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Thriller The Spy, go out! . What is mole in English " circus;?

Espionage cinema happen different, but whether always espionage? Let`s walk on a card file.

Here, for example, The Spy in the neighbourhood the heading as if hints. We look. Alas, only the primitive family comedy, let also with the favourite of public Jackie Chan. Further according to the " list; Spies as we . Yes, it indeed about them, only about the most unsightly representatives of this profession. Quite famous satirichesko - the absurd comedy of the middle 80 - x.

Perhaps The Spy who loved me ? No, same one of Bondiana series, and James Bond, though agent of the British intelligence, but for a long time not the confidential character. Brand. Idol. Superhero. But not the spy. For obvious reasons we pass similar " superpepper; Jason Born and Ethan Hunt ( Mission is impracticable ) and also resembling we kick with a leg an abortion in a look Children of spies . From back rows prompt about the recent Russian megablockbuster Spy but it more likely from the " series; For those to whom everything is already violet - we watch history of Russia in Malevich`s pictures .

Stierlitz - this the real spy, I`m sorry, the intelligence agent. And our legendary Seventeen moments of spring - it is probably the brightest example of the present spy movie in the history of world cinema. This masterpiece received the worthy descendant quite recently. Not at us, unfortunately. But about us (including) and with our direct participation. In 2011 Swede Thomas Alfredson, the author of an original Scandinavian horror film Let in me picturized John Le Carre`s novel in England. Its tape The Spy, go out! received three nominations on Oscar, and also it was recognized as the best British movie of year, and it is devilishly correct!

Within Foggy Albion " Circus; - it not only the arena with clowns and acrobats where on Sundays parents drive the kids, but also one of strongly become current names of a local secret service. Well-known MI - 6. And when in " Circus; the circus begins (with horses or without it), that state begins to storm. So occurs, for example, when the head of MI - 6 ( Owner ) sends the agent Jim Prido (Mark Strong) to Hungary, to a trifling task, and as a result to the poor creature shoot at a back, the international scandal breaks out, appearances and passwords, and itself " pour; Owner (John Hert) and his faithful deputy George Smiley (Gary Oldman) are forced to retire.

It would seem, here and the end of history. But the counter is that accident with Prido in Hungary - result of work of the double agent Mole deeply dug round in MI - 6 and leaking all valuable information to opponents. Among the last, certainly, the Soviet Union. Outside, as - in any way, the seventieth, the heat cold war . However, and bewitched friends Americans will not disdain secrets and secrets of the transatlantic strategic partner too. The main thing that all data were laid out and brought on a silver platter. And someone carries, long ago and persistently.

After resignation Owner suddenly died, however his mistrust to the subordinates devolved to Smiley. The last intends to use the best efforts to root out this decay from native reconnaissance bureau. Mole it is extremely cunning and artful, he knows too much, it is even more, than Smiley could imagine. It obvious one of them, one of members of team Owner . But how to find the traitor which so many years were possible to pretend to be their friend, the colleague and the fellow soldier? Well, Smiley has crown methods against rodents

is Believed, John Le Carre especially should not be represented, his spy novels are popular around the world, not to mention the territory of the former USSR. Le Carre`s works are picturized, but not so that it is frequent. To Primernopar - the three of times a decade. From the most known that very famous - Russian house (1990) with Sean Connery, The Tailor from Panama (2001) with Pierce Brosnan`s participation and Devoted gardener (2005) Fernanda Meyrellish. All movies worthy, especially the last, but they do not cause rough delight in the audience and readers. The most frequent definition which is found in reviews - tiresome . Everything from - for love of the writer to details and nuances which other masters of a genre miss to please to dynamics.

Generally, specifically novel The Spy, go out! already adapted to the screen, but television. There was it five years later after the publication of the book, in 1979 - m. In of that time pass - series the title role was played by the famous British actor Alec Ginness. Why creators of the new movie took this novel as a basis, remains a riddle. But thank you that took because brilliant, thin and very intense tape turned out. The writer of the same opinion and even noted that Gary Oldman coped with Mr. Smiley`s character better, than the predecessor. Ginness, however, did not take offense, there is no classic of the English cinema with us 13 years any more.

Certainly, the public went not on Le Carre and not on unfamiliar names of the director and screenwriters, and on an enchanting casting. Such cast will be envied by any Hollywood blockbuster. Gary Oldman who extends this detective story (in general, quite simple) on inaccessible level heads parade of spies. Methodical, quiet as an elephant, the professional to the core, but not deprived of simple human pleasures - Mr. Smiley, the intelligence agent extra - a class. His former boss, one more legend of cinema John Hert, received not enough time in the movie, but managed to lay the foundation for history. More precisely to create fundamental nature.

Further according to the list espionage team, against which Smiley and his faithful assistant (Benedict Cumberbatch, a series " star; Sherlock ) play the dangerous game on search mole - Tinman (Tinker) Toby Jones, Tailor (Tailor) Colin Firth, Soldier (Soldier) Kiaran Hinds. Plus Mark Stronga and Tom Hardy`s characters to which in this counting rhyme of the place did not get, but from it their contribution to a plot did not decrease. And if Strong in many respects repeats the images from former pictures, then you definitely do not recognize Hardy, he everywhere different and by right is considered one of the most talented young actors of the last decade.

The atmosphere of the movie such what has to be and is actually work of the intelligence agent. This is not the rollicking fighter, and not the momentary pathos drama, but quite routine and yes, process tiresome places. Work - first of all, and already then calling, a way of life, a hobby and other. Flash - bek from a party with which Smiley`s memoirs periodically alternate, only prove that spies - too are not alien pleasures of office plankton. Someone spurs foreign wife behind a tree, someone got drunk in zyuzyu, and others have a rest, sing, dance. In total as at people. Behind only that exception that tomorrow any of them can fall face down on a pavement of Budapest with a hole in a back. And other of - for this of incident - to lose work and even life.

In something Alfredson`s picture strongly looks like much more dynamic and naturalistic movie of Spielberg similar, however, Munich about which I too as - nibud will write. The alarm and despair, uncertainty and treachery, danger behind each corner both there, and here literally force to be pressed in a chair back. At the Swede of a task to frighten the viewer did not stand though thanks to couple of the moments I would not begin to recommend viewing him Spy for the night.

The music line is not absolutely joined to the picture, but it does not strain, and even creates original mood. As if you watch not the thriller, and sketches from life of the chess players playing especially hard end-game. But do not doubt, it is the good, competently put and brilliantly played detective.

P. S. It will be twice interesting to our viewer to see in the company of venerable Hollywood stars of the Russian performers - Konstantin Khabensky and Svetlana Hodchenkova.