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Fast recipes. What is in a post?

my arsenal of fast recipes fairly are replenished Every year because even the lenten menu wants to be diversified. Already the second week of the Lent which will last till May 4 began. Scientists it is proved that it is useful to fast, but it is not necessary to abuse it. In total - this spiritual clarification first of all, and then already physical.

Before beginning to fast, we address a calendar of a post 2013 and we look for various fast recipes.

What usually you prepare fast dishes? The first that I would like to offer is the pepper stuffed with couscous according to the recipe of the kind person who extremely knows how to cook. I like the fact that this recipe very simple, prepares quickly, and result - new, interesting and tasty food. During a post it is possible to surprise with it the fasting friends and relatives.

the Pepper stuffed with couscous

For 4 portions:

of 1,5 St. couscous, 2,5 - 3 Art. of water (broth), 2 pepper of the Bulgarian, 100 g of olives of black, 100 g of tofu cheese, a parsley bunch, salt, the black pepper ground - to taste.

1. To fill in couscous with hot water or broth, to salt, pepper, close a cover and to allow to stand 5 minutes, after to loosen couscous with a fork.

2. To cut pepper on halves, to clear of seeds. To small cut olives, tofu cheese, parsley, to add to couscous and to mix.

3. To lay out couscous in pepper, to put pepper on the baking sheet oiled sunflower and to clean in the oven which is previously warmed to 180 C for 15 minutes.

To prepare only 30 minutes.

recipe Caloric content (1 portion):

of 412 Kcal, proteins - 13,5 g, fats - 15,6 g, carbohydrates - 54,3 g
We tell

about food now, and for some reason the post at me is always associated with lentil. This fertile and universal grain which remarkably approaches different ingredients. Here one more simple and tasty recipe from lentil. Lentil is protein-rich also amino acids, and it is necessary for the fasting people.

lentil capers Salad

For 4 portions:

1 of the Art. of lentil Soccer, 0,5 Art. of lentil Layrd, 100 g of capers, 100 g of olives of black, 100 g of cherry tomatoes, a parsley bunch, juice 0,5 lemons, a pinch of an oregano, 50 g of olive oil, salt, pepper fresh ground - to taste.

1. In the boiling water to fill up lentil Layrd, to cook on slow fire with the closed cover of 25 minutes, at the end of cooking to salt. Also to prepare lentil Soccer, only within 15 minutes. To remove from fire and to allow to cool down.

2. To small cut parsley, and to cut olives and tomatoes on halves.

3. Soccer to mix lentil with lentil Layrd, to add tomatoes, olives, capers, parsley, an oregano, pepper, lemon juice and olive oil. To mix everything and to give.

To prepare only 40 minutes.

dish Caloric content (1 portion): - 17,4 g, fats - 22,8 g, carbohydrates - 36,9 g

When lacks

of 421 Kcal, a squirrel time for preparation of a dish or there is no wish to look for products, I use ready recipes soups from 100% of natural fast ingredients which can be found in shops: " lentil soup; Masurdal " soup; Seven beans soup with bulgury Turkish soup from a kino with red rice and lentil, " soup; Italian with small paste etc. of

A you have a favourite fast recipe?