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Comedy Sergeant Bilko . Who is guilty that tanks do not fly? You Know

, I not too love soldier`s comedies. At all not because who did military service, that in circus does not laugh. More likely, on the contrary. Army humour, as well as English - very difficult. In sense that on the fan. Somewhere on the verge between irrational and absurd if that side exists.

And still successful examples are available where without them. For example, excentric comedy Hotheads smartly parodied the Hollywood snotty smash hit The Best shooter with Tom Cruise. Or American tape To Clean a periscope passed on stamps and a cliche of pictures about submariners and navy. Even in our fatherland it is possible to remember without effort cult DMB literally dispersed on quotes. But in this case we will talk not about these, undoubtedly, amusing opuses, and about ingenious work of American Johnathan Leanna Sergeant Bilko in which one of the best roles was played by the famous comedian Steve Martin.

Ernie Bilko (Steve Martin) has only one problem: it is not adapted for service in army at all. He does not know about subordination, hardly transfers martinets and badly gets on within the military schedule. The dilemma is that Ernest Dzh. Bilko is the sergeant managing a transport platoon on military base Bakster. By the way, one of the leading bases of America where the newest type of arms - tanks on the airbag is developed. And Bilko, on strange combination of circumstances, has a direct bearing on this process most. More precisely, has to have.

The sergeant has the concept about service. Its department - the most secret division in part, but tanks here at anything. The matter is that Bilko is the famous rascal and the speculator - for a long time turned the garage in pass - Las - Vegas. Gamblings, a casino, dog races are under its authority, lotteries and god knows what else the entertainments forbidden in army. Turns all these profitable frauds of Bilko with success directly before a nose of the immediate superior, colonel Hall (Dan Aykroyd).

Bede Bilco is that he does not know when to stop. He fools not only the colonel, but also the loved Rita on whom he promised to marry long ago, but constantly is late to an altar. And to base suddenly with check there arrives a sworn enemy of the sergeant - the uncompromising major Thorn which in due time Bilko strong substituted. Thorn perfectly knows that Bilko as that pig, will find everywhere dirt and therefore in every possible way tries to convict him of forgery to carry out the revenge. But also Bilko not a finger forced subject. During service he so became skilled in deception and swindles that no Thorn will be able to prevent it to be sloppy and derive pleasure in the places which for this purpose are not intended to

Each famous performer, sooner or later, if carries, lives up to benefit performance. And so, Sergeant Bilko - it, without exaggeration, benefit performance of the comedian Steve Martin. No doubt, Martin and had before many star roles. It and Roxana and By Plane, by train, by " car; and exceptional Inveterate swindlers and brilliant comedy My blue heaven . But everywhere, with rare exception, Steve was put in couple with not less successful and venerable performers - John Candy, Ric Moranis or Michael Caine. And so that an hour and a half to show the master - the class is or Roxana or Sergeant Bilko .

In the homeland of the actor of humour did not understand. By the way, in America everything how many - nibud the standing military comedies come to grief in hire. An exception are above-mentioned Hotheads but also that, in - the first, from - for the authority Jim Abrakhams (from the well-known Trinity Tsuker - Tsuker - Abrakhams), and in - the second, thanks to very specific jokes. Army in the USA - a peculiar sacred cow at whom not everyone is allowed to mock and not vsyak. As while Hollywood desperately carries out sotszakaz and floods the market with pathos patriotic propaganda materials, Johnathan Leann dared to encroach on sacred and to turn army of the USA in kingdom of curve mirrors . However, Leann made everything very accurately and even made a pripisochka at the end: Creators of the movie with pleasure report that the American army did not help them with shootings of this movie " at all;. Well, whether mockery?

You judge, in the movie there is resolutely no uniform character who, anyway, would not dishonor official authority. With the sergeant Bilko, let us assume, everything is clear. Typical army Ostap Bender inveterate swindler learned all ways of rather fair depriving of money at the population. One hand of Bilko skillfully rummages in the budget of the division entrusted to it, and another - puts on the colleagues. On voluntary, notice, the beginnings.

And the blunderer - the colonel who does not see further the nose and is more anxious with a condition of a bed than what occurs in its part? And it is maniacal - the depressive careerist Thorn overwhelmed by thirst of revenge concordant on forgery only for the sake of personal vendetta? I do not speak about Bilko`s platoon consisting mainly of the imbeciles discrediting a rank of the private of the USA any more. Generally, where spit - a cartoon and a caricature. And you ask why Americans did not fall in love Sergeant Bilko how we love it?

It is necessary to be more simply, more simply. Authors, certainly, did not want so to tread on strongly patriotic corns of the nation. They just told the truth means available to them. The comedy turned out mild and incredibly ridiculous, unless it is possible to perceive the rascal Bilko seriously? Such roguish type will be in any part of any army of any state. Because where there are a state property and a lot of money for a cut, there is always the Bilko .

A couple of words about actors. Steve Martin we lower because here not to add, to lower. It is simple something with something, Jim Carrey quietly smokes aside. However, in those days, and a tape, I will remind, came out in 1996, Carrey was already a megastar after " Masks; and Ventura`s Ace so quite could play Bilko. And Martin was chosen, perhaps, not only thanks to talent, but also for financial reasons because Steve at that time cost far cheaper, than Jim. So time in two.

In Sergeant Bilko Martin met on a shooting stage the colleague from shop Dan Aykroyd again. It is possible to think that these two comedians quite often played in couple, but you are surprised. It was the first and last time. Still Martin and Aykroyd were connected only by participation in a TV show, including in well-known Saturday evening on the air . With the partner according to the movie, the actress Glenn Hadley, the comedian already met twice: once in a teleplay " Virus; and earlier - in the well-known hit Inveterate swindlers on which plot Martin too behind it courted, however, absolutely with other purposes.

And here at the remarkable actor and the comedian Phil Hartmen is (major Thorn), also constant participant of any popular TV shows, the destiny did not develop. Two years later after a premiere Sergeant Bilko the actor tragicly died from hands of own spouse. He was only 49 years old.

In a picture there are a lot more picturesque characters, in particular among soldiers there is Bilko. One ordinary Paparelli (Max Kasella) of what costs, not to mention the fat man Doberman (what does not wash on to the frightening reasons ) . The last was played by the actor Eric Edwards. By the way, strongly thin since those times. The attentive audience could not but notice in a bit part of the black comedian Chris Rock whose voice, by the way, Martie from " talks; Madagascar .

As for the director Johnathan Leanna, Sergeant Bilko - not the only success in his career. Before were nice Nuns are in hiding and kryshesnosyashchiya My cousin Winnie - perhaps, the brightest comedy role of Joe Pesci. Well, and after - Nine yards with Bruce Willis and Mathew Perry, too extremely successful, this time criminal, the comedy.