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The winner of the Oscar of 2013 - Operation Slang or That it The Last-minute tour to Iran and back ?

Against the stream are always difficult to go, but we will try. Let`s take, for example, the recent Oscar victor, the political thriller of Ben Affleck Operation Slang . Speak, at a festival in Toronto where the premiere of the film took place, the public gave a standing ovation ten minutes. These Canadians are such Canadians. with

Americans, choking with happiness, encouraged a film crew with all possible prizes, beginning from an award of National council of film critics and the Gold globe and finishing with awards of any guilds (directors, screenwriters, actors) and three Oscars to a heap. In parallel the viewer invested more than two hundred million dollars in cash desk of a tape that for so inconvenient genre in the commercial plan - just smart result. And even British to whom, in principle, to a bulb who there and whom in shaggy the eightieth rescued - and those shipped Operations Slang three national figurines of BAFTA, including for the best movie of year. Well just mass psychosis.

I repent, but I did not share the general enthusiasm from the third director`s work of Affleck. On that is several reasons, but at first we will talk about the main thing - a movie plot, to it, first of all, film experts and film fans sing the praises. I will remind that the basis of the movie was formed by a real situation with taking of hostages in Iran the beginning of the eightieth years, and also article in the magazine and the book of the field investigator of CIA Tony Mendez (it Affleck played in the movie without false modesty).

In the late seventies in Iran, one of the key countries of the Middle East region, Islamic revolution broke out. Flight of the former governor and repartition of the power within the country was its results. After the shah Pekhlevi was granted asylum in the States, passions were tensed. All came to an end in diplomatic crisis when militant inhabitants under the sensitive management you know whom took storm the American Embassy and took hostage all his employees.

All and not all. Six courageous managed to get out on the quiet through a rear entrance and to be beaten to the hospitable house of the Canadian ambassador. On eyes of the last it is clear that he hundred times damned himself for the shown act of friendliness, but cannot expose guests any more. To be an American in Iran at that time it was deadly.

CIA costs on ears. God with them with hostages in embassy, they on a look, argue in the government. And here if to catch these six for the soft place, then lynch, without departing from cash desk. Also it is solved fugitives in any way to evacuate and return home. However, there are also no ways just almost - all American citizens in Iran are counted on the heads and emergence of half-dozen of newcomers will cause suspicion. Means, it is necessary to disguise. And not under tourists or teachers, and under the film crew of the Hollywood blockbuster which stopped by in Tehran for survey of nature. Operation the ideological inspirer - the agent Tony Mendez directs. It finds counterfeit fantastic to a masterpiece the real-life producer to whom not in scrap Authors of the movie strongly that the picture looked historically reliable tried to turn swindle for the sake of rescue of compatriots and maintenance of the ego

. With special means it was even painted under Khokhloma, made old that as envisioned had to give to persuasiveness shots. But give in essence. Why, actually, the Iranian side so is indignant? Likely, because the event which changed balance of forces around the world is shown in Affleck`s tape as a backward act of terrorism. It is enough to look at these brutal ugly faces finally to understand - there are places where for no particular reason you should not be. Tehran removed in Istanbul received powerful The Slang in a bum (favourite phrase of heroes of the movie). And, by itself, is indignant.

For what the movie is praised by Americans, clear. It is necessary to them periodically, time in several years, to show patriotism. On a quota. The last attack happened relatively recently, with The Hurt Locker . And now remember naturalistic Munich Spielberg, where spiteful Arabs was even more. Nothing was given. And it is correct, there Jews restored justice, but not silent heroes of the nation, similar to Tony Mendez. It was possible to make happy, of course, Ang Li and him Pi`s Life much more worthy and spectacular cinema, but here arises a dilemma: if time to few years to give prizes only for existence in a shot of the poor boy - the Hindu, then all will start removing the millionaires from slums . And it is already wrong tendency.

For what praised Slang in other territories? Zamanukhy the thriller the plot - dynamic, intense, allegedly fascinating was main. In actual fact it turned out that very predictable, and places just boring. It is no wonder that the film academy did not even include Affleck in number of nominees on a director`s award. There is no director there. Affleck is. The beard is. And the nice video series on Turkish (but not Iranian) a market - too is. And all dynamism of the narration inflated in a trailer - only a merit of clever fingers of the film editor William Goldenberg which a figurine deservedly was also handed. Simple reception of fragmentary installation with in parallel the alarm forced by means of music and stern faces in which - that eyelids worked on all hundred: minutes fifteen - twenty the movie really keep the last in suspense.

Actor`s works? Perhaps, only Alan Arkin and John Gudman. The couple of the cinema-men covering a bum of CIA left extremely charming. Their sarcastic messages towards Hollywood are amusing and process of creation of the false movie is interesting that it devotes the viewer in secret details. While messing around of office agents in management of CIA causes yawning - an absolute cliche. And Affleck does not hesitate to recognize that he in accuracy copied similar shots from the tape All presidential host . And why to invent the bicycle if it is possible to sit down and go at once?

The main characters can empathize, but creators of the movie are interested in a sobytiynost, than the human drama more. They managed to pick up precisely actors for roles of fugitives, final credits this fact confirm, but characters were left in the basket. From all six the moustached guy who cannot understand in any way why to them to the aid there came the lonely CIA agent, but not a couple of aircraft carriers will most of all be remembered.

In a picture it is mentioned that Mendez`s plan is the best of the worst ideas. And for some reason it seems (though be christened though is not present) that all this agiotage around Affleck`s creation - purely Shakespearean much ado about nothing . Soundly removed, professionally mounted propaganda cloth, with excesses peculiar to any propaganda material and is conditional - illiterate, but politically infallible visual remedies. I will remind that the leader of the producer " team; Operations Slang George Clooney whose political education and fidelity of the nation does not raise doubts was. So all events on the screen - at all not accident and not forgetfulness, and intended misrepresentation in own favor.

We did not hold a candle both who and that behind the scenes there lobbied - we do not know. It is quite possible that a loud victory of Affleck and Slang on all fronts - it is advance payment on the future to the talented cinematographer. If only the success did not urge on the author further to picture templates, otherwise the advance payment will turn into final settlement.