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Film series Zubastiki . What do severe space Koloboks eat?

Ya could not find information on a family tree of Robert Shei, but, apparently, the former head of film company New Line Cinema quite could have the Russian roots. Precisely the grandmother told young Bob the tale of the lovely merry fellow Kolobke who left all, but could not outwit a fox.

the Boy grew up in the venerable producer. Robert Shei who is not aware - the creator and the inspirer of one of the most popular horror films in the history of cinema - The Nightmare on Vyazov Street . Exactly thanks to this franchize his company long time remained afloat, up to bankruptcy in 2008 - m. That year financial problems absorbed The House which constructed Freddie and New Line was swallowed by Time Warner corporation. But before Shei managed to create one more film series, not so cult and much less profitable, but all darling. It is about Zubastikakh - not so lovely Koloboks from space, eternally hungry monsters with a rigid bristle and sharp teeth.

In far - a far galaxy there is population of the small, but extremely embittered beings - krayt . These beasts very much like to eat and in the presence of the sufficient volume of food grow before the eyes. Other aliens of krayt do not favor and at a meeting shoot on defeat. That is why, when the next party of gluttonous criminals steals a starprobe vehicle, behind them send two experienced hunters to a pursuit - Aha and Li. The last easily gain the confidence of local population because they like Fantomas can pull on themselves any face. Even as ugly, as human.

Meanwhile krayta directed to our blue planet where, as we know, to eat than profit. Zubastiki failed exactly near a farm Braunov and raskatitsya quickly in search of livelihood. The livestock was tasty, but how passion of hunting? Toothy balls begin to terrorize family, having in passing eaten the assistant to the local sheriff and fight - the friend daughter Brown - the senior. The poor creature did not even manage to enjoy a petting as he became snack.

Having comprehended that the space porcupines shooting needles and guzzling everything do not like to make jokes, Brown barricade in the house and wait for the help. It stays in the person of above-mentioned hunters who quickly bring order to the American remote place, destroy all zubastik, koreshatsya with the boy Bradley and the mad worker Braunov by the name of Charlie. The last even manages to leave Earth and to become the full member of team of intergalactic headhunters.

Here such cheerful and moderately terrifying story from life of the American remote place.

Robert Shei did not hesitate at all of the fact that him Zubastiki in fact, were more blood-thirsty clone cult Gremlins . Moreover, the analogy to Joe Dante`s movie was used during an advertizing campaign and considerably stirred interest in a picture of the director Stephen Herek. Unlike Gremlins, space monsters of Shei did not need the special relation. They can be fed after midnight (and it is even necessary), it is possible to wet in water. And here you should not be afraid because creators all - removed not full zhutik, but the black comedy, i.e. did without naturalistic details. On the plot course only two human victims, plus several cows and chickens. The last on laughter if to remember the gloomy atmosphere The Nightmare on Vyazov Street .

The success came without a hitch. At the budget in 2 million dollars the picture about toothy hedgehogs earned more than 13 million in hire, having designated a course on a sikvelization. Especially as in the final of the first part to us it is transparent hint that monsters managed not only to do a lot of mischief, but also to leave posterity. Behind this we teleport in a year 1988 when continuation came out.

Zubastiki 2 is a habitual type of the Hollywood sequel when the same subject line undertakes and extends in scales. There passed two years from invasion of zubastik on a quiet town Grovers Bend (in his role the Californian settlement Santa Clarita). The family Braunov after incident moved to Kansas, the sheriff Harvey (in the first movie it was played by the famous American actor M. Emmett Walsh) poperl about positions and the town returned to the sleepy life. The new round of stings and Zhora begins with return of the boy Bradley who decided to visit the grandmother. On strange combination of circumstances by that moment the posterity of an alien infection just ripened, and now inhabitants Grovers Bend are forced to defend suprotiv the whole hordes of shaggy newcomers.

The sequel is constructed by the principle the more the better . Zubastiki became impudent and from guerrilla tactics took the open offensive. A new counter - ability to unite in a huge mokhnato - the toothy lump devouring everyone and everything on the way. And here inquisitive mind cannot but not notice analogy to the famous story of Stephen King " any more; Langolyera . Behind only that exception that King published it in the collection of 1990, that is King of horrors too sometimes scoops ideas from low budget zhutik.

In continuation there is a number of familiar faces, including the space hunter performed by Terrence Mann, the matured Bradley (Scott Graymz) and the debauchee Charlie who unexpectedly turned into the fighter against an alien infection. This recognition makes related the viewer with the second movie, as if really watch some soap opera. At the same time Shei did not stint, increased the budget of the movie to 4,5 mln. dollars. The project is interesting still that it is one of the first works of the famous American director Mick Garris who picturized the whole layer of novels of Stephen King, and also the operator Russell Carpenter, future winner of the Oscar for " subsequently; " Titanic;.

Alas, continuation, despite all potential and vbukhanny means, did not pay off a hundredfold. There arrived creators did not see what is quite natural - the sequel tried to turn quantity into quality that contradicts the known saying Better it is less and better . Somewhere vivacity of heroes was gone, they fuss much, but there are no real wish to worry about them. Unless zubastik received more space in a shot that sharply raised costs of special effects.

The franchize came to the end with two movies which appeared in the same 1991. The third, delivered to Christine Piterson, in general, was quite good. At least, in this part the franchize returned again to spirit of the original when residents of an apartment house are locked in the closed space with hordes of shaggy creatures. And, perhaps, the main sight of this tape is the debut in big cinema of young Leonardo DiCaprio in which else talents of future megahollywood star are hardly guessed. All begin with something, Leo took the first step to glory in Zubastikakh 3 .

However already on a trequel it is visible that creators of film series began to be tired of the heroes invented by them. These are the last Zubastiki shown on the big screen - a final fourth series came directly to video. In spite of the fact that formally the picture went under the auspices of New Line Cinema, Robert Shei was not directly involved in its creation any more, having released the creation in free floating. Alas, it also ruined film series.

The last nail into a cover of a coffin was hammered by one of producers of the franchize, Rupert Harvey who did not manage to find a different way as most to sit down in a director`s chair. Everything is come to a bad end, otherwise would not come to an end. Action of the fourth movie from Earth was transferred to space, to be exact, on the space station mislaid in its subsoil. And even return of Charlie and hunter Aha performed by Terrence Mann did not rescue this poor final from secondariness and nonsense. Children exhausted and a solid hour chase brisk monsters on the huge room, pretending that to them it is terribly terrible.

Rumors about what in Hollywood is going to be reanimated Zubastikov did not arrive yet. Perhaps it and to the best.