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The domestic movie - accident " Subway;. What is an aquapark in Russian?

we Will make a reservation at once, we will not compare the new movie of Anton Megerdichev " Subway; with the Soviet film smash hit Crew Alexander Mitta. For some reason many film critics are come by this parallel back to memory at once though these movies have nothing in common except that both are removed in a similar genre also, anyway, clone the Hollywood tapes - accidents.

of Fear about " Subway; were. And considerable. The identity of the director of trust did not inspire, as well as the chosen direction of creative activity. In - the first, accidents in our fatherland are enough also in reality. And adequately to embody so large-scale genre on the screen, decent means which at the Russian producers never before was not are necessary. In - the second, the previous work of Megerdichev, a fenteziyny horror The Dark world in 3D represented mix of chaotic ambitions, bad actor`s game and absolutely deranged scenario which is generously flavored with fantastic backward color. And nobody after so frank garbage from the director of miracles waited. Just hoped that will be not so badly .

So it also left. Singing the praises yes will choke fa - a sharp because any revelations " Subway; does not present. On the contrary, everything is recognizable to nausea, but in which - that eyelids soundly and is professionally removed. It is, certainly, any not accident because the train floating on a subway tunnel and the water squelching in all cracks are not a blockbuster sign. Megerdichev shot the human drama in exotic scenery, thereby having confirmed the participation in equipment of a socialist realism. Whether it was worth fencing for the sake of it very expensive scenery and every minute to dip characters in cold, dirty water, it is other question. Judging by final figures of collecting, costed. But money, and it is a tape too indirectly confirms, not always open the necessary doors.

Act the first. Moscow is night. The inspector Sergeich finds water in a subway tunnel. Liquid with an unknown smell and taste confused Sergeich what he hurried to report on the dispatcher on. The last writes off alarm of the inspector late hour and a hangover. Water, meanwhile, continues to exude from a crack. The surgeon of unimportant regional hospital Garin in an order on duty saves lives, resembling trying to phone to the spouse Irina for a long time it is time for them to come back home from business trip. Irina somersaults in a bed with the lover, the old friend of Garin, the businessman Konstantinov.

Act of the second. Moscow is morning. Streets are filled with the people hurrying for work, multikilometer traffic jams are formed. Garin comes back home from watch, there is no wife yet, but there is a juvenile daughter who should be fed and brought to school. Gives a ride to Irina to a home on the " Mercedes; the lover trying to place on the road points over yo . While the woman doubts, her husband, having despaired to leave from the parking, takes away the daughter in the subway. The businessman who is late for the tender lands the mistress and also goes down in the subway, badly hiding disgust from a meeting with cattle in the person of ordinary Muscovites. Sergeich inspired with morning freshness drinks with a casual sobutylnitsa vodka in the public place and catches sight to a police squad. In a site it will be dawned by late thought that water in a tunnel smelled of fish and ooze. In the subway there is a state of emergency, the train descends about a rail under the pressure of streams Moscow - the rivers.

Act the third. Moscow is day. Bypassing mountains of corpses, Garin with the daughter who by miracle escaped, his bewitched friend Konstantinov and some more survivors try to leave the train and the tunnel which is filled in with water. Undergoing deprivations, they move to an exit, in passing sorting out the relations. On a surface Irina, indifferently comes to work, thinking of divorce and a maiden name. The rumor about the tragedy is quickly spread across Moscow which is filled in with the midday sun. The authorities intend to preserve the flooded section of the ring road and to wet liquid nitrogen. The fact that below there were people is known only drowning and to Irina who the sixth sense understands that her family was not in that place and not at that time

All - experience, the son of mistakes difficult, to something and teaches. After a pejorative failure (not financial, creative) The Dark world in 3D Megerdichev began to select components more carefully. What, actually, there is a good movie of - accident? From sloppiness, the tragedy, the cracked human destinies and the happy final. This template was sustained by authors completely and to reproach creators of the movie there is almost nothing. Almost, because there is Megerdichev absolutely the diligent pupil, he would understand that danger is covered not in plan scales, and in details. And with the last, as usual, trouble.

With sloppiness, let us assume, everything is all right. One alcoholic did not comprehend, other idler turned a deaf ear. Here it is also received big dietary supplement - boom from scratch though in the movie of an assessment to actions of forces urged to anticipate similar tragedies it is not given. If and if - it is known what happens.

Reason for creation " Subway; there was a novel of the same name of the writer Dmitry Safonov. By the way, it is only the first part of the trilogy where other books are also devoted to accidents. Not God knows what reference, but nevertheless is better, than the fabricated scenarios which are written on quantity of signs.

The budget of a picture, in principle, did not allow bigger, than it was succeeded to embody on the screen. This movie lacked accident also. The only enormous scene was saddened by irrepressible use of the slow technology - motion, probably, borrowed directly from the big judge of such special effects - Bekmambetov. In attempt though somehow to strengthen impression of the tragedy, authors poured water. In literal and figurative meanings. Made murder walk safely. After crash of structure the tape densely sat down on dramatic nature and on these rails went already to a final stop. What confirms once again: today for 9 million it is impossible to shoot the full blockbuster. It is necessary or more money, or it is less than ambitions.

Now about human destinies. I will not hide, the cynical businessman - the builder Konstantinov performed by Anatoly Bely was pleasant. It was pleasant in the sense that key parameters are truly grabbed: boorish values, rage, egoism, sarcasm and all-consuming vanity. Neither to give, nor to take - the tsar of the mountain, the king of gorges. Such owners of life of course, it is heavy to meet in the subway, but moving on a surface, it is difficult not to notice their happy, glossy physiognomies hidden behind windows of expensive cars.

Negatively Puskepalis, the nominal hero of the movie surprised. Some lifeless, empty character, the complete antithesis to how the actor brilliantly played in the psychological thriller As I carried out this summer . It is clear, that weakness of a type grows at legs from the scenario, but this cold comfort. As for Irina performed by Hodchenkova, she in general seems superfluous on it life holiday . I am a little prejudiced here, of course, because hardly I understand why the actress at whom, I`m sorry, neither skin, nor ugly face persistently drag in more and more - less noticeable projects. And its aiming at the West where she allegedly feels demanded, having participated in couple of projects, too irritates a little. But is more visible to producers.

As usual, minor characters became a great luck. It and a couple of teenagers (Alexey Bardukov and Katerina Shpitsa), and the become an inveterate drunkard handballer (Elena Panova), and, certainly, perfectly acted Stanislav Duzhnikov (series Voronin ). Here they pleased really.

The summary will be short. The picture clings, but not by what it was planned. Recognition of bitter reality the dirtied rage of Russia, the simple people perishing in the huge meat grinder. And the main characters with their strastishka in " style; Santa - Barbara do not sink down in soul at all. It is a pity for nobody, nobody. As in the song.