ramey and his friend Bruce Campbell (legendary Ash) secured prodyusersko - nadziratelny functions.

It turned out very terribly. Truth. The original was not ideal at least because acted on knees for kopeks and authors saved on everything. Yes, it is classics, but not thanks to spectacular visualization of nightmares but because safely, effectively and from self-irony shares. Ramey prepared a basis for pizza, and Alvares, under the sensitive management the chief - cooks, filled it and baked. To eat it is given, misters though it is better to dismiss any ideas of food at an entrance to a cinema hall because not for nothing on the screen liters of blood and emetic masses pour out. The author consciously refused fancy computer sketches, preferring an old kind make-up and fake accessories. And when you believe, that you see, and the viewer will not allow to tell lies.

New Ominous dead persons - to all remakes remake. The old guard did not allow the project to roll down in empty imitation, and new blood gives a surprise behind a surprise, on the run overestimating standards of a genre.

2. Falling of the Olympus (Olympus Has Fallen, 2013)

only the rollicking, bright advertizing campaign can Rescue the new movie of Antoine Fuqua from a failure in our hire. Because story about rescue of the American president from terrorists already frankly zadolbat. Since Escape from New - York Carpenter and finishing President`s by Plane with Ford. Hollywood chews this chewing gum constantly, changing only a terror nationality (this time the leader of the nation will be nightmarized by representatives of North Korea who would doubt) and the tired-out faces of saviors of the fatherland.

On the other hand, Fuqua in the business not the beginner. Belonged to its feather strong boyevichka of the category B Murderers on replacement and Arrows not to mention the filigree criminal thriller Training day thanks to which the director managed to break through upward, to big stars and the fees. Besides in a shot Gerard Butler, the mogutny man with strong nerves and steel charisma. And also Aaron Eckhart as the president and Morgan Freeman in an image of a wise owl. Good actors, the dynamic action, is a lot of firing and a pinch of black humour, and also the destruction of the White House charming an eye. Yes, without treacle of pathos and hurrah - patriotism did not do, but tea the head of state is got out, but not the bakery on Manhattan is stormed. Generally, with half an eye it is possible to look because the foolish cinema is obliged to amuse and bewitch a visual row. The rest will be added by angry critics.

3. Trance (Trance, 2013)

British Danny Boyle does not need representation any more and long ago the authority earned to himself. Each its movie is, at least, an event by which just like that it is impossible to walk. And even the most, at first sight, banal history, like stealing of a picture, in hands of the master turns into the intense and unpredictable thriller - the double-dealing fellow.

The plot is first simple and unartful - the hazardous player accepted in the world of rich auctions helps himself and to appropriate to a gang of cool robbers an invaluable masterpiece of painting. But here an ill luck, someone accidentally tyuknut the poor fellow lomiky on the head, and he absolutely forgot where he buried stolen. To find a picture, bandits employ the skilled psychiatrist - the hypnotist which should get into others head and to pull out in this world the necessary secrets.

The paranoid nonsense wrapped in a bright wrapper of the Hitchcock thriller keeps on two elephants and one to an elephant cow - Scot James Makevoye, Frenchman Vensana Cassell and American Rosario Dawson. Boyle squeezed out of them a maximum, having attached each character double bottom . However the director everything is changes with profoundness of own plan and places it seems that simplicity - is not worse than theft at all. And going to the illusive world of illusions, he forgot to put in a hand to the viewer a saving thread of Ariadna.

4. One have less (Dead Man Down, 2013)

Niels Arden Oplev hammered together to himself a name the unique film adaptation of the best-seller The Girl with a dragon tattoo . At first the Scandinavian hit moved to Hollywood where it was urgently reanimated for local public by David Ffincher, and then and the creator of the international hit packed suitcases and went to shoot the film there where the budget half consists of the fees of stars.

I believe, Oplev understood that the misfire will cost him pits: on To Factory of dreams love visiting European professionals until they are capable to surprise. And the Dane did not lose face, having prepared a dish - mix of traditional and very unexpected ingredients. Among the first - Colin Farrell to which not to get used to play thoughtful noble robust fellows - avengers, and also Noomi Rapace, in many respects thanks to which The Girl with a dragon tattoo Oplev worked well. Rapace is already the Hollywood actress, managed to participate in the sequel Sherlock Holmes Richie and to play strangers in Prometheus Ridley Scott but to refuse to the one who took out it on the roll, could not.

As for surprises, very few people imagined refined and eternally sexual Frenchwoman Isabelle Huppert as careful mummy, and Afro-American Terrence Howard - in an image of the marginal villain. The rupture of a template did the movie good and though the picture does not pull stars from heaven, the American debut of the Dane adequately and as a real man looks. The fine thriller with the good beginning and a predictable ending.

It is absolute novelties, but there is also a two-three passengers late on flight. Most longer reached unforgettable Jurassic Park to which sewed a three-dimensional format and repeatedly distributed. This tendency reconsiderations ancient blockbusters - from the " series; pushchay will be . Personally I, after viewing in 3D " Titanic; and Star wars it was extremely disappointed therefore to Spielberg I will not incur excess kopek. And here those who did not manage to enjoy big dinosaurs on the big screen in due time had rare chance to meet a lack.

Will dilute a serious mine of thrillers and fighters hi from 2010 - the youth comedy ", ukurenny in stuff; Abrupt " cakes; , telling a story of two losers who placed the whole school on marijuana. With magnificent Adrian Brody as the drug dealer. And those who hates Orlando Blum should watch the medical thriller Good doctor where the actor in which - that eyelids plays the negative character and wildly delivers the hairdress.