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Oz: Great and Awful . Fantastically, volume, primitively?

When at the beginning of 2010 the director of the trilogy Spiderman Sam Ramey entered dive of creative disagreements with the Sony Pictures company and refused to brand author`s the subsequent adventures of the popular hero of the comic book, all film fans stood waiting. the fact that in Hollywood decided to restart film series, how many in what Ramey, the author cult " will be engaged was not so much interesting to

I; Ominous dead persons and Person of darkness .

What there was a surprise when it became clear that the director adjoined the project, is perfect for it unusual. It was talked of the screen version of the children`s fairy tale of the American writer Laymen Frank Baum Wizard from the country Oz . It became known is later that creators of the movie do not intend to take any concrete work of Baum as a basis, and remove background of events, that is tell about that, how exactly the charlatan and the conjurer from Kansas turned into the powerful governor of the fictional state.

In life of the farcical conjurer known as Oz whose real name it is simpler to forget, than to utter, there came the black strip. Dreaming in reality of Gudini and Edison`s glory combined, Oz is till forced to travel about across Kansas together with circus of a chapiteau and to entertain focuses of villagers. Money this occupation brings very little, and flatters the vain young man even less. Periodic petty intrigues with countrywomen which the magician packs catches on the worn-out plate about the grandmother`s music box become the only consolation for Oz. But each thread dovtsya sometime.

Escaping from next enraged daddies, the conjurer finds a shelter in a balloon basket. However Oz did not guess with a weather forecast: wind the sickly ball throws in the center of the most powerful tornado which, in turn, carries away Great and Awful to the magic country which is absent on world maps.

It is amusing that the country where Oz gets, bears his name. But it is even more amusing that the charlatan falls a victim of general delusion because according to an ancient belief the kind wizard who, at last, will bring order has to come back to Earth and ustakanit the world and wellbeing in the kingdom. So far the country three sisters - vedmochka rule: angry Evanora, kind Glinda and the neutral Theodora who is rushing about between them. The last, on the trouble, will meet by the first Oz and will be over head and ears in love with him. Evanora did not fail to use the broken heart of the sister and turned her into the spiteful fury.

As for a grief - the wizard, to it to become the king of the Emerald city, it is necessary to win only against wicked witches (now two pieces) and their armies, having in allies the porcelain girl, a monkey with wings and a lot of benevolent farmers with mattocks. And if not to win then to deceive in what Oz precisely big expert

Trouble now in Hollywood with fairy tales. Both so, and so them twirl to please the viewer, and everything turns out meant well, and left as always . Okromya recent Hobbit and that is there been nothing to be remembered-. Well, unless Alice in Wonderland but there the audience in bulk went on Burton and Depp`s duet checked for years and on 3D to take a look because Alice was the first three-dimensional blockbuster after made a noise Avatar . Ramey`s team behind shoulders had neither an experience in a fantasy genre, nor venerable names on the poster, nor a cool visual counter. Only huge even by the standards of the present film industry the budget in 215 million dollars which, as we know, still need to dispose competently. Here also disposed.

Where, it is asked, finance flowed away? Znamo where - on a reconstruction on the screen of the magic country Oz, its fancy flora, fauna, landscapes and inhabitants. Unfortunately, authors of the movie godlessly saved on all the rest.

First and most important shortcoming Great and Awful lack of integrity is. At Hobbit there was an epicism, at Alice - a mockery and shocking, and even at Little Red Riding Hood - zakos under twilight saga . The, let also secondary, already somewhere / at, but style. At Oz there is no style, but there is a heap of computer beauty, characters and stamped phrases. Screenwriters answer each successful joke amicable ten-minute a bla - a bla - a bla five hundred times obmusolivy lonely morals of the movie that - it is time for Barankin to become Oz the person. And it the more strains that every time when James Franco (Oz) gets into the shot, it is continuously shown as a fighting horse. Whether palmed off on the actor the scenario The Person who laughs whether he tried to outdo a bertonovsky Cheshire cat - unclear.

And as everything remarkably began. This charming the retro - an insert in is black - white tones, the reality urged to differentiate and fiction, told us about character of the main character much more, than all subsequent bacchanalia with the flying baboons dancing an Irish jig of the zhevunama and Mila Kunis in the fitting trousers which got on Jim Carrey`s mask. Together with color and volume on the screen thirst, relentless for today`s Hollywood, for a pollution of eyes visual effects imperceptibly crept. And than further the plot moves ahead, that to a sheetrock the image of the wizard of the Emerald city appears: the greedy, ambitious, vain spot which got a false idea itself the king. We reading the fairy tale let also in Volkov`s retelling, we know that Oz, greedy for cheap tricks, will not change and will leave the magic country in the first part of adventures of Ellie which actually Dorothy.

Sam Ramey wanted to shoot absolutely Disney`s movie and coped with this task. And not to find more Disney`s movie. The problem is in the one to whom such Disney is necessary? The emasculated, feeble-minded, pathos colossus on clay legs. So far this review, " is written; Great and Awful breaks records on losses, as if hinting that it is necessary not only to love classics, but also to respect. Possibly, it was worth undertaking nevertheless the repeated screen version, than to fabricate background. Yes, it would be absolutely other cinema, but too family, kind and spectacular. Attempt to find room for the children`s fairy tale and adventures of the loveful conjurer in one bottle is a fiasco to which Ramey it is necessary to reconcile.

It is remembered, the novel of Baum had obvious social implication from which authors Great and Awful got rid, as of unnecessary ballast. As a result the primitive tale for persons of uncertain, but obviously pubertatny age turned out expensive, naive and to a soreness of the mouth. Beautiful soap bubble.