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How it is correct to order promotion of the website in foreign search engines?

So, your company are vital to remove the website in a top of 10 all search engines of the world...

Already problem definition sounds not really. How you think that managers will respond you to such statement? Yes I and as the expert, would be not against that my website left in the top ten of all foreign searchers. But, sorry, it is not real. It will answer you any professional on promotion.

Why? In - the first, because except you such persons interested millions! I mean only the keywords chosen by you. And you for certain were only at the best loss for words, for example, computers or make web site which having gathered in search engine of Google, it is possible to observe in the right top corner number in several honeycombs of millions a web - pages with this word or a combination of words. In - the second, search engines differ in algorithms of search and what is good for one system, does not suit another at all. Besides, algorithms of search of all systems constantly change for the purpose of their improvement.

What I want to tell? The fact that your inquiries have to be at least realistic. Selection of words is carried out together with the search optimizer who to you will specify those keywords which are real for removing in ten, and also those which cannot almost be removed in ten. And also will tell about nuances of all main search engines.

After selection of keywords for search advance the contract in which these words register, search engines under which optimization is supposed, the period after which the performer undertakes to perform this work (this time can vary from 3 to 6 - 7 months again - depending on keywords), a total cost of work (which is usually brought by the client by the month, uniform parts - as a monthly fee), guarantees and conditions is formed at pending obligations from that and other party.

From the moment of signing of the contract the first monthly fee is brought, and the performer gets to work. From this point the client and the performer enter the close and confidential relations. The client transfers to the performer on a disk initial files of the website, the password of access to the control panel of the website, or in case of refusal - a contact information of the site administrator.

In the second case there is one inconvenience for the performer. The matter is that files with which it works are constantly modified, updated and have to be loaded and tested on the server, and all this will be possible at continuous contact with the site administrator of the client now. If it is very difficult to get the site administrator, he seldom comes for contact, then it turns out that it detains production, and the performer can just not meet the deadline allotted by the contract. Thus, the fault in this case falls on the client, and these nuances have to be stated in the contract. It is necessary either pay a penalty, or to prolong advance terms.

Also the client should listen to councils of the performer if that does the remark concerning content or graphics of the website. Even the website brought to the first positions, but with bad contents or graphics will not bring to you clients arrived. Remember that the user has only 15 - 30 seconds on an assessment of your website . Lack of attractive phrases, slogans, the text written under laws a web - a copywriting, and also an unpretentious type of the website - a right way to loss of the potential client.

Also many clients are concerned by a question of high cost and long term of search promotion.

Concerning long term has to convince you that search advance - process laborious and contains hundreds of technical and linguistic nuances which are studied by professionals, the detailed analysis of the websites of competitors is carried out - all this takes a lot of time. And some search engines work very slowly - sometimes the websites pass indexation only in a week, others index in a month, and even two.

Concerning high cost: In - the first, judge for yourself, whether the expert will begin to potter with your website several months for the sake of doubtful profit? In - the second, think what profit will be made by the website which leaves on the first page of a search query? Also think what money you would pay if you paid for advertizing in mass media to achieve the same objectives. I can assure you that several times it is more.

After performance of all works, the performer transfers final modifed files of the website on a disk to the client. The client does any changes of these files at own risk. The optimized text of the website is not recommended to be changed. Any changes can happen only after preliminary consultation with the optimizer.

And at last, has to warn that optimization of the website - process not single. Eventually your website, perhaps, or will even lose for certain the positions in searchers. On it there are two essential reasons: in - the first as it was already told above, algorithms of search engines can change, in - the second, it actions of your competitors who are not going to be idle, and will do everything possible that also their websites left on a search query, similar to yours, on the first positions.