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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on March 8 - 10? Oz: Great and Awful etc.

International domestic film distribution suggests to celebrate Women`s Day very peculiar.

the Potential leader of the future days off; Surprising wizard from the country Oz better known at us in the form of free adaptation of Alexander Volkov Wizard of the Emerald city . Actually, the American comedies " will try to create festive mood; Gambit with Colin Firth`s participation and Cameron Diaz and 21 and more . And here a picture with a promising title Mother nervous it is better to avoid because here and did not smell of a holiday.

1. Oz: Great and Awful (Oz the Great and Powerful, 2013)

As expected, from Sam Ramey familiar to the viewer, the author Ominous dead persons Drag Me to Hell and trilogies about the Spiderman, in the new large-scale blockbuster nothing remained. For the director the project atypical, and the name of Ramey does not match the children`s story of Baum about the conjurer and the charlatan who proclaimed himself the Great and Awful Wizard of the fantastic country of the Lake at all. This history is familiar to the domestic reader not in the original, and in a statement of the Russian writer Alexander Volkov who turned 14 books of Baum in six.

However this movie is, in fact, background of events, that is tells us about that, the conjurer how exactly got to the magic country and as became the real magician. On the one hand, authors were free to finish thinking about a plot, without being on hands and legs are connected by the literary original, and with another - are ready to start, in case of success of the movie, continuation shootings, the benefit that there is a lot of material and is where to be developed.

The movie, certainly, is focused on children`s audience, in this regard to you it is not necessary to wait for filigree actor`s game and the intriguing plot. Two hundred million dollars were predictably vbukhana in computer realization of the country Oz, smart suits, scenery and other visual extravagances. As well as bertonovsky Alice in Wonderland the tape is allocated with violence of paints, a great number of the bright and memorable characters, however to Ramey, without being a professional in a fantasy genre, all - worked under pressing of producers and therefore its creation, at all external beauty, will hardly be able to compete with the legendary screen version of Victor Fleming of 1939.

2. Gambit (Gambit, 2012)

the Mass viewer is familiar to

with works of the American director Michael Hoffman poorly. The last twenty works years in a melodrama genre, regularly shooting movies with participation of venerable stars. For example, Last revival nominated for Oscar for Helen Mirren and Christopher Plummer`s game, or Midsummer Night`s Dream with Kevin Kline and Michel Pffayfer.

By what his new picture is, actually, interesting? It not independent work, but a free remake of an old tape with Michael Caine and Shirley Makleyn. Free as the original was based on the story, and the scenario new Gambit Cohen is entirely rewritten not by anyone, and brothers. Remarkably and the fact that male leads are given to brilliant British actors Colin Firth and Alan Rikman who seldom afford hack-work. However, to them added the American to the three Cameron Diaz who just the standing roles has time - two and miscalculated, but there`s nothing to be done.

The easy, ironic situation comedy about the speculators who decided to deceive the mad rich man and to palm off on him a false picture of Monet. Question only in the one who as a result will be left high and dry because with brothers Cohen it is never impossible to think beforehand.

3. Mother (Mama, 2013)

Recently rates seriously grew by low budget horrors because at a minimum of investments and lack of stars of the first magnitude these pictures continue to try to obtain success in hire and make for the creators absolutely mad profit. Mother Andres Musquetti did not become an exception: the tape cost authors 15 million dollars, and gained in hire for one hundred.

The idea was quite good: two girls who lived without adult five years in a forest hut unexpectedly find the second family. Babies absolutely ran wild, and adoptive parents hardly find with them a common language. Especially as somewhere nearby in air turns the ghost of mummy who has the point of view on how it is necessary to raise her children.

As usual, similar movies are pleasant to not everyone. In - the first, operation of children in horror films already assumes an ominous scale. In - the second, an arsenal the pugalok wanders from the project in the project, and Musquetti did not find time to get hold of something original. In - the third, the most part of cash desk to the movie was made by a name of the producer Guillermo del Toro on the poster, and the viewer, at least, waited for refinement and depth Faun Labyrinth and received, alas, a poor excuse Amitivill`s Horror . But money does not smell.

4. 21 and more (21 and Over, 2013)

If Gambit - it is humour mainly thin, John Lucas and Scott Moore`s comedy, screenwriters well-known The Hangover - it is the typical teenage annealing intended for audience youth.

Unfortunately, guys was not successful a director`s debut. In total - Bachelor party stuck not on hungover waste at all, and on charisma of the chief performers, first of all, to Bradley Cooper and Zac Galifianakis. Having lowered age of heroes and having increased degree, Lucas and Moore almost clean repeated everything that we saw in " earlier; " Project X; and " superpepper;. With invariable abundance of boobs, binge and the wild behavior which is periodically passing into frank idiocy. But epic " party; did not leave, the scenario uneven, jokes in places flat and what is lower than a belt, for some reason cause not laughter, but awkwardness. However, under beer the tape will pass in the good men`s company on hurrah and here for a romantic visit of cinema - not option.

On March 7 at movie theaters of Russia new director`s work of German Til Schweiger " starts; Guardian angel in which the actor acted together with the daughter the Moon. Schweiger continues to treat the German audience about - the Hollywood stories and at him it turns out very professionally. Guardian angel - it is the mix It is in danger of Mercury with Willis and French Leon narrating about the severe man who is forced to save the girl - the teenager from the bandits pursuing her. The scenario does not abound with innovation, but the film competently and with soul is shot.

Generally, is to what to learn to our film figures tirelessly riveting romkoma. Vot and Karen Oganesyan, author of quite tolerable comedy Five brides successfully got to the track blazed by the recent opus of Sarik Andreasyan What is created by men! . Its movie is even called in unison - About what girls " are silent; . No, you do not hurry to judge by heading, it is the usual summer comedy about four girlfriends who decided to carry out Wick - and in Spain (it is beautiful to live you will not forbid). But everything is played and put so as if the director ran away to Spain for the period of shootings, having left the child unguarded. Very poorly and strainedly. A commercial product through passage, besides with participation of the become familiar persons Sudzilovskaya and Porechenkov.

From the novelties going in limited hire there is a wish to note the original and original animated film with so unusual name Little shop of suicides . Even not the animated film, but animation musical. The movie - a concert " will become a musical gift to all women; Andrea Bocelli. Love in portofino . And absolutely unnoticed, alas, there will take place premieres of the military drama Calm the glorified German director Folker Shlendorf and the French melodrama of Gilles Burdo Renoir. Last love .