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Genre Buddy - muv . Men at work, and women in flight?

Are probable, there are tens of the reasons explaining longevity of a genre friendly cinema or Buddy - muv in Hollywood, however easier to say words of the famous director Barry Levinson: You will not believe, but men with men and men with women are two big differences . Who - who, and the author Aluminium little men Rain man and Bandits knows what interprets.

the Western died. Detectives on the way. To mad comedies came kaput. Only one Buddy - movies still blossom and smell. They keep up to date, or as the producer of the black comedy " was expressed; Moika with participation of rappers Other Dre and Snoup Dauga: Imagine hip - hop the version legendary Strange couple . However, history used to know also more popular tandems - Bob Hope and Bing Crosby, Paul Newman and Robert Radford, Jack Lemmon and Walter Mettau. The last possesses the crown phrase from already mentioned Strange couple : Everything, I have had enough! Everything that you do, enrages me. And even when you are absent nearby, only I will think of what will occur when you, at last, are, and I in rage again! .

Variations Buddy - muv great variety (some fanatics from a film world contain up to 57 pieces). And that the truth, a genre as if the sponge, absorbs new tendencies and trends, caving in under the changeable world . Here it is possible to carry many movies which formally are called comedies, dramas or fighters, since In the jazz only girls and The Person who wanted to be a king with Sean Connery and Michael Caine`s participation and finishing Careless goer and Party-goers with John Favro and Vince Vaughan. In fact, all this fables about defects and weaknesses of the stronger sex. So, speaking Buddy - muv we mean the movie in which it is simple - naprosto there are no women. And it not what you thought now of.

Take any movie of the marked genre and find ten differences: two absolutely different heroes are forced to work / travel / have a rest together. Their relations develop without thanking, and contrary to the certain events forcing them to feel, sooner or later, a certain community of thoughts, interests and life priorities. As a result, instead of a final wedding and romantic snivels, under the credits once being at enmity individuals become the best friends, and the phrase And now the groom can kiss the bride it is replaced with strong man`s handshake and an obscene parting word, it seems I am too old for this " shit; ( Deadly " weapon;) .

In most cases scenario typical Buddy - muv - it is a peculiar escape from reality. A rare opportunity for men to express the sincere feelings in relation to the friend, the colleague, the workmate. And that more rare this meets on the screen presently, considering that man`s friendship goes too far in the modern perverted understanding sometimes. Strangely enough, heroes of movies 30 - x were years more relaxed, than present, today feelings cannot be paraded therefore the man`s friendship and attachment masks behind mutual sword-plays and jokes.

Buddy - movies - it is especially man`s world. Let`s make the " list; friendly tapes with participation of women. For example, Thelma and Louise . Or well, something comes nothing to mind. It`s all right, within Buddy - muv men, at last, can talk about something that is not connected with sex and women and to concentrate on really important things, for example, how to rob bank.

I Consider that the majority of disputes between men and women, especially if the speech concerns the relations, most often develop into a global catastrophe , - George Gallo, the screenwriter of the classical adventure comedy " wrote; To be in time till midnight with Robert De Niro and Charles Grodin`s participation. - Men in most cases react to verbal insults easier. I can state to the guy in a face a heap of mucks, and already in half an hour we sit in the bar and we whip beer. With women such focus will not take place. They complicate everything eternally and lead up to the point of absurdity. As if speak on some unknown dialect .

In this film genre there is something typically American. Also this man`s friendship long before the invention of cinema arose. Let`s take, for example, works of the ingenious writer Mark Twain in which he created all the famous friends: Geklberri Fynn and Tom Sawyer. This combination the bad boy - the good boy as well as Fynn`s friendship with the runaway black slave Jim, became harbingers of interracial association in such Buddy - movies as 48 hours (Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolti), Deadly " weapon; (Mel Gibson and Danny Glover) and Rush hour (Chris Thaker and Jackie Chan).

Already at the beginning of the XX century pair performances became the base of the vaudeville. By thirtieth years at cinema full - it was full of the well-known comedy duets, such as Lorel and Hardy, Abbott and Costello and other. Since then the success formula was updated " more than once; fresh " blood;: Bob Hope and Bing Crosby in the fortieth, Dean Martin and Gerry Lewis in the fiftieth, Mettau and Lemmon in the sixtieth, Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder in the late seventies, Murphy and Nolti - in the eightieth.

It is really purely Hollywood genre , - the film historian David Thompson wrote. - Notice that in the English or French cinema there are not enough such become familiar tandems .

Key psychological moment Buddy - muv the phenomenon of an attraction of contrasts is. That is why great variety modern friendly movies put in couple of white and black actors - a difference in color skin and attitude gives to their relations an additional emotional charge. The comedy begins where only the irritation and misunderstanding is first felt. In tapes from the " series; Rush hour Chris Thaker and Jackie Chan literally speak different languages. The director of the first movie Brett Ratner told that when actors for the first time met on a shooting stage, they complained that they cannot understand each other. Then I understood that from them the ideal couple " will turn out; , - Ratner said.

Women in Buddy - movies too meet where without them. But most often they or float by, without touching the main plot, or become apple of discord. Other beauties so to us were remembered that without their participation it is impossible to imagine this or that movie. Eventually, it is difficult to imagine In the jazz only girls without Marilyn Monroe, Grumpy old men - without Sophia Loren, and Bandits Levinson - without Cate Blanchett.