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What else to look from the Soviet detectives at? Beeps in fog and Myagkov against Gaft of

Carrying on tradition, I remind readers of existence old kind (and not really) the Soviet detectives. Today, alas, such movies are not shot, but in tons load TV channels extremely low-standard production. What TV - the companies trades in it, and it is so clear, but we will not be about sad. we Will be

about good Soviet cinema where criminals still were able to express in great mighty language and periodically felt remorse.

On the agenda two pictures. Let`s begin with heavier both in respect of timing, and in respect of study of characters. Aleksandra Muratova " will be a question of the next screen version of creativity of Arkady and Georgy Vaynerov, a tape; Races down . The basis of this three-serial television movie was formed by the novel of the same name of writers which is let out in 1974. The book narrates about adventures of the investigator Stas Tikhonov again and formally is continuation of the previous novel Visit to a Minotaur .

The heart has a will of its own, and with Vaynerov`s screen versions turned out here what amusing piece. You judge, the first book about Tikhonov ( Gropingly at midday ) it was written in 1969 - m Visit to a Minotaur it was published in 1972, then two years later were published Races down and only in 1980 - the m was written the novel The City accepted . Cinema-men turned everything inside out. In 1979 - the m comes out The City accepted where Tikhonov is played by Mikhail Chigarev. Visit to a Minotaur with Sergey Shakurov`s participation - in 1987 - m, and Races - between them, in 1982 - m. In other words, without any logic and back to front though, we will tell honestly, and novels directly between themselves are not connected, and only turn around the same hero.

Who played the uncompromising Soviet detective in pass - Muratov`s series? You will be surprised, but the actor who cannot attribute courageous lines in any way. All favourite Andrey Myagkov, to which after Twist of fate and Office romance to play the investigator - as to Schwarzenegger of the tutor in kindergarten. Well, you understood. However, Myagkov at that time managed to gain a brief experience in a criminal genre, but in the people was not taken already seriously. As it is sad.

Races down - it is the typical Soviet detective where reasonings take about 85% of time whereas on action is taken away disappointingly a little. And everything begins absolutely rutinno: the ancient award, Andrew the First-Called`s award found in a suitcase of the famous thief Dedushkin by nickname " gets into hands of Tikhonov and his assistant Sasha Savelyev; " Long loaf; (Valentin Gaft). Dedushkin simply snatched the marked sac at the fellow traveler - the foreigner, without having found time to check contents carefully. More precisely, without having been in time because took it on hot.

At " Long loaf; with Tikhonov and his chief Vladimir Sharapov (yes, thereby, that with Gleb Zheglov) old scores: the investigator already had honor to put him on a five-years period. But " Long loaf; the old bird, left and, without having desire to work for a salary, fell back into the old ways. However, this time it is not possible to cook up charges against it, it is not enough proofs and the roguish foreigner who bought up antiques does not hurry to run in militia with the statement. Actually, all movie Tikhonov tries: a) to find the true owner of an award; b) to equip the private life; and c) to calm down " Long loaf; who has a ball and now is ready already not only to pinch a trifle on pockets, but also to go for murder. If only not in prison.

In general, pass - the series have now only nostalgic effect because seriously it is difficult to perceive Myagkov - Tikhonov cajoling witnesses in an old plashchik and with the diplomat. Authors should have squeezed considerably a screen version format, but in the USSR problems with budgeting of ideologically correct pictures were not, and Races down quite meticulously flog thought of what it is bad to steal also any who will violate the law, sooner or later, will sit down. In a format of the usual feature film we would lose many valuable thoughts of morals and ideology of the Soviet investigation, but would get dynamics.

Muratov has this movie, actually, the last from what can be looked. And Myagkov continued to experiment after that with types, including at Ryazanov in Cruel romance . Without special success, as it is known.

If Races down - such chamber detective with a rearrangement of pieces of paper, interrogations and multiple lyrical digressions, Valery Rodchenko`s picture according to Edgar Dubrovsky`s scenario Two long beeps in fog (1980) is a full thriller in the best traditions of Agatha Christie.

The plot starts from that place when the small collector amphibian makes an emergency landing in one of the region of the Far North. While unlucky carriers of money tried to rectify a fault, flew a storm and samoletik together with money carried away on waves. Also not owners, and a mysterious rybachok - the poacher who pocketed money found it, flying burned the vessel, and - killed the casual witness, the geologist.

Meanwhile, on a nose the winter and the majority comes back to a civilization bosom. The motor ship brings together the last passengers among whom a couple of cultural workers, the writer - the journalist with the mistress and the passportless citizen, whose jacket together with money and documents whether departured, itself left for debts. All of them hope on - fast to make legs of the low-hospitable region, however the destiny disposed differently.

The motor ship as got to a strip of dense fog did not manage to sail far. Meanwhile, onboard there were newcomers - the chief of the killed geologist and the wife who are unsuccessfully searching for the colleague and the husband and also hunter Chizh who accompanied unfortunate on that ill-fated trip. Its crew of the motor ship picked up from the stone island where the poor creature remained after disappearance of the workmate.

It is clear, that someone onboard the motor ship is also that murderer hurrying on the continent with a big roll. After the mysterious villain eliminates one more unnecessary witness, investigation is undertaken by the captain Kalashnikov (Nikolay Grinko). Under suspicion all passengers, everyone has no motive, there are no proofs, but the corpse is available.

Indeed, almost Ten Little Niggers only instead of an ancient castle and an aristocratic party - seamen, officers and a small group civil. The quite good cast, in particular, the writer was played by Alexander Porokhovshchikov, and in roles of cultural workers Victor Proskurin and Andrey Tolubeev are noticed. It is amusing that absolutely incidentally both movies discussed in this article are connected between themselves supporting roles of the actress Elena of Kapitsa who in general acted in only 11 movies.

The main thing that distinguishes Two long beeps in fog from most of the Soviet detectives in " style; The Investigation is carried on by experts - it is the unexpected final. I admit, I till the last moment could not find the real villain, and the suspicion of the course of the movie fell on one, on another.

At the director of this tape Valery Rodchenko of a pit it did not develop: only five works from which it is possible to remember still the children`s movie Adventures of Carrick and Valya . And here the screenwriter Edgar Dubrovsky left a noticeable mark in the Soviet cinema. Its feather possesses scenarios of such known domestic smash hits as Prince Florizel`s Adventures and Cold summer of the fifty third .

We will hope, it is not the last time when we speak about classical Soviet detective stories. Remain on the line.