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How without cuckoo to learn how many it was necessary to live?

you should not Treat this test with full gravity, probably. But approximately to count about how many years we will be able to live if the brick does not fall down the head, it will help.

For a start take number 63 (such is average life expectancy of the Russian), from it you need to read or add to it the points gathered as a result of your answers.

Men have to subtract from this figure 4. Readers should add 5 (they live at us on average for 9 years longer, than representatives stronger sex ) Therefore, at men it is taken as a basis of average duration of their life of 59 years, and women have 68 years.

And now answer questions.

1. If you live in the settlement where less than 10 thousand people live, then add 2 years. If you live in the city with the population more than 1 million people, then subtract 2 years.

2. If you are engaged at work with brainwork, take away 3 years if physical - add 3 years.

3. If you play sports five times a week at least on half an hour, then add 4 years if two - - add three times 2 years.

4. If you are married or is married (or you are going to marry), add 5 years; if is not present - subtract by one year for each 10 years of barchelor life (since 25 - summer age).

5. If you constantly sleep more than 10 hours, subtract 4 years; if on 7 - 8 hours - subtract nothing. If you sleep badly, take away 3 years. Strong fatigue, as well as too long dream, - a sign of bad blood circulation.

6. If you the nervous, quick-tempered, aggressive person, take away 3 years; if quiet, balanced - add 3 years.

7. If you consider yourself happy, then add 1 year if you are not present - take away 2 years.

8. If driving you constantly violate rules, take away 1 year.

9. If you constantly lack money, and all of you look for time where it would be possible to earn additionally, take away 3 years.

10. If you have a secondary education, add 1 year if the highest - 2 years.

11. If you on pension, but continue to work, add 3 years.

12. If yours the grandmother (grandfather) lived till 85 years, then add to yourself 2 years. If both lived till 80 years - 4 years. If someone from them suddenly died, without having lived till 50 years (a stroke, a heart attack...) subtract 4 years. If someone from your close relatives, without having lived till 50 years, died from cancer - subtract 3 years.

13. If you smoke more than three packs a day, take away 8 years if one pack - 6 years if there is less pack - 3 years.

14. If you drink alcohol every day (at least and a few), subtract 1 year.

15. If your weight in comparison with normal for your age and growth 20 kg bigger and more, subtract 8 years if on 15 - 20 kg, then - 4 years if on 5 - 15 kg - 2 years.

16. If you the man is more senior than 40 years and pass every year routine medical examination, add 2 years if to you 30 - 40 years, add 1 year if to you more than 50 - then 3 years.

Now count result. The number which turned out at you as a result it and is that age up to which you can live. However you have an opportunity to increase it if you become better to watch yourself and will refuse bad habits.

Once again re-read the questionnaire and think: in what you need to change the way of life how to make it healthier.