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Mystical thriller Omen (1976). A devil with the angelic person?

As were told by Stanislav Ezhi Lets: Sometimes the devil tempts me to believe in god . Paradoxically, but the fact - many are rather inclined to believe in existence of Hell, than to admit available certain divine forces. Whether the question is beliefs, or fear, in fact, it is unimportant. Important the fact that each person has a dark half.

the Devilry in cinema always had the niche, however until the end of the sixtieth similar pictures of serious progress in hire did not try to obtain, condensing category of low budget thrillers and horror films. In 1969 comes to wide screens Rosemarie`s Child Roman Polanski, having marked a new round of interest in subject. After it William Fridkin excites public opinion the cruel and naturalistic thriller Expelling a devil (1973). Deification of it devil boom there was a picture of American Richard Donner Omen generated the whole film series narrating about accession of Antichrist on Earth.

On June 6, 1966 in a family of the American ambassador in Rome, Robert Thorn (Gregory Peck), there was a grief: his beloved wife Catherine (Li Remik) did not manage to give birth to the firstborn`s spouse. Understanding that for the wife the message about the deadborn son will become blow, Thorn agrees on literal transaction with a devil . On an instigation careful the priest, the father Spiletto, he makes forgery and adopts the unknown baby whose mother died while giving birth in the same night.

From those sad events five years passed. Thorn was raised to a position of the ambassador in Great Britain where he also lives together with the wife and the juvenile son Damion. Till some time nothing foretold troubles, however soon the happy family of Thorn is shrouded by ominous aura. At first Damion`s nurse, that to please the master`s son, is thrown out of a window with a loop on a neck, then the strange priest Brennan who is unambiguously hinting Thorn that his son - generation of the Satan begins to pursue the ambassador.

Certainly, Robert Thorn is the adequate person, otherwise would not hold so serious leading post. But after ridiculous death petrel Brennan and accident with the spouse, the ambassador begins to doubt. His fears are shared also by the private photographer Jennings in whose pictures around future victims ominous harbingers of death are inexplicably shown. Together with the photographer Thorn goes to Rome to learn the truth about Damion`s adoption and to find a grave of his mother

Without any doubt, Richard Donner`s movie in nearly forty years which passed from a premiere did not become outdated at all. Moreover, in connection with the apocalyptic moods spreading in masses, the classical tape still attracts the audience with the unique atmosphere. Many tried to repeat Donner`s success. Here also successors of the franchize (all the film series contain three official sequels and one remake of 2006), and uncountable imitators enter. Unfortunately, because only we lose in this case, nobody managed to create so frightening effect. Perhaps, the only tape, at least half managed to cause similar mood in the viewer is a mystical thriller of Taylor Hekford The Devil`s Advocate (1997).

Unlike the predecessors, Omen - work is original. While Rosemarie`s Child was based on the book of Ira Levin of the same name, and in a basis The Expelling devil the novel of the American writer William Peter Bletti, the scenario " laid down; Omena it was written from scratch. His author is David Zeltser for whom Omen (quite so Omen is literally translated from English) became the most successful work in a film career.

Zeltser found room into the scenario for several genres at once, however the picture turned out very complete and harmonious. Externally Omen the mystical thriller in the best traditions of the European cinema and Alfred Hitchcock with all necessary components is represented: quotes from the Bible, religious cults, obsessed characters and supernatural incidents. Closer to the middle the tape turns into the present detective story when the ambassador and his involuntary assistant Jennings (the photographer himself is interested in investigation of truth because on its photo the same strange and terrible tags were found) go to Italy to find out truth about Thorn`s origin - younger. And at the same time, despite all complexity and staginess of history, authors not just tell an entertaining tale, and turn the movie into the present drama about the father who is forced to kill own son in rescue of faceless mankind.

Undoubted good luck is the fact that for a leading role in To Omena invited legendary Gregory Peck. However, the actor himself also was extremely interested in the participation. For the sake of it it interrupted the holiday (Peck had a rest nearly five years from work at cinema) and even agreed to serious decrease in the fee. However, providently signed the contract for receiving 10 percent from collecting that as a result made this role for Peck one of the highest paid for all career. Winner of the Oscar ( To Kill a Mockingbird ) introduced the necessary level of reliability in a picture and created the memorable image. For comparison, we will remember a remake of 2006 where Robert Thorn played Liv Schreiber, the performer talented, but not enough stars the sky. Comments are excessive.

Separately It should be noted work of the operator, film editor and composer. Gilbert Taylor shooting the movie was borrowed to authors from the same Polanski: the operator worked over Disgust first movie room trilogy where also enters Rosemarie`s Child . Its slow style, long, static plans make the significant contribution to an intense situation of the movie, creating feeling of alarm at public. The film editor Stewart Beyrd later cooperating with Donner in Superman and Deadly " weapon; perfectly forces a suspense, giving hundred points to all present horrors with their cheap tricks and unexpected pugalka from forward - for a corner. Says about much also that Beyrd`s experience is used still: his secure style is felt directed by Bondiana tapes Casino Grand piano and 007: Coordinates Skayfoll .

One more professional extra - a class, the composer Gerry Goldsmith, was responsible for writing of a musical subject to the movie. These hysterical choral tunes pronouncing words in Latin will seem to you familiar because an Oscar-winning soundtrack (and in particular the song Ave Satani ) it was spread quickly around. Similar motives are used in all popular demonic horror films since then.

The success of the movie, as expected, provoked emergence of continuations. The sequel under the name Damion: Omen 2 left already two years later, however from the atmosphere of mystery of the original there is no trace left also. The project was helped by neither a rate on recognizable characters, nor Goldsmith`s music which is already checked by time. And though financial results Damion still pleased producers, the viewer was disappointed in the majority. The third movie with the heading Omen III: Last conflict (1981) it was successful in many respects from - for presence at a shot of Englishman Sam Neil which got adult Damion`s role - Antichrist. Including the Donner who did not allow to defile an ending also worked on the trilogy final as the producer.

On it the history Omen alas, did not end. In 1991 - the m for television was removed cheap and absolutely unnecessary movie Omen IV: Awakening allegedly continuing history after Thorn`s death - younger - commercial and frankly foolish hand-made article. As for a remake of 2006, it was created also only for the sake of money which he raised over hundred million. But it absolutely other cinema - unartful and glossy.