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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on March 30 - 31? G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra 2 etc.

Here and the first month of calendar spring come to an end, and the winter in Russia something does not hurry to leave. What, as usual, does not affect an indefatigable stream of film novelties in any way.

this week to us should estimate continuation of the fighting blockbuster G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra 2 to get acquainted with the new potential saga on Stephenie Meyer`s work Guest to remember dudes from the cult black comedy Big Lebovski and to participate in a pursuit of Christian Slater in the criminal tape Guns, telka and passion .

1. G. I. Joe: G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra 2 (G. I. Joe: Retaliation, 2013)

the First movie of 2009 which was put not by anyone, and the creator Mummies Stephen Sommerz, turned back one troubles for Paramount studio. Not only that collecting hardly - hardly paid back the heavy budget, so also fans of comics and spectacular blockbusters showered Sommerz`s work it is known than and provided to the movie of the whole 6 nominations on the humiliating award Gold " raspberry;. What, strangely enough, did not cut the franchize on a root, and only warmed up desire of creators for the second time to make everything on mind. The budget to guys was cut off, but managed to squeeze in Bruce Willis and Dwayne`s tape Rock Johnson, not the cheapest performers.

The miracle did not occur. Yes, in the sequel past mistakes were considered, messing around in a shot was reduced, charismatic characters were added, subject mistakes almost disappeared, and an action, the humour and special effects made one more short step up. However before us still rather stupid Hollywood attraction for teenage audience urged to surprise not so much, how many to clog brains. The toy corporation Hasbro in whose maintaining there are also screen versions of Iron Man, persistently tries to push out on the market the deadborn project in which there is nothing that is not present in other American comics.

It is known that to the prime minister G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra 2 postponed from summer of 2012 for spring of this year. Officially - from - for wishes of producers which wanted more 3D and Tatuma in a shot. Informally - from - for inability of G. I. Joe to compete as equals with Dark knight . Mission is executed, only it is also not enough chances of happy end in hire: Willis stopped being a brand of good cinema, and all the rest - a merit of the computer geniuses drawing one-time movies for very good grandmas.

2. Guest (The Host, 2013)

Cannot blame Stephenie Meyer that she writes bad books with clumsy dialogues and psychologically underdeveloped characters in all seriousness. Eventually, everyone earns a living by what he is able. Author Twilight already ensured comfortable life, but continues to take out a brain of target audience - in line new, adult novel Guest sold to Hollywood from wheels and picturized on the cooling-down traces twilight saga .

The plot of the book and movie turns around the poor girl whose body became a receptacle of two souls - own and alien. On Earth the newcomers subordinating themselves reason Goma sapienses dominate for a long time. The main character (Saoirse Ronan) is broken off between by itself and aggressive Soul . Space aggressors while the survived people turned into the hermits waging unequal guerrilla war hunt for it. Well and certainly, an essence of all throwings - at all not in a race survival, and in aspiration to answer the main issue: Whether And I gave that?

Boringly, primitively, unartfully. As well as in Twilight unambiguously it is possible to praise work of the operator and selection of lethal compositions. Actors finish on the run, but not wine of excellent actresses Saoirse Ronan and Dian Kruger that they could not refuse to themselves desire to lift bucks. The scenario terrifying wretchedness presses any rudiments of pleasure from a meeting with a favourite genre of a pseudo-scientific fantasy, and the snotty melodrama which is sticking out from all cracks heats the project in pink saliva. Worst of all, what Maier continues to write and it is, alas, not the end yet.

3. Guns, telka and passion (Guns, Girls and Gambling, 2011)

A to Christian Slater not for the first time to pretend to be Elvis, it is enough to remember the quite good criminal thriller 3000 miles to Graceland . Only this time his hero John Smith (a name, of course, not the present) will cope with the problems alone.

Somebody Michael Uinnik, the director with very doubtful and painfully a short track record, got a false idea themselves Tarantino. He, probably, did not notice that the ninetieth ended long ago, and the fashion on the criminal road - muv with black humour - passed. Uinnik`s calculation, in general, was right, good black comedies always in the price, and Slater and Gary Oldman`s names will give weight to any scenario. But there is one but : you should not have turned the project into amusing buffoonery. What is permitted to Guy Richie not always works in hands of inept kopipaster.

I do not ask any more how in a rolling grid of 2013 the picture of biennial prescription is found. Not in it an essence, and that the mash of characters and events has to be operated with a rigid hand of the director. Uinnik neglected the creation, as a result we receive a skit with black - Jack and whores. Twenty years ago this movie could count on warm welcome, and now looks again and unconvincingly.

4. Season Icon (2013)

Director`s debut of Sergey Shvydkoya. The surname is known, cultural therefore it was necessary to expect something like that - such. Expectations were met, but with other polarity. Season Icon - it is as if the movie about love and at the same time about anything. At the heart of a tape - the play, so, will be a lot of talk, dialogues, monologues, offscreen comments to life.

Young heroes, bohemia, leaders, showmen, office plankton, people without certain beliefs argue on love, as if paint the menu for dinner or purchases in shop. Emptiness, lack of the purposes and sense, affected theatricality of the narration and infinite words behind which the subject of discussion is gradually lost. Indifferent this cinema will not leave, but also will not add thoughts in the head, too everything looks like Russian salad without gas station.

5. Heathland (The Barrens, 2011)


the Director Darren Leann Bousman it is known that participated in creation of the well-known franchize Saw having removed its middle (with second on the fourth movies). Start quite good, but within popular film series of Bousman felt far more surely, than on free bread. Its apocalyptic horror film 11 - 11 - 11 dated to fatal to date, failed in all respects. And Heathland the same fate waited.

The family goes to fishing to the wood where, according to the legend, lives legendary The Devil from Jersey . One business to poison baizes at a fire and absolutely another when the fairy tale begins to become bylyyu moreover with your participation. Daddy slowly moves down from sense, to it everyone seems what he is inclined to accuse supernatural otherworldly forces of. It does not promise to his family anything good because a civilization far, and to madness and forest monsters - no distance.

Attempt to master kingovsky Shine outdoor left not so terrible as there was a wish. Only the most impressionable will be frightened.

Besides the above-stated debutants in the Russian hire display starts it is black - white Spanish interpretation of the fairy tale about Snow White , where the main character - the woman - the toreador. Parallel to it we will be able to see also the movie which won a special prize of jury at the past film festival in Venice - the existential drama from Germany Paradise: Belief . And the animated film of production of France under the name " can be interesting to children`s audience; Ernest and Celestina: Adventures of a mouse and bear , drawn in very peculiar and original manner.

Nearly forgot, in repeated hire leaves also Big Lebovski brothers Koenov. But here from a song of words you will not throw out, the smart black comedy is already known to the audience and does not need separate representation.