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Fighting fantasy To Remember everything . A remake which should be forgotten?

As well as what for? Here two main issues which are simply obliged to concern authors of the movie. Any. If it as probably we deal with the perfectionist like Cameron. If why it can be anyone, but differently the person caring for the reputation and the future of the work.

If both questions remain in the shadow, before us, percent on 90 - 95, next volnoopredelyayushchiysya the untalented person dreaming to come, to leave marks and spoil a good thing (c).

Len Uayzman and Curt Uimmer are, of course, not guilty. They are handicraftsmen. Speaking to language of brothers Vaynerov, Minotaurs who just want to eat. Where and with whom, does not matter. Therefore the good, clever story of Philip Dick based on which in 1990 Dutch Paul Verhoeven and a star of a genre the action Arnold Schwarzenegger was stuck together excellent and now the fantastic fighter who already became classics " undertakes; To Remember everything . Passed only 20 with a tail of years (other remakes are pickled far longer), and came to someone to mind excellent thought to sleep on this story new computer technologies. Some think if you have a brush and a canvas, then you are already Leonardo. Still who would cancel clumsiness of hands.

In the future which, certainly, sad and sad, the mankind shared on two camps. In principle, friendly and even reported directly. JBF (Joint British Federation) is an old woman Europe which is already exhausted with cataclysms. On other end of Earth - Australia, it on a habit the Colony where both air is purer, and the places suitable for housing, remained more. To and fro transitions are carried out on a huge high-speed branch " subway; going through a terrestrial kernel. 17 minutes and usyo. All other territory is dirtied by consequences of chemical fight and the remains of the population are forced to propagate and get on, breeding deep into and up.

The sad neurasthenic Dag Quade rutinno works on creation of synthetic robots - police officers, on a habit loves the wife, but nightly makes a declaration of love to mysterious madam from badly - a romantic dream. It seems to Quade that his life is too simple and poor, and he could be a deaf and compose sonatas... or to head mass resistance, or Generally, the worm of doubts brought the worker to a visit of underground office To Remember all where Asian brothers instead of a fake of brands lard brains false memoirs.

Here geese also departed. Like mad. Quade - that, appears, not Quade, but the spy in awards. His wife - not the wife, but the supervisor, enemies paid and put. Did not see, now it is necessary to kill patient in the most cruel way. But Dag is not simple, not for nothing he perfected every night methods of hand-to-hand fight in a dream. He and packs stacks members of spetsnaz, and the spouse if it is necessary, will be able to take in hand. Especially as ahead of an event much more global, than family dismantling. Suddenly remembered everything Quade is a key and the safe at the same time, a pawn and a queen in difficult game in which a rate - the future of all planet

was clear at once that a duet Uayzman - Uimmer will sing false. The first, except as having clumsily spoiled (by the way, similarly - a technological way) in series about Makkleyn and having removed few times the wife Kate Bekinseyl as the vampire (role-playing games at them such), it is not nice. Uimmer passed to this, obviously not the last epik - a feyla in career, more thorny road. Its interest in a fantasy was shown in To Ekvilibriuma rather secondary boyevichk with elements of the drama and superficial philosophical implication which left on Christian Bale`s charisma and nice art gan - a fayting. Then went " flat cakes; more small - is larger: Recruit (Colin Farrell number of times), tastefully idiotic, but colourful Ultraviolet where the scenario in general was necessary as to fish - an umbrella. Then ambiguous, but nevertheless silly Law-abiding citizen and, appear, apogee - a spy thriller Solt in which the international mother Jolie plays the Russian spy. As it becomes clear, to Uimmer still is where to roll down.

Whatever one may do and not to be saved from comparisons with Verhoeven`s tape. It is asked why, having the same plot in a basis, one manages easily and to beautifully carry away the viewer, and half an hour later - specifically to tire the second. Yes, Arney is not strong in the drama and to frown a lodge as Colin Farrell was never able (and will hardly already learn). But to any these eyebrows could though in a lodge though in gingerbread though in a mutton horn to shift. And in it it was trusted without everyones smart to a slo - mo the movements and parkour. Quantity of gadgets in new To Remember everything exceeds any borders reasonable, and collected with all the district. Here to you and starvorovsky clones become synthetic cops, and flights from Fifth " element; and the, original developments, like the video cameras which are sprayed on the room. But this cinema, but not ENEA, so what the hell the half-movie to spend for demonstration letayushche - strelyayushche - the peeping equipment? The diploma will not be given. Though the mobile phone which is built in a palm - it is amusing. As, however, and process of its cutting out.

Having cut off Mars from a plot, Uimmer cut off to himself legs. Up to the neck. Zakos under close alleys and rainy neon flashes Running on an edge it is capable to surprise and strike only those who did not see Scott`s masterpiece. Uayzman`s movie - just continuous H . Chaynataun. Chernobyl. Mutilation. Nonsense. If authors did not want that they their movie perceived as a remake, why all these notes lovely to heart to the original, like the flashing fat aunt on examination or prostitutes with three boobs (her emergence in general is not motivated by a plot in any way). And Farrell playing in Van Kliberna and in general all this invention with a piano, a key and it is unclear as Ethan Hawk and Bill Nayi who were included in this rotten project looks at all ridiculously. What, Verhoeven for 65 lyam managed to remove Mars, and Uayzman did not fit in in 125 and remained on Earth? Appetites now such? Or there was no wish to compete with a mars rover Kyyuriositi ?

Well with Farrell, from him did not wait for Schwartz`s relics and in advance wrote off in the drama. From his sad physiognomy the movie presses on a brain even more. And there is a wish to tell: Well, smile, Colin, you all - are removed . It is clear, that the director could not but give Bekinseyl`s roles, so-so to an aktriska, but the wife (the analogy to a couple Anderson - Jovovich is looked through and). The question is in that why they invited Jessica to a role of the fighting girlfriend of Quade Bill. Well, though would recolour for the sake of decency, very much they identical turned out. Apparently, Jessica had to become goat of remission for sins of all film-making team, its public put forward on competition prestigious Gold " Raspberry;. Did not leave. And having replaced with the spouse of the classical villain Michael Ayronsayd, the director hammered the most powerful nail into a coffin of this blockbuster. Because - where Ayronsayd and where the pretty girl Kate from whom only white pants and hairdress eternally dressed in rags are remembered.

I admit honestly, I seldom am nervous apropos when these dregs reach a limit . But here even the patience, and the farther began to abandon me, the more I fidgeted, without trying to comprehend the reasons of the global conflict of characters of Uimmer any more. But with big scope than to try to pose as that case when it was necessary to repeat the same subversives of legends . There was also whether a borsch, whether solyanka, whether kharcho in half with fish soup - it is simpler to merge in the sewerage, than to torment a stomach.

However, not everyone is picky in food though I would refuse to this project even a disposable smotribelnost. You know, the last minutes forty to monitor messing around of heroes, jumps, flashes, flashes and fights - it is very tiresome.