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Comedy Third wheel . What was superfluous actually?

Past anniversary, 85 - I the ceremony of the Oscar disappointed many. In - the first, Iran which was dissatisfied with the decision of film academicians and even directed an official note which, however, nobody seriously apprehended. In - the second, admirers Ang Li, Spielberg and Tarantino, which Ben Affleck with his political thriller - as a bone in a throat. But most of all Seth Macfarlane`s choice for a role of the leader of a ceremony surprised and shocked.

For reference: Seth Macfarlane is a popular television producer, the screenwriter and the director, the creator of the cult cartoon serial " in certain circles; Griffina . The last is characterized by abundance of black, politically incorrect, obscene humour, has a specific musty smell and is forbidden to display in a row to the country of Asia and Africa. It is possible to think what the younger generation of Taiwan and the Republic of South Africa of other problems does not have how secretly to download a favourite forbidden fruit on torrents. However, it especially their affairs.

In 2012 - m Macfarlane decided that he will be enough to play about Teletubbies and released a vsiya of America especially author`s product under the name Ted (in the Russian hire - Third wheel ) . A story about adventures of a teddy bear - the foul-mouth unexpectedly became a megahit of North American hire, and in the whole world earned over half a billion dollars. Macfarlane, as well as is necessary to a golden goose, it appeared on the roll, and legs of his emergence as the leader of the Oscar exactly from here grow. Alas, the film academy did not consider that the humour clear and close to the audience to 25, can be staged to participants of secular show too frivolous and even by places offensive (the song We saw your boobs out of competition by quantity of the offended stars). Critics crucified the leader in reviews, but he does not despond and continues to bend the line, including scribbling the script of the sequel " at night; Third wheel . And we will talk about the original so far.

In the childhood John Bennett (Mark Wahlberg) was categorically not able to make friends. Therefore when for the next lonely Christmas the boy received as a gift a teddy bear, he sincerely wished that the tender bear recovered. A miracle - not a miracle, but someone in heaven heard this request and materialized children`s dream. The bear got up on hinder legs and started talking. Naturally, without head. Than at first took out a brain to John`s parents, then neighbors, and after and to all inhabitants on a national scale. But having even become a star of a TV screen, Teddie did not forget the boy and still remained his best friend.

There passed years. John became the adult goof. The bear grew too. Not in dimensions, naturally, and within the bear personality. Now he smokes a grass, touches waitresses, uses foul language so that though stuff up ears, and still lives on a hut with the friend. In spite of the fact that John has love affairs with charming Laurie for a long time (Mila Kunis) to which he intends to make the proposal of a hand and heart sometime.

The problem is that communication with a bear affects John badly. It it seems and is similar to the man, and in a bottom the childhood plays, without ceasing. And this situation well does not suit Laurie in any way. It is time to be defined, at last, to the guy. Or he goes to an altar with the girlfriend, or slides to all devils and continues to be delayed and live fast together with the plush ribald. John does not hurry to make the choice because are expensive to it both yours, and ours

Humour, here in what a counter. Company makfarleynovsky yumorok. Not that his jokes are unique, there are still brothers Farrelli, Sacha Baron Cohen and other troublemakers, but now fashion on Macfarlane and that says it all. The bear Ted in his postscoring distributes to all on to " gingerbread;: to both Jews, and feminists, and gay persons, and stars of planetary scale. From lips of the plush asshole offensive words sound not so offensively. And focus is that just in the Russian dubbing-in the tape was seriously pochikat by censors, probably, without having decided to issue a number of tasty statements in masses. For this reason Third wheel in our localization it turned out not a bomb at all, and trite and places a luscious romantic tape. Difficulties of the translation whether you know.

Here, of course, it is possible to argue. Like, not in dubbing-in business, and that the high-spiritualized Russian viewer does not wish to go in step with transatlantic fashion on obscene obscenities. For their this reason bachelor parties in Vegas and dictators at us - any not hits, and so, it is stupid to laugh and forget. It, maybe, and so, only target audience nevertheless vnemlt both there, and here. And ratings at the movie very much even - even, comparable with Disney`s Brave heart and above, than at the last American " pie; and the third Men in black . The trend takes place, and it is senseless to argue with it, as well as to hate Twilight . Just someone is in this trend, and someone dangles from the outside.

The idea is available for Macfarlane`s movie and lives on a surface. Like, it is necessary to mature, boys, but not to play toys. So far you prokurivat trousers on a sofa and stay brains in a contact life passes by. Fathers and grandfathers at your age saved the world and the cities built, and you here buns - bears play about, not in forces even to make the ladylove the proposal. And to whom you with yours bear are necessary? Hands in legs and urgently to take the responsibility. In tons. Friends - in the museum, comics - in a ballot box, habits - overboard, socks - in a basket for dirty linen, but not there where you usually put them. Also there will be to you a cell of society full of happiness, love and understanding to a coffin. In one day, as usual.

However, just moralising in a tape looks sewn by white threads. Apparently, Macfarlane was stopped in time by producers, having forced to season densely in the second half of the movie the unbridled comedy with drama notes. To a fun - hour and to business - minutes thirty with a tail. Therefore also it seems that the author to the final of history poispisatsya and started missing. After heaps of shit on a drawing room floor and discussions of a problem of lack of genitals at teddy bears such glamourous Hollywood ending with a wedding and general kisses even of target audience seemed worn out. However, not everyone managed to sustain heat of humour to final credits. By the way, in vain, there is a couple of nice bonuses.

I suspect that impressions of viewing will strongly differ from an initial spirit. You should not call at all to the screen of children because existence of a bear cub on a cover of DVD is deceptive. The pleasure, first of all, is guaranteed to those who was going to appreciate the simple and obscene comedy. For example, Stupid and still growing dull Farrelli`s brothers it is considered classics of a genre now, and how many rotten vegetables arrived to their address after a premiere! Perish the thought, to compare some cynical animal to Jim Carrey, but the fact is available - stupid and trite comedies cause laughter in the viewer. Though kill (and all the same you will not kill all).

It is much worse that the bear overshadowed also other actors. Actually, okromya Ted, in the movie and an eye to cling there is nobody. Mark Wahlberg once again proved that in itself, without firm director`s hand, he is an actor rather weak. Well, though the guy in a shot has a rest, and that is good. Mila Kunis too is hardly proud of this work, especially after impressive game in Black swan . However, they still were lucky. On other stars of Teddie it was well passed, especially got Adam to Sandler, Taylor Lautner, Justin Bieber and we designate to talents .

What as a result? Left ridiculously, but far not everywhere. In fact, Macfarlane, as always, managed to bite neatly about the colleagues on show - business, and here all perdilno - fecal motives, as well as set the joke teeth on edge about blue personally seemed to me superfluous. Alas, but I in grades of it humour I do not understand.