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How not to fall the victim of violence?

Summer - time of rest and entertainments. At this time we try to take vacation, to go to the sea and to plunge into a whirlwind of resort life which main attributes are beaches, excursions, holiday romances and discos. Often we so are fond of rest that we lose any vigilance and we forget about those dangers which can trap us in evening and night time when life in the city, apparently, only begins to waken. The probability to get into troubles increases in nesolko time if you are the representative of a weak female.

The statistics demonstrates that in May - September the majority of rapes is made in the evening (though in the large cities the peak of rapes can have also for September - October). The place of commission of crime approximately in one third of cases is the apartment, in other cases, - parks, squares, attics, cellars, elevators, uninhabited houses. Would be absolutely incorrect to claim that the victims of crimes always provoke tyrants. At the same time, the thoughtless behavior of the victims (drinking of alcohol with future tyrant, trips with unfamiliar people to solitudes, on the apartment, the dacha) is noted approximately in two thirds of the registered cases of rapes, and 22% of the victims got acquainted with the tyrant in day of commission of crime.

All know that, coming back home, it is necessary to avoid dark dark streets, squares, parks, to steer clear of new buildings, production cases, badly lit underground passages. If forone reason or another you appeared in one of the listed situations, prepare psychologically. You should not think thoughtlessly that - that it does not happen to you, will carry by. Take keys which can be used as required for self-defense in a hand, get a whistle or a gas spray. Go surely, with concentration. You have to be ready to any situation.

If it seemed to you that you are pursued, try to change rate of walking or the direction of the movement, try to come off malefactors, but do not try to disappear from them in dark gates, dark lanes or others entrances at all. Before entering the yard, an entrance, the elevator, look round. Be convinced that someone does not follow you that at an entrance / in the yard the tipsy company of teenagers is not necessary and has a good time. If after you the stranger comes into an entrance and remains on the platform waiting for the elevator, do not hurry with it to enter the elevator. It is better to walk upstairs on foot or to call the elevator again.

It is very good if everything manages. But what to do if all - attacked you?

Try not to lose the heads. Assess correctly a situation and own opportunities for rendering resistance. You can be helped by shout, squeal, references to an illness, imitation of nausea and at last, active physical resistance. Try to draw attention of people if it is possible. If attack happens at an entrance, shout not banal Help and Fire for example. The fire - trouble the general, somebody will surely jump out.

If it is not possible to draw attention, try to enter with the criminal negotiations, to dull his vigilance to escape, appeal to his feelings, etc. Try to strike up conversation with the tyrant and to create at it confidence that he will surely receive the desirable without any violence. A bit later. For now he can even embrace you. Here only you should drink a water drink (juice, beer, vodka), to descend in a toilet, to take a bath, to put things - anything. And so far the opponent did not leave from illusions mutual consent find a way something to arm - a glass splinter, a sharp chip, a stone, the bottle which is jagged by a can, a stick. Even if there is nothing near at hand, you will be able to be prepared for fight psychologically.

Anyway, it is necessary though some image to confuse the tyrant - humility, shout, resistance, anything. Often tyrants come across such trick. It is connected with the fact that for them the main objective of violence is to ego-trip, feel the owner of a situation, to humiliate the victim.

Take care and you remember: God helps those who help themselves !