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Why the man to be heavier, than the woman? Part 1. Society and life of

We cannot solve a problem, having just begun to cry.

We are never given by flowers. If it is only not our own funeral.

statistically, women have alcoholism at all at least of men, but limit in binge for some reason us.

never pay Us the alimony.

we have no choice what to put on - a skirt or trousers.

Actually, it is possible to choose a skirt. But it surely has to be in a cage as at Scots - differently will take for the representative of sexual minority (which the majority in the world of fashion, film critics and show - business). And in a checkered skirt it is difficult to descend for the Scot. Therefore it is necessary to buy delay.

At us have more than chances to grow rich - and, respectively, more chances to fall a victim of racket or a robbery. And here rape does not threaten us!

Women earn more men in the easiest and pleasant spheres of economy. For example, in the industry of fashion. Or in pornbusiness. And it is much easier for women to work there!

Only the male possesses ability to rational thinking. Therefore we should make all most important and crucial decisions.

Sooner or later in life of each man there comes the moment when it is necessary to be dragged together with the woman on shops.

And also to watch together with it figure skating.

And also to visit theaters.

And to come on holidays to the mother-in-law for lunch.

women have no mother-in-law!

to us should buy socks.

And to erase them!

to Women should not learn to tie a tie.

to Women can appear in a minute prior to own wedding. We should stick out before the REGISTRY OFFICE in a foolish suit already whole hour by then!

Besides, female preparations for a wedding include merrily parties with girlfriends on whom all sincerely congratulate the bride.

Man`s prewedding ritual is reduced to systematic humiliation of the groom it by the loyal friends trying to prevent in every way inevitably approaching fatal event.

Women usually concentrate all the love on one subject. And we should be broken off between the girlfriend / wife and a favorite soccer team. Sometimes here also the newcomer " puts; " Volkswagen Passat;.

In addition to the higher education the real man has to know everything about cars, own skills of the electrician, carpenter and plumber, and also to understand professionally music and cinema. The woman has enough knowledge of what style of blouses is carried in this season, and what cream of the new " line; L`Oreal it is necessary to rub in itself days at present. For this purpose even the parish school is not required - there are quite enough glossy women`s magazines.

Plus to that for quite some time now we still have to prepare, erase and wash the floors! Let`s refuse - will accuse of male chauvinism.

Women are never accused of male chauvinism!

to Men should be reconciled with the fact that women reach sexuality peak at that age when it is time to think of life insurance already. Children.

Men invent all words. And women just transfer them to a feminine gender!

As art taste at men is by nature more developed, than at women, it is more difficult for us to find the decent movie in a video hire shop. But it, without deliberating, for the tenth time removes about the regiments The Run-away bride .

Men are authors of the majority of inventions, great opening and masterpieces of art. Respectively, lay more hopes on us!

When need to address the mechanic or the computer expert arises, it is necessary to suffer on itself contemptuous female views: it is considered that the real man has to in all this to " gland; to understand.

our children`s dreams - to depart to space or to win presidential elections - are almost unattainable. Whereas to the woman to achieve the objectives - it is one hundred times simpler to become the nurse, the stewardess or just mother.

In a ski marathon we run twenty kilometers more.

And all-round? Why they have only seven sports, and at us - ten? A cash bonus for a gold Olympic medal at women same, as well as at men!

At men during a fight it is considered span preferable to bang each other on the head beer bottles, and it is more fraught with heavy injuries, than the squeal and the opponent`s hvataniye accepted at women for hair.

At women much richer palette of alcoholic drinks: liqueurs, cocktails and other martinis with carrot juice. All this on taste, certainly, loses to an old kind ruff, but matter in the principle!

lower susceptibility of men to alcohol means that we need to spend much more money normally to relax.

Men suffer from dependence on a heva more often - metal. And that it is worse, from a heva - metal ballads. In the most hard cases - from ballads of " group; Aria .

At school us force to be engaged in the serious, demanding big physical activities sports. For example, soccer. And girls get something lightweight, like badminton. Though and sport - that you will not call badminton!

Plus to if we forget sportswear, on physical culture all the same should run across the field - in pants. From girls in similar cases for some reason nobody demands to undress to underwear, and they quietly smoke all lesson in a toilet.

We are punished more often at school.

We in general are punished more often.

We gradually become less necessary. Professions which traditionally were ours turn into female. And vice versa. Women already and play hockey!

How many we would not smile to the gloomy employee of traffic police and on how many buttons would not undo a shirt collar, we all the same should pay a penalty for speeding. And most often women are responsible for road accident!

We are doomed to go together with women to melodramas with Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, and after a session to listen for hours and hours about what they nice fellows . At the same time, when the man will see on Jenifer Lopez`s screen and will release couple of apt remarks concerning her manner to correct behind shorts, of five of ten cases he will be accused in nasty taste in three - will call sexual maniac and in two - will just cease to talk to it.

After the words Darling, let`s spend evening at home " today; it is possible not to doubt that we are waited some heart-breaking television by current - show for feeble-minded, it seems My family or I . At best - figure skating. - Slutsk loses in the worst.

We do not love champagne. But we should open it. And to be hit a stopper in an eye - too!

We listen in the car to Whitney Houston, Celine Dion and even Natasha Koroleva as in a century of feminism it is considered that the woman has too the right to choose FM - radio station.

We cannot marry the millionaire.

We are not let in a female bath!

Part 2. Physiology and sex