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What to present to the newborn?

the Birth of the kid - an event always joyful and deserving special attention. But what to present to the newborn? The question is very delicate. Of course, the easiest to take an interest at mother and to learn what all - is not enough for her? But how to be if parents find it difficult to answer such question? Or if you want that your gift became the real surprise? In that case it is necessary to approach the choice of a gift creatively and with all responsibility. we Will begin

what you should not give precisely. Strangely enough, but from a bouquet of flowers, as a gift or even additions to a gift it is better to refrain: it can be very dangerous both for mummy, and for the baby. Because of a possible allergy. Huge, but absolutely safe bouquet from balloons will look much more effectively! Present how newly made parents will be delighted, having received such unusual gift!

Choosing something to the kid, consider his age. In the form of dolls, machines and plush toys it is necessary to refuse gifts. It will begin to play with them at a distant day, and big shaggy bears will serve unless dust collectors for the apartment.

Toys. Give preference to simple toys with large details, mainly yellow and red flowers - these colors the kid begins to distinguish the first. The bright rattle with convenient capture for the child`s handle will become an excellent gift. And also - a set of toys for bathing in the form of little animals or baby dolls. Such things most of all interest the kid in the first months of life. Besides it is very convenient to wash them.

Clothes. Beautiful suits and dresses from natural materials will become a good gift. However, choosing clothes for growth, consider that small children grow very quickly, and for the first year of life are extended on average on 25 cm. Choosing clothes for the baby, you watch that it was simple and convenient, and at a mouth surely there were small buttons or buttons. In in a disgusting way case to mother will be to dress or undress the bright kid very not easy quickly.

It is better to buy children`s bed linen complete with a blanket as from - for huge a variety of blankets to do in time with a size rather difficult. The easy plaid on a warm season, or a soft terry towel with a hood, perfectly suitable for bathing of the child will also become a fine gift.

A framework and photo albums by all means will be to the taste to sentimentally adjusted mother who wants to imprint each short step of the kid. Buying a photo album, be convinced that in it there are fields for records - it is very convenient. The photoframe can be chosen specially both for boys, and for girls.

Devices for a bed will be pertinent if mother decided to sleep separately from the child. Then it will be possible to choose from a set of the various canopies turning a usual berth into a cozy nest. Others, not less useful sleeping gifts - suspended musical toys - to a mobile phone which fasten over a bed and please a look of the baby. Such toys never happen much: at their desire it is possible to change easily.

And finally: you remember, whatever gift you chose, the main thing - that it was presented with soul. If this is so - the festive mood is guaranteed!