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The summer - is time to the road and how to be with a pet?

Before starting with your favourite on the journey, prepare all necessary, think over all route. Where you went, any transport, to you, first of all, it is necessary to get carrying (container) for a cat.

Do not hope to manage a simple bag or a box - a cat an animal freedom-loving and can be released and escape. Therefore spare no expense, be spent once and get good, strong carrying: it is desirable plastic with a metal door.

The carrying made especially for transportation of cats. From special plastic, but not shaky, unreliable creation of the Turkish handymen (actually, oval plastic boxes with two handles are baskets for a breakfast). We would advise to take carryings with metal doors as plastic are not really reliable.

Now gain popularity of carrying from owners of cats, sewed from dense waterproof material, on lightnings. They, of course, easier, convenient, but are convenient rather for the person, than for a cat: in the summer in them it is stuffy, the zipper of a cat can be opened. We would recommend such carryings for kittens, but not for adult heavy animals.

On a trip also veterinary documents on your cat will be necessary for you irrespective of, you go to an exhibition or just on a visit. For moving by rail it is necessary to have: the veterinary passport with necessary inoculations, and also the reference No. 1 for moving to other city (it is made out in the state station on fight against diseases of animals three days before departure). It is desirable not to feed a cat before the road though if the road long (more than 10 hours), it is possible to take with itself products which will not deteriorate in way: the dry feed is irreplaceable here. It is better to take water from the house - boiled, in glasswares. Let`s advise to take with ourselves toilet paper or tissues - in order to avoid possible troubles.

Travel in the car

do not risk, do not let out a cat in salon of the car - it is very dangerous: the cat can jump out in a window, get into some unpleasant situation. (So, one cat who is freely traveling in a car interior nearly became a cause of accident - from some noise she decided to hide... under a pedal of a brake and in any did not want to get out from there: accidents avoided by miracle!) .

So, the cat goes only in the carrying closed by a metal door. And one more council: it is better to sew for carrying several covers (for the summer, for the winter) from dark fabric. In carrying, in the darkened space the cat feels more comfortable. Do not leave a cat one in a car interior at all, especially in the summer - the animal can receive a heatstroke. On the way attentively check: whether blows to a cat as in a cage the cat is not mobile and can easily catch a cold.

Moving by train

Before getting with a favourite cat on the train, you need to take a vetspravka, and also to pay transportation of a cat by rail: you can learn a payment procedure and the amount of payment at the station, in cash desk of payment of baggage in advance.

So, you took care of carrying, processed veterinary documents, paid transportation of a cat. To take or not to take food in the road? What it is necessary to take surely, it tualetik and napkins, boiled water. If the road rather short, is better to hunger a little to a cat. The main thing - at all do not let out a cat in the train even if you go to a compartment one, or with your friends: the cat can go to other compartment through ventilating grates under a window and over the top luggage shelf that happened more than once.

It is necessary to get a cat from carrying only as a last resort and to be very attentive. Some cats are nervous in carrying, mew, scratch a door. The mistake of inexperienced travelers - to pay attention on these whims - your cat only also waits for it: you will open carrying, and here it is freedom! After that it will be very difficult to place a cat back in a cage. Stand firm - do not pay attention to a cat, do not open carrying: as a rule, in a few minutes a cat, having reconciled with destiny, calms down.

It is important not to miss on the way the moment when the tray is necessary for a cat.

Flight by plane

For such travel you need to recognize when booking tickets the main thing - rules of carriers (i.e. airlines) by transportation of animals. So, Transaero does not allow to transport cats and dogs in salon but only - in a cargo compartment; Aeroflot is more loyal: upon purchase of tickets it is necessary to specify that you fly together with a cat (having specified her approximate weight).

If you fly to other country, it is necessary to find out what veterinary documents will be necessary for you (as a rule, it is the same form No. 1). At the airport you have to exchange your vetspravka for the reference of the international sample in Quarantine service (in Sheremetyevo - 2 it is in the right wing of the hall of a departure). On it you need time so consider it. For flights on internal lines, as a rule, it is enough to show vetdokument on registration.

Unfortunately, it is necessary to pay transportation of a cat with plane as overweight of baggage even if your Murka - your only baggage. From our point of view, it is unfair: if the weight of your baggage together with the favourite pussycat does not exceed established why it is necessary to pay? And the sum will be quite considerable - about 1% of ticket cost for 1 kg of weight (a cat together with carrying). Some airlines limit quantity of the animals transported by one plane.

In flight there are unpleasant minutes both for people, and for cats: ascent, air holes etc. As a rule, cats are nervous at such moments. The same council, as well as for other means of transport: do not open carrying, do not get a cat!

Some owners of animals ask whether it is possible to give sedatives to cats before a trip. This question will be answered you only by the veterinarian, but the use of tranquilizers, as a rule, leads to lowering of blood pressure that is dangerous at flight. As for customs, the cat is not a subject of customs declaring (otherwise it would be specified in the customs declaration). However it is possible to buy with himself the membership card of your club where you are registered as the owner of a cat; at a trip on an exhibition it is good to have the official invitation of club.

Happy journey!