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What is kvik? Part second

So, kvik. Casual communication, fast sex with the stranger.

Mass media with target female audience greedily broadcast about to advantage of this sort pranks . Like, and at work it will become better and better, and in a different way you will begin to look at the world. Useful shake-up, no more than that. And here the important role of these most ubiquitous mass media - misinformations is traced.

Means of mass misinformation

When my neighbor, having become stupid from everyday abuses of alcoholic beverages, starts walking down the street, sorry, without clasping a fly, and shouts that this his modern invention allows to forget forever about a problem of an intertrigo, normal people perceive his such excentric behavior respectively. Twist a finger at a temple and sympathetically sigh. But if my neighbor gathers a team of adherents, having enticed them from a beer stall and having inspired correctness of similar behavior and if adherents declare themselves in some printing edition; if the fashion on similar circulation with an unbuttoned fly is picked up by someone from stars of the Ukrainian show - business; if on the TV psychologists with clever faces begin to broadcast to us about advantage of airing of intimate places Then no appeals to common sense will protect our distressful society from a new wave of fashion on circulation with an unbuttoned fly.

Mass character. Fashion. You know that the fashion aims to cause a stir from weight, actually? And what occurs in life? If the most stupid crimson jacket was fashionable if someone floated a rumor that so now it is fashionable at the rich also supported him by mass media - receive! All, young and old, tried to resemble very much owners of life and pulled on themselves these clownish dresses. Thank God, now crimson jackets became a form of those to whom they most of all suit - everyday clothes of school students, and a reminder on that shameful time when they were carried serious people only jokes hopelessly lagged behind life " serve; kings of laughter like Petrosyan...

As it cool

No doubt. Sex is pleasant in any kind and in any sauce. It, undoubtedly, is fundamental fuel for the progress engine. If to dive into depths of human subconsciousness, there is obvious a correctness of the theory of Freud that everything in the world is abruptly based on sex, and even absolutely neutral, at first sight, human acts have under themselves quite tangible sexual roots.

Why this or that person became rich, known and famous? Because he wanted to have as much as possible sexual partners and in order that them it was valid it is as much as possible the person needed to become the rich, or, at least, known. Because people reach for popularity, and give to the owner of popularity of rather the body Such here model of human behavior and all progress of mankind simplified to impossibility proceeding from which, eunuchs and frigid women could never get down from the cart and change on cars, would not fly to space and would not invent penicillin. It - is global.

And as for separately taken phenomenon of casual sexual communications? They bring pleasure - it is obvious. Whether long-term? And what in our life is long-term? Sex with the stranger gives to the woman several unforgettable minutes of incomparable happiness returns of just like that without courtings, without flowers, without communication, without love. The lifeless sex filled with life. The alogism is available.

Lovers of this extreme sport say that, having tried such relations, it is already impossible to refuse them further. Like, touches of others hands, lips, and other parts of a body dream then at night. On the question what for? lovers of an extreme answer ambiguously. The phrase - " dominates; it is not forgotten . Well. He agrees. There are many things which are forgotten hardly. I, for example, at the age of eight years failed in a cesspool at the dacha. Did not forget still.

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