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What is kvik? Part third

Kvik. Fast sex with the stranger. I can understand statements of women, giving themselves just like that that supposedly life is short and it is necessary not to refuse to itself some pleasures. He agrees, life is not very long. If by the standards of space time - 11 seconds. Time - also burned down. And therefore if you want to eat black caviar sandwich - take and eat. If there is a wish to visit Paris - save up and go. If there is a wish with someone Stop. And whether the concepts " are commensurable; black " caviar sandwich; and sex with the stranger ?.

My animal, you, which - that forgot

the Maximum problem which I can catch to the own harm after the use in food of sandwich with black caviar - poisoning. But vomiting after a meal with presence on a table of stale caviar and a consequence after sex with the stranger - incommensurable concepts. It as humorists say about how they speak in Odessa - two big differences. Let`s imagine the notorious sex beaten in hundreds of books and tens of movies with the stranger in the elevator. The elevator gets stuck. Light dies away. There passes the unlimited amount of time. Others body excitingly snuffles nearby, you start nothing the meaning conversation smoothly flowing in embraces, passionate kisses and sex on a dirty floor. I missed something?

Ah and! Contraception! Something was never seen by me in one plot and did not read in one story about this moment. The moment when the girl speaks - my animal, you, which - that forgot .

You too did not meet similar in numerous stories (oral and written) about a kvika?

Now when even monkeys in a zoo know everything about protection, and population of gorillas is under the threat of disappearance from - the uses by hairy relatives of the person of means of protection, would be silly to think that civilized people are capable of so rash act as sex with the stranger without condom.

However - are capable! The number of abandoned children in shelters serves as the evident evidence to the fact that sex without condom practices on our nice earth pretty often, and is not something outstanding. But let`s award our woman who got stuck in the elevator with Spinoza`s brain and Hakamada`s intelligence.

Let in a handbag it will have a packing of condoms which she suggests to use in outer darkness for designated purpose to the to an animal . Uses? At your sober view? In that is continually, at best - 50/50. The extreme implies risk. Kvik is based on risk. He is given birth by risk. Stress. Who can adequately act in a condition of a stress? People who to it are specially taught. Moreover, even the staff of special forces is lost sometimes in a situation unplanned. And more unplanned situation than sex with the stranger in the elevator, and it is difficult to imagine! And the woman in the elevator is not the employee of special forces, unfortunately

Perhaps, or life is how short

Life is, actually, short.

I we got used to shorten it in all available ways. We are told about harm of smoking - we smoke, to us since the childhood impart respect for traffic regulations - we steal a march in not put places. Perhaps will carry by. Perhaps will manage.

With someone, but not with me. The person - the being not capable to try on on itself terrible circumstances. Any of the recruits taking the field does not expect to die. It is just impossible to present how there will be a sun in the mornings as the sky will pour rains on the earth as the next spring will come, and you will not see it.

Any of those who goes on such step as sex by the stranger, does not reflect at the moment of a coition (what wonderful moment!) that there are on the earth dreadful diseases capable it is not simple to truncate human life, capable simply to take away it. Does not think of the fact that perhaps - size changeable. And AIDS - not an invention of angry deceivers - scientists, and quite real illness, it is quite real and that the most terrible - quickly extending on our open spaces.

The statistics not just speaks. She shouts in the dry language of digits. And these figures are taken from official sources and how data from official sources differ from data real - to you to tell not me.

A condom - only the means, known at the time of writing of this article, for protection from plague of the end of the twentieth, and, at least, the beginning of the twenty first century. With couple of reservations. Even if the woman in the dark elevator or the man in the same elevator will be able mentally to pour over themselves a tub of ice water of prudence, and will apply this most ancient means of protection, an opportunity that they will not catch, will decrease, but will not disappear!

The matter is that counters of shops dazzle with goods available, colourful, but often simply useless in fight against AIDS. There are several firms delivering contraceptives of appropriate quality on the market. Rubber has to be a certain structure to exclude its porosity and any possibility of penetration of a virus from point A in point B. That`s the way it is. Sadly, but it is natural.

Each athlete who is engaged in extreme sports knows that is some, start up also the minimum percent of the fact that it, at least, can appear in hospital at least with sprain. Each woman who is engaged kviky has to know what exists enough - not the minimum percent of an opportunity that it can meet the man with whom time in the dark elevator so pleasantly rushed once again. In the center for rehabilitation of patients with AIDS and HIV - infected.

I is severe reality. Will not tell about it in the telecast about pleasure of fast sex will not write in the story about so fashionable sex with the stranger

And whether costs? Actually - whether costs

? Perhaps, the silly, unnatural fashion does not need to cross out precipitately to please what developed for centuries? There was always what is vicious, and what is normal. Some concepts underwent changes, some things were quite accepted, however, with centuries earlier, began to be considered shameful and inadmissible.

But there will be no we, assimilating to ancient people, to go to the wood and to hunt, kill a boar to make of it sausage which will go to sandwiches to children to school? Correctly - it would be silly. We can buy ready sausage in the next epicure. Perhaps, you should not refuse flowers, dinners so pleasant to each female heart by candlelight and the enveloping magic of words of darling?

To exchange it for sweaty puffing in the dark? On viscous touches of unfamiliar hands? In a section of it kvik to me sees ideal rescue for the boys who do not have money for gifts to darlings for similarity of the men who are not able to connect two words, for any silent perverts and simply mentally abnormal people.

It personally my opinion, also developed it at me not out of the blue.

A to you, mentally healthy, beautiful, clever, and madly attractive women and men, I sincerely wish to remain healthy, favourite, and infinitely happy from feeling that to a lump - a lump, but to you - that precisely kvik to anything

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