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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on March 16 - 17? Imperceptible etc.

In the Russian hire came relative calm, and this situation will last all March, and even in April how many - nibud rather significant film premieres are not expected. Nevertheless again there is a lot of novelties and both pearls, and baby`s dummies occur among them. to us offers to estimate

this week a youth action Imperceptible romantic fantasy Taymless. Ruby book razzing phantasmagoria Magnificent imaginations of Charles Svon - the third and the original Canadian comedy with a signature stamp 18+ under the name Sex and anything superfluous .

1. Imperceptible (Red Dawn, 2012)

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of the enemy, then it should be invented because there is no more profitable business, than war. For the last year cinema-men of Hollywood managed to achieve impressive fighting progress twice. At first in Iran where they solemnly and pathosly put backdating on the present opponents ( Operation Slang ), then in the Middle East where tasted extermination of the chief terrorist a planet vsiya ( Purpose number one ) . Here the turn also reached Asian threat. In the new fighter of Dan Bradley the group of the American youth bravely is a partisan suprotiv the North Korean aggressors who intruded in the USA without declaration of war.

Picture Imperceptible by miracle avoided the deserved award Gold " raspberry; having lost in difficult fight to the last To Twilight . But the most amusing that the movie was nominated in the category The Worst sequel / remake . Yes, you were not mistaken, Bradley`s tape is official alteration of a cult anti-Soviet trash of John Milius Red dawn with Patrick Swayze and Charlie Shin`s participation. The movie of 1984 in the Union is expected anathematized, and here in the homeland Red dawn had success and even collected impressive grandmas.

In Imperceptible Swayze`s place was taken by fashionable pepper Chris Hemsworth ( Snow White and hunter Torahs ) to which it is necessary to take out on the mighty shoulders this trifling and frankly stupid fighter. To look or not to look - the personal record of everyone, but on me - is better to study the original of the eightieth, there really cheerfully to observe for ours fighters in caps with ear-flaps and to hear native speech . And on serious physiognomies present imperceptible pushchay Americans stare.

2. Taymless. Ruby book (Rubinrot, 2013)

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at the original name eyes of the expert on translitas because Rubinrot is any not a ruby in a mouth, and ruby color. In translation from German. You are surprised that you in a trailer did not see Kristen Stewart or Taylor Lautner? No wonder, Felix Fuksshtayner`s picture - this screen version of the best-seller of the West German writer Kirsten Gere.

Next, this time European, attempt to be pleasant to fans and fans Twilight - to girls and boys from 12 indefinitely. And for boys there are travel in time and nice heroines here, and for girls - love - carrots. In total as it is necessary. Everyone to study the literary original: you should not hurry, meanwhile only the first part " is translated into Russian; trilogies of " jewels;. However, if Ruby book will pay off in hire, not far off and the sequel, and there and business will reach books.

3. Magnificent imaginations of Charles Svon - the third (A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III, 2012)

we did not manage to miss strange style of Romanus Coppola who wrote the scenario to To the Kingdom of the full moon Anderson, as legendary F. F. Coppola`s offspring was delivered of the second director`s project - phantasmagoria with the long name and disgraced Charlie Shin`s participation.

Charlie Shin, whose scandalous reputation began to eclipse cinema progress of the actor recently, in fact, plays himself - the goof, the lady`s man, the profligate and the fan of easy life. Everything changes when his hero, Charlie Svona, throws the girl Ivona at the crossroads. After parting Charlie has repeated and colourful glitches in which he without fail returns himself the lost love.

Besides Shin Jason Schwarzman, Patricia Arquette and inimitable Bill Murray are also engaged in a tape. Kompashka was selected to experiment well matched, and otherwise and will not call the mad and peculiar movie of Coppola.

4. Sex and anything superfluous (My Awkward Sexual Adventure, 2012)

Amusing children these Canadians. Their cinema is in a dense shadow of the northern neighbor, and therefore we across the ocean are reached only by particles. What is remarkable, in the Canadian cinema it is accepted to speak about many things which are suppressed in Hollywood openly. Can therefore Americans somehow do not perceive these movies seriously.

Sean Gerriti`s comedy narrates about what, sooner or later, each modern man faces (if only he - not Antonio Banderas). About women whom the head hurts. And it is good if accurately explain to you from what it hurts - from an unpleasant smell from a mouth, a hairy breast or the total powerlessness in sex. Here and main hero of the tape Sex and anything superfluous the diffident accountant, is forced to listen sexual sentence . However he did not begin to be shot and in the gay did not train for a new profession, and went for training, that is employed the stripper - a repetitorsha. Also began to learn elements of unknown science under the name seduction of women in house conditions .

Cheerful, not so trite, but places very frank comedy. So solve whether costs a message on a session the half because the effect can happen the return.

5. Disturbing call (The Call, 2013)

For the sake of this role the winner of the Oscar, the model and the actress Halle Berri allowed to spoil to itself a hairdress. Its frivolously uncombed curls do not correspond to a serious spirit of the picture telling about opposition of the operator of the emergency service 911 and the serial maniac abducting and killing young girls in any way.

The director of the movie Brad Anderson is known as the works on television (series Underground empire ) and three-year prescription of fiasco Disappearance on 7 - y to the street . And creator cult Driver is able to frighten the viewer really. But this time Anderson decided to depart a little from mysticism and to shoot the simple, classical thriller about the maniac. Judging by a trailer, a plot to render an entertaining, but final verdict early so far. Anyway, initially the project was supervised by the famous master of an intense action Joel Schumacher, and it selects scenarios scrupulously.

With what else movie theaters in the future days off will please the domestic viewer? In - the first, a director`s debut of the screenwriter Borathat Bruno and Dictator (that is all noticeable movies with participation of the comedian Sacha Baron Cohen) Dan Mather. The Englishman shot in the homeland the amusing comedy about newlyweds whose conjugal ties go to pieces in the first year of joint life. The tape is called I Give year easy, nenapryazhny style of the romantic situation comedy and - la " also professes; Bridget Jones`s Diary . Probably, without Cohen the screenwriter is capable also of absolutely other type of humour.

And here French comedy The Alarm on the area does not stand on ceremony with expressions at all. History of three losers who decided to work the credit shootings in the pornofilm is crowded with strong mots and unambiguous scenes. Here the rating 18+ is justified completely.

In general this week is obviously adjusted to brighten up hardly beginning spring because even in limited hire positive pictures are shown entirely as, for example, the European melodrama Clinic of love or British black comedy Allow to finish off you? . Well, and if there is a wish to worry and think of life, then Welkom on displays of the American love drama 28 bedrooms or Russian proletarian tape For Marx , removed in the best traditions of a socialist realism.