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Film series Master of dolls . Dolls - to children not a toy? Other movies it is absolutely senseless to consider

one by one. Titanic work on writing of reviews of all parts Fridays, 13 - e nobody will estimate and will master because all tapes of this well-known franchize are similar the friend on the friend as twins. In a genre of horror films in general it is accepted to remove continuations until there is though some demand. That is - to the last viewer. For this reason I decided to tell

to you about film series Master of dolls (Puppet Master) in general, as about the prominent representative of that category of movies that strongly are associated at film fans with the past era of VHS.

In 1989 the little-known screenwriter and the director David Shmoller, having inspired by an original horror film of Stewart Gordon Dolls (Dolls, 1986) for some reason considered that will be able not worse. It is hard to say what moved Shmoller on such optimistic dreams, at that time in his asset only several projects, and absolutely muffled appeared. The producer Charles Bend, one of the most prolific film figures of Hollywood became the ideological leader of a picture. In forty years of the work Bend produced of more than 250 low budget fantastic tapes, horror films and thrillers, including such opuses famous to admirers of a genre as Transera Reanimator and From the outside .

In brief about an idea. According to a plot, somewhere in 30 - 40 - e years of the last century the French conjurer Andre Toulon saved the mysterious sorcerer from death. The last thanked Toulon the fact that he shared with it a secret of a hominifying of dolls. Several exotic components, including a part of a human body, whether it be a hair or a drop of blood are a part of a magic formula. Thus, it is possible not only to recover toys, but also to install in them souls of the dead.

Toulon was not mercantile subject and used this gift of all several times that to recover in the dolls of the died friends and acquaintances created by it, and also the wife Elza killed by nazis (this episode can be seen in the third part Master of dolls ). Its theater had success until the fascists greedy for various occult and mystical things became interested in it. After death of Toulon its creations began to live the life, and later found new masters in the person of the young scientist Ric Myers ( Master of dolls 4 ) .

Certainly, at the time of a premiere of the first movie the viewer was told only part of history, and already later, in sequels, it acquired details. In Master of dolls 1989 only the short prompt at the beginning of a picture which left that the puppeteer stuck together flippers was devoted to Toulon, having left the small friends to the mercy of fate. Then the story smoothly passes today where the small group of mediums which gathered for commemoration of the friend becomes object of attack from ominous little murderers. In other words, dolls first were angry and especially did not stand on ceremony with people.

As well as the previous works of Bend, a horror film it was made hastily on knees for real kopeks, special effects, including realization of dolls, even caused laughter through tears in the viewer of that time, and the casting represented a set of absolutely dull persons. But Charles Bend would not hold on so many decades in show - business, do not possess it improbable intuition on the grandma. Understanding that the project, most likely, will fail in film distribution, the producer refused cooperation with movie theaters at the last minute and let out Master of dolls at once on videotapes. Also did not lose. The picture unexpectedly became a hit of sales on video, having marked the beginning of the most successful and profitable film franchize of the Full Moon Productions company which was directed by Bend.

In one of late interviews David Shmoller explained that it, say, would be and is glad to stick to success of film series, but Bend did not want that someone else could divide with it monasteries. The director on - silent was pushed aside from a feeding trough, and he noted that part of percent from revenue Master of dolls did not pay to it.

The proverb says: Make hay while the sun shines . Two years later Bend`s company renamed into Full Moon Entertainment released on video continuation of doll adventures with serial number 2. Considering that for studio this franchize was the first independent, not pinched at others, the project, authors treated the sequel with all responsibility. In the first part there were many excess dialogues and too little doll action . Having got rid of a mystical component, creators of the second movie complicated a plot, added new monster (the doll which is throwing up fire) also increased details the general plan. However dolls still remained the fiends committing crimes by order of the creator, the conjurer and the magician of Toulon.

In the same 1991, literally in 18 days, the trequel under the name " was removed and let out on cartridges; Master of dolls 3: Revenge of Toulon . In a plot of the third part we are acquainted for the first time with the personality most master and action of the movie takes place in 1941, i.e. before us background of events of the first two tapes. In a director`s chair already the third person, but directed shootings still Bend. Understanding that infinitely to copy a plan of the original there is no sense, he decided to tell Andre Toulon`s biography from which we understand that initially the puppeteer was not such and the monster. It it is silent - peacefully arranged representations for kids and did not advertize at all the ability to recover once heartless beings. However collision with the nazis who destroyed its theater and killed the beloved wife made Toulon cruel, and his dolls - vindictive murderers.

At the end of a trequel authors reported that to be continued, and the heading of the following movie said When evil dolls became kind . Clear business, knowing the speed of the conveyor Full Moon, the viewer rubbed hands in an anticipation, however it was longer necessary to wait than usual. Only two years later Bend and the company let out the fourth series in which finally refused advances with mysticism and a paranormalshchina. On a plot Master of dolls 4 it became clear that Toulon actually did not borrow a revival formula the sorcerer, and stole it at the Egyptian demon Sutek who is eager to sweep. Such sharp turn of a plot marked final transition of doll characters to the light party of force, and also emergence in a shot of the successor of Toulon - the young scientist Ric Myers.

Nevertheless already in the fourth movie it became clear - creators of film series finally lost the imagination and exhaust a plot from toes. Did not rescue a picture and emergence of the next puppet - Dekapitron who was at the same time able to broadcast by voice of the creator and pulyat to enemies lightnings. In 5 years of existence of the franchize special effects, actually, remained at the same ridiculous level, and actor`s game and dialogues became even more poor. Left afterwards in 1994 - m the fifth series with a subtitle Final chapter finally killed all hopes that Master of dolls will be able to get out of a self-copying bog.

If you think that business and came to an end in it, then strongly you are mistaken. In 1998 Bend and his studio returned to sources again, having let out on video a tape under the name Damnation of the owner of puppets . Actually, restart of film series then new sequels fell down in abundance took place: Master of dolls 7: Retro (1999), Master of dolls: Heritage (2003) and so on. As officially last film from a series it is possible to consider Master of dolls: Formation of an axis (2012).

And apparently, Charles Bend still does not want to be satisfied with what has already been achieved, dreaming to create, sooner or later, a global three-dimensional horror film with the characters who are fallen in love to the viewer.